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Hello Hero is a Real-time Role-Playing Game released by Korean developer Fincon in Feburary 2013. The game involves a team of five heroes of your choice to take on the invading Keronic Army.

Although the basic plotline is pretty by-the-number, the gameplay is where it gets interesting: instead of the player selecting what attack to use, against what target, etc., each of the characters on your side and your opponent's will automatically attack a random opponent based on their dexterity. While this is happening, the player has the option to select a hero's skill to have them use it in battle to even the odds. These skills recharge based on real time instead of spending any kind of MP, meaning that they can be used an unlimited amount of times but have a cooldown. Thus, using each skill in order and/or when they are absolutely needed is key to strategy.

...or you could just, you know, turn it on auto and go do something else.

The game reached the US in the latter half of 2013, and has since reached various countries around the world. It's also been given a live-action trailer, several paper toys, at one point showing up to a convention, among others. You'd think that a game like that'd be really popular, right?


Unfortunately for Fincon, the game's been completely overshadowed by its Alternate Company Equivalent, Seven Knights from Netmarble (known in the US for developing Marvel Future Fight and Dragon Ball Online). Said game copies... more than a few elements from Hello Hero and yet has somehow become more popular, topping 5 million downloads while Hello Hero still hasn't made a single million. Netmarble also ended up beating the system into the ground by creating several other games using the Hello Hero system, creating a bad reputation for the real-time RPG format in general.


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