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  • Anything Battle Armored Dragon Assault Strike System says.
    • "Genocide is fun!"
    • "Oooh! Ahhh! This is pretty!"
    • "Also, I shoot lasers out of my fucking eyes."
  • A predator mission given to you by the south-central garrison: Fight and kill four mutant turtles in the sewers. First of all, it turns out they're just glowing Galapagos turtles...and second of all, these turtles really are ninjas, laying booby traps for you!
    • Also, each of them has a different colored stripe around their eyes.
  • Numerous little things, such as the descriptions for missions:
    Omega force is investigating nearby ruins with a scientist in tow. Let's call him Susan.
    Mission: Desperately Saving Susan
  • The Rejection of the Unknown Drug Darling tries to give Rex.
    Rex: Sorry, Doc. I swore an oath to a special lady.
    Darling: Your... wife?
    Rex: No - Lady Liberty. She taught me that winners... don't use drugs. (background shows a defaced Statue of Liberty)
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  • Many of Rex's punny One Liners are likely to inspire a chuckle, but the funniest instance of him using one has to be in a conversation during a mission when an assisting scientist catches him using the same quip twice in succession.
    Rex: Then it's lights out for Sloan.
    Benji: Uh, Sergeant, you already said that one.
    Rex: Er, lights out... forever?
  • Rex when collecting something
    Oh yeah, another one down... What the fuck am I doing?
    10 million dollars to bring me back and I am doing this?
  • Several of the reload animations has its quirks:
    • Rex spins the magazine of the Fazertron before inserting it.
    • He fumbles the reload of the Kobracon a bit.
    • Instead of inserting shotgun shells into his shotgun, Rex tosses them in like coins.
  • The fact that the tutorial is so snarky and Rex himself is aware of it and raging about not getting to kill things.
    • An extra layer is that Spider deliberately activated the tutorial just to piss off Rex.
    Rex: Oh, you fucking asshole.
  • Once you get your hands on a Terror 4000 minigun hold down the fire button long enough and Rex will start screaming like Rambo.
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  • The VHS Tapes you collect are hilarious in their own right, as they parody films of the 80s in all their cheesy glory. These include a buddy cop film (and its mandatory sequel) called Boiled Egg, which is a pun based on the protagonist's name; a Revenge of the Nerds homage called Popularity Camp; and Even Score, a film described as having every action film cliché imaginable, including German terrorists, defusing a nuclear bomb and a kidnapped US President, all of which takes place in a football stadium, of course. One of the more hilarious ones is called Hard Labour - The Seduction of Dale Pretty. The description pretty much spells out that it's a movie about prison rape without ever actually using those words. The innuendo for the film is darkly humourous, the final quote claiming that the film is "a damning indictment of the American Penile System."
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  • When ever Rex completes a mission, he throws up the horns as if he's a rockstar. Not just any horns, though - they're horns with electricity arcing between the outstretched fingers.
  • What does Rex do when you press the melee button with no one in range? Give the middle finger. If you press it repeatedly in rapid succession, he'll alternate hands.
  • The basic first aid animations (for when you're out of medicine) include Rex pulling a welding torch from nowhere to use on his cybernetic arm, reconnecting a wire to stop his hand flopping around like an octopus, and...squeezing a perfectly mundane hand-spring with his normal hand. Really fast.
  • In one of the missions:
    HUD: Objective: Punch the nuclear reactor.
  • The description for some of the weapon upgrades, like laser rounds for the Fazertron.
    Because science both rocks and burns at the same time.
  • The description when you get your first Predator mission says that you're pretty much just going on this mission "to prove that you're King Shit."
  • Before crossing the point of no return in the main missions, we get this exchange:
    Dr. Darling: Be careful, Rex. That place is full of death.
    Rex: What kind of death?
    Dr. Darling: ...The dangerous kind, Rex.
  • The game has a field time snarking at the most mundane things, like the Bow for instance:
    "It's a bow. Seriously, if you need a description of what a bow does, maybe you should stop playing. Maybe read a dictionary. People who don't know what bows are get shot in the eyeballs. 'But a bow isn't the future,' you're whining. That's why we put neon on it, because neon is the future. Hence, this is the bow of the future."
  • When the in-game descriptions aren't snarky, they are ridiculously over-the-top.
    "Nobody knows where Blood Dragons come from, but it's a firm middle-finger at humanity that adds a rung to the top of the food chain just outside our reach. These mysterious, almost alien beasts are heavily armored, their blood is a mutagen, they have excellent hearing, and they shoot fire from their eyes. I mean, sure the Dragons are nearly blind but what do they care? They shoot fire. From their eyes!"
  • The female AI's comments on hand grenades in the mission "I Don't Deal With Psychos, I Put 'Em Away".
    Your attention, please. The latest batch of hand grenades are defective and will not arm themselves unless you say "Grenade Out".
    (sounds of multiple grenade explosions in the distance)
    Your attention. I inadvertantly broadcasted the trigger code for your grenades over the intercom and primed several grenades to explode. I apologize to those I accidentally maimed and or killed.
    (short pause)
    Your attention. The grenades also respond to the trigger phrase, "Eat this!"
    (more sounds of grenades going off)
  • In the cutscene before the final mission we're treated to a 1980s-style Training Montage as well as a sex scene. Both are hilarious.

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