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The Gods of Irva are actually completely insane and/or psychopathic.
Gods of Irva are rather enigmatic characters, whose internal warfare dictates the course of history. They seem to be pretty light-hearted personalities, but if you read deeper...note 
  • Mani of Machine: the Only Sane Man and probably the friendliest of the pantheon. He genuinely expresses gratitude without pomp if you do him service. However, every once in a while he mentions his disgust of your fleshy bits and wants you to surrender it gradually... Does his casual attitude come from utter, complete contempt and disregard for organic life?
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  • Lulwy of Wind: A Jerk Ass God right off the bat, but presents herself as having actual fascination of you and grants you the best boons amongst all the gods. She even changes the weather for you every once in a while! However, she refuses to do so in etherwind — the severest weather condition in the game. Her excuse is that she will not bring herself low enough to touch that filthy thing... but her most favored weapon is made of ether. Something's not right.
  • Itzpalt of Element: The most enigmatic member of the pantheon. His title as the God of Elements already set him to be a rather ephemeral being compared to others... But his true characteristic is revealed if you consider the comments gods make about him. He wants to tear apart the world back into its elemental components.
  • Kumiromi of Harvest: A stoic little boy god of harvest and plenty. His symbolic weapon is a scythe — sensible enough for a god of harvest. However, his divine powers seem to reside over death and rotting as well... And then his servants, who seem to be cute fairies, invokes the Power of the Void, consume the life force of their enemies and condemns them to hell after death. Why is he always so sad?
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  • Opatos of Earth: A Dumb Muscle of a god, but also the most direct of the lot. He is a god of good cheer and seems to take treachery and assault to his faith in a humorous light. However, some of the few words he does say are "DIE, DIE!". Pair that with his endless laughter...
  • Ehekatl of Luck: A Cat Girl Manic Pixie Dream Goddess. Constantly hyperactive and distracted. As the god of luck, she ensures that things always turn out all right for her followers. But have you tried summoning her? If anyone even touches her, she will destroy everything in her presence with pillars of fire... while she mewls like a cat, as she always does. Kumiromi mentions that she has changed unrecognizably and her favored symbol is fish. Is anyone reminded of Delirium of the Endless, who's associated with both of those traits?
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  • Jure of Healing: The resident tsundere and seemingly the most popular in the game world. Considering her aspect, that's pretty easy to understand. Though, if you were in charge of survival of all life, wouldn't you be obligated to take your job seriously? She's awfully reluctant to help those faithful to her. Maybe she actually doesn't want to help you, but is required to do so against her divine will. In other words — Life itself doesn't want anything to do with you in Irva.
  • Eyth of Infidel: Everyone believes Eyth from birth, yet his powers do not exist. The most intuitive, instinctive faith one can recognize in Irva is utter nihliism.

The church in Noyel is an arm of Palmia's tax office.
  • Or Palmia's government, if not specifically the tax office. After all, not only do can they remove bad karma, they can make you go from being a criminal to not being a criminal in the eyes of the law.

Etherwind is radiation.
  • There's some abandoned nuclear power plant somewhere that's next to a source of strong wind.
  • Related to that is Lulwy's apparant hatred of etherwind despite her artifact being made of it - she is the wind and got corrupted by it. Mani was be involved indirectly (through aiding mortals who created the plant) or directly - she has a great hatred for him threatening to mince you for saying his name again.
  • It would have to be a form of radiation unknown in our world, because it's produced by trees. That said, it is responsible for killing a parasite/virus found in all living things that could kill them, which is somewhat reminiscent of radiation therapy killing cancer...

The world map is flipped on its side.
  • Noyel is in the North, and Port Kapul is in the South. If you notice the weather, it occasionally snows in Lumiest, but doesn't in Port Kapul

Pael's mom was always a monster. The Etherwind made her look human for a time..
The potions of Cure Corruption reverted her back to her true form.

Shapeshifting magic is ridiculously common
  • Which is why you can have 10 year old 'Old Persons'. However, they don't change anything else about a persons attributes, so that 10 year old 'Old Person' will still be very spry.

  • Live birth is no longer an option.
  • Or, birth could be a gift from the Gods. They could sense the desire to have a child, and since natural birth is now impossible, gift you with a child/gene.

  • This is the only way mental skills can be transferred.

Eyth of Infidel is an exiled god
  • Eyth Terre is a fallen civilization worshiped by the Yerles. He is marked as of infidel and he blesses water on unclaimed altars and he is powerless to oppose them. If he had a technology aspect before then Mani stole it from him. The treaty ground always has one open altar in the base game. Perhaps he angered the other gods into teaming up on him. Say being responsible for the origin of ether.
    • It's actually the other way around - he lost most of his powers by staying behind when the other gods left.

Behicles comes with a Wetware CPU
  • Whether it just the brain, or the rest of the body as well...

Eyth of Infidel is a pun
  • Because one of its 'followers'? An Eyth-ist.


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