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Characters / Soma Bringer

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    Pharzuph Division 7 

Welt Neugia

New recruit of Pharzuph Division 7. He live high up in the mountain and have love for adventure like his dad.


The newest recruit who appeared in Welt first mission. She lost her memory with no idea who she truly is She is the master gate; The vessel for Eretia,Emboniment of energy that part of it became many visitors and try to take back soma which is it's energy that human stole from it long time ago

Einsatz Ostinato

The Captain of Pharzuph Dvision 7. A charismatic leader who as a longtime friendship with Jadis and he is very careful to safeguard the safety of his companions.


The second-in-command of the group. He has a gruff and direct personality but despite this he is still widely respected by the other soldiers.

Millers Minnes

A Pharzuph Division 7 soldier and Ishtar's younger sister. She was also a classmate of Forte and Cadenza at the time of their training and acts as a mentor figure for Welt.


A young boy who was destined to become the successor of the head of his country's church, but abandoned his position to become a Pharzuph Division 7 soldier.


A very young girl who joined Pharzuph Division 7 together with her longtime companions Cadenza and Millers, forming a solid friendship with the latter despite often they seeming to not stand each other.
  • Black Magician Girl: Her canonical class is Somas, with a particular specialization in Fire magic and Air magic.
  • Hime Cut: She sports one as a hairstyle.


A silent but sensitive young woman from the same church where Cadenza grew up. She was ordered to keep an eye on Cadenza to protect him.
  • Lady of Black Magic: The Black part is completely avoided but her default class allows her to use White magic. She also holds the third position in the highest base Magic stat.
  • Lady of War: She is the most mature female playable character and she demonstrates this by sporting obvious make-up and an elegant gothic dress combined with her armor while fighting gracefully.

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