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When the situation come to the point that many call it the end. We're the one who need to make that it is not.
HEPH Officer, Cpt. Enig Crane

HEPH is an Action Survival Horror game by Creature Of The Rise Co. Ltd.

Something has occurred aboard a massive spaceship. One man goes to check on the crew, and soon ends up making a very grisly discovery. For some reason, the ship is now infested with all manner of horrifying monstrosities that will not hesitate to rip him to shreds any chance they get. Now the man needs to survive the horrors, find out what happened, and if needed, see to it that the ship can reach its destination safely.

The game was released on Steam for PC on January 24th, 2017.


HEPH contains examples of:

  • Apocalyptic Log: Like any good survival horror, this has them. In this case, you can find a text recording of an audio log.
  • Body of Bodies: The monsters in the game are made up of one-or-more corpses of the crew.
  • The Faceless: The Player Character's full-body suit includes a helmet with a glowing bright blue visor that obscures their face.
  • Hand Blast: One of the enemies in the game shoots green beams out of its hands.
  • Handgun: One of the weapons you can start out with in the game.
  • Item Crafting: If there's a Tool Craft Station in the area, or a weapons crafter, you can fix and make new items with whatever you have.
  • Lock and Key Puzzle: The game begins with the Player Character locked in a closet, needing a key card to get out. The only way to get it is to break down all the items in the room, and use their resources to craft one.
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  • Multiple Head Case: The trailer for the game shows an enemy that seems to heads attached at their sides.
  • Notice This: Crafting stations have a white aura around them, and objects you can destroy for their resources have an orange aura.
  • One-Word Title: Naturally, with a title like HEPH and all.
  • Step One: Escape: The game begins with the Player Character stuck in a small room with a locked door and no key. In order to escape from the room, the player needs to break down the objects in the room and use their basic components to make a key card.