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Video Game / Surgical Strike

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Even the cover art consists of a big explosion.

DJB: I think we've seen more explosions thus far than Michael Bay has ever produced in his career.
slowbeef: I'm not even interested in the explosions, or how many there are. I'm interested in the explosion rate, like, how many per second.

Surgical Strike is a 1995 video game made by The Code Monkeys and Stargate Studios for the Sega CD, with an Enhanced Remake released for the Sega 32X in the same year. It is a Rail Shooter with Interactive Movie elements, some rudimentary navigation elements, and lots of Stuff Blowing Up.

You play as a member of a special strike team tasked with taking down an evil terrorist named Kabul who wants to blow up loads of innocent people with hidden exploding missiles. You are armed with an enhanced hovercraft capable of speeding through Kabul's fortified bases and taking out his army with heavy weaponry that can blow them up before they blow you up.

This game has examples of:

  • Artistic License – Engineering: Apparently, a hovercraft that's slightly larger than a go-cart can handle the recoil of a Gatling gun that shoots 20mm rounds at a rate of 3000rpm, at a velocity that allows the rounds to easily pierce tank armour. Also, apparently nothing can touch it, despite the fact that the pilot is exposed to enemy fire(they aren't even completely covered from the front), meaning it could feasibly be taken out by a single lucky shot from a pistol. Or by a bunch of guys with assault rifles shooting it. Or by shrapnel from the psychotic amount of explosions it causes. It's also apparently the latest in stealth technology, despite, again, having an open cockpit and causing tons of explosions.
  • Color Wash: A thick green filter is used during the cave portions of the second level to simulate night-vision.
  • Gorn: One ending has Kabul being sliced up into chunks by a loose ceiling fan.
  • Non-Indicative Name: The word "surgical" is used to describe the mission, but "surgical" usually implies something a bit more...subtle.
  • Show Some Leg: Early on in the first level, a female belly dancer randomly appears in a doorway for a few seconds before a guerrilla comes to shoot you.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: You will rarely go more than 4 seconds without something exploding onscreen.