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Soma Bringer is an Action RPG for the Nintendo DS developed by Monolith Soft (of Xenosaga fame) and published by Nintendo.

In a world where the magical energy source known as Soma drives the technology and daily lives of all its inhabitants, there lies a huge continent named Barnea. In recent years, the natural balance of Soma has been disrupted by the arrival of mysterious beings called Visitors. To investigate these occurrences, Secundady - the organization that regulates Soma in the world, creates a military division to deal with these Visitors - Pharzuph. The story follows the seven members of the 7th Division of Pharzuph. What they discover on one of their missions will determine the fate of the world...

This game provides examples of:

  • Good All Along: Master Laban. Sure, he has some genuinely evil moments, but he was looking out for the planet's welfare. He was willing to do what was necessary, and use himself as a sacrifice if need be.
  • The Good Captain: Einsatz is this to Pharzuph's 7th Division and its members.
  • Sequel Hook: There's no actual sequel hook in the game, but in one of the interviews leading to its release, Monolith said they've extensively developed the world and its story, but because it was a first title, only a few elements of the storyline best suited for an Action RPG were selected to be Soma Bringer.
  • Space Elevator: That ring you see in the sky in the opening moments of the game? That's actually an orbital ring, held down by a space elevator known as the Ring Tower.
  • Sprite/Polygon Mix: Soma Bringer makes use of 3D Models on 2D backgrounds for its gameplay.