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The Fern Series (Or Ferngame series), is a series of flash Shooter games made by Mikey S 9607. Fern is taken from PBS popular kids show, Arthur, and there are characters from many other series both popular and not thrown in there.

There are currently 6 games in this series:

The Games in the series are:

  • Fern: Splapp Eliminator - Splapp-Me-Do (yeah, the guy who made The Impossible Quiz Series) has ripped off Mikey's friend Banglaboy's ideas! Go stop Splapp! But it turns out to be Sidious from Star Wars.
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  • Fern: Splapp Eliminator 2 - Splapp (who was only disguised as Sidious in the first game) has returned! Stop him... again.
  • Fern: Eirian no Kogeki!! - An alien called Skahahut has arrived to take over the world, and has brainwashed Fern's Friends! It was Splapp all along
  • Fern: Shijo Saiko no Batoru!! - An Evil mastermind called Mr.XXX Is taking over the world! Stop him! By the way, it's Splapp in disguise.
  • Fern: Splapp no Owari - Splapp is a good guy in this one. Then Bright Heart Raccoon comes along and steals Splapp and Banglaboy 96's plans for a Button Game Series and The Impossible Quiz cross-over! Guess what, Splapp was controlling Bright Heart.
  • Fern: The Finale - An evil robot named Gulynn is trying to take over the world with his army. And he was built by Splapp who is indeed still alive

This series has examples of the following tropes:

  • After Boss Recovery: This is in all the games except the second, and in Gulynn's fortress in The Finale.
  • Big Bad: Take a wild guess. It's Splapp.
  • Boss-Only Level: All the levels in the games.
  • Boss Subtitles: In the fourth to sixth games.
  • Bubblegloop Swamp: Teta-Ness's level in the Finale.
  • Checkpoint
  • Chokepoint Geography: You have to beat 4-8 bosses to reach the final fortresses in games 4-6.
  • Console Cameo: The third and fifth games have PCs in the background of Banglaboy's room.
  • Cut-and-Paste Environments: Seen a lot in the games, sometimes not even from the author's own work.
  • Cyber Space: The final boss of the third game, and Multisubdition's stage in game 6 take place here.
  • Damage-Sponge Boss: Almost all bosses in the series are this.
  • Disc-One Final Dungeon: Mr XXX, Bright Heart and Gulynn's fortresses.
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  • Doomed Hometown: The city gets blown up by Bright Heart in the fifth game.
  • Dummied Out: A debug mode can be found in the source FLA for The Finale. You can edit variables. IT was removed for the actual release.
  • Endgame+: The first two games had an Extras feature after you beat the game.
  • Final Boss, New Dimension: The fifth game.
  • Game-Over Man: Splapp in the First game.
  • Hide Your Children: Inverted, Banglaboy gets his head blown off in the fifth game, and got better and he's still a minor. A lot of boss battles are with characters who are children/minors in their respective games/shows.
  • Levels Take Flight: The first part of the first and second games have you flying a plane to Splapp's hideout.
  • Multi-Platform: Technically if you connect a keyboard to an Android tablet you CAN play the games as long as you have Flash support.
  • One-Man Army: Fern is the only character you play as in the first four games.
  • Player Character: Fern from Arthur kicking a British Flash developer's ass. Five times.
  • Protagonist Without a Past: It's never explained how Fern got from Elwood City to God knows where this game is set.
  • Save Point: These happen automatically in the third and fourth game, but the fifth has one Justified Save Point but it really doesn't matter as your data is saved later on automatically. The Finale has automatic save points after you defeat bosses.
  • Saving the World: In all the games you have to do this.
  • Scripted Event: More evident in the Fourth and Fifth game and especially number six, where when you beat all the selectable bosses, you go to a fortress like the Mega Man series.
  • Shout-Out: To Arthur and Mega Man especially.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Splapp.
  • Soft Reset: The replay buttons when you die.
  • Vector Game: While some parts of the games have a pixelly feel, it's all made in Flash, which uses vector graphics.
  • Voice with an Internet Connection: Banglaboy talks to you in the third game like this.
  • Villains Out Shopping: Splapp is coming back from doing his groceries when you get to his base in the second game.
  • Visible Silence: The ending to the fifth game has Fern saying this.
  • Wild Man: Splapp. Taken Up to Eleven in the fifth game with the final boss.
  • Zero-Effort Boss: Spatulon in the first game never attacks you.


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