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Expand Dong.
Bonzi Buddy
Friday Night Sandboxin' is a Friday Night Funkin' mod made by Bonker34, Naireshi, and sirj455. It adds a new week with 5 songs, each one featuring different characters from famous old sandbox gamesand BonziBuddy.

Finally being given a break from his perpetual rap battling, Boyfriend decides to get on his computer and play some old sandbox games. Not even this simple activity will let him rest his vocal cords, however; the characters in these games are now stepping up to challenge Boyfriend, and that might not even be all the computer has in store for him.

The mod can be downloaded on GameBanana here.

Song List

  1. Faraday (Human)
  2. Mutilation (Ragdoll)
  3. Dollhouse (G-Man)
  4. Interaction (Interactive Buddy)
  5. Spyware (BonziBuddy)

  • All Your Powers Combined: In a sense. BonziBuddy's song Spyware uses leitmotifs from every other song, and in the case of Mutilation and Interaction fills them with significantly more notes.
  • Badass Normal: None of the characters in the mod use any gimmicks in their songs, but they remain rather difficult to beat, especially in the case of BonziBuddy.
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  • Beware the Silly Ones: This is embodied no better than with BonziBuddy, the friendly purple gorilla that infamously doubles as malicious spyware and a backdoor trojan. He's not letting up in song, either, with one of (and at one time the fastest track) the fastest tracks in modding history and the difficulty to match.
  • Blue with Shock: The danger icons for Human, Ragdoll, and Interactive Buddy simply have the upper half of their face go purple (or red in the case of Interactive Buddy).
  • The Cameo: As Garry's Mod doesn't have original characters, it is instead represented by a model of G-Man.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Human, Ragdoll, and Interactive Buddy are ragdolls in their original games that are meant to be beaten and thrown around. Here, they finally get the chance to fight back.
  • The Faceless: Ragdoll and Interactive Buddy don't have facial features, only ever emoting in their danger icons via Blue with Shock.
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  • Easy-Mode Mockery: You physically can't play this mod on easy difficulty, as it was replaced with the Harder Than Hard "Pain" difficulty. The easiest difficulty is Normal.
  • Floating Limbs: Interactive Buddy, just like in his source game, has no arms or legs.
  • Harder Than Hard: New to the mod is a special "Pain" difficulty, which makes charts even harder and sets the scroll speeds ridiculously high.
  • Medium Blending: Not one of the characters in the mod are redrawn to match Friday Night Funkin's artstyle. Most noteworthy is G-Man, a 3D model that couldn't clash with the 2D style more.
  • Marathon Level: The entire week counts, with its 5 songs putting it above both the standard 3 songs and popular 4-song mod weeks such as Vs Hex Mod.
    • As for individual songs, Spyware is 3 minutes and 25 seconds long, longer than any song in the main game.
  • The Nameless: The characters in Faraday, Mutilation, and Interaction don't have actual names, simply being referred to as Human, Ragdoll, and Interactive Buddy, respectively.
  • Nightmare Face: Present on G-Man as part of his intentionally Uncanny Valley appearance, complete with Slasher Smile.
  • Patter Song: Spyware is a massive 300 BPM and features mostly spam sections, not helped by its ridiculous scroll speed (3.4 at the minimum, and a whopping 10 in Pain difficulty.).
  • Shout-Out: They're all over the place in this mod.
    • Faraday is a remix of "Hungarian Dance No. 5" by Johannes Brahms, one of the songs that can play in the original People Playground through the jukebox.
    • G-Man is representing Garry's Mod with his appearance, but he actually originates from Half-Life 2.
    • One of the many Leitmotifs in Spyware is the infamous beginning of Megalovania.
    • Near the end of Spyware, Bonzi randomly says "Expand Dong." This is a reference to Vargskelethor Joel's "Windows Vista Destruction" stream, where he enters his name as such when using BonziBuddy.
    • The pause screen music has been replaced with a MIDI remix of "Among Us Trap Remix".
      • Similarly, the game over music is a Rickroll.
  • Suddenly Voiced: None of the characters say anything, not even through dialogue boxes...right up until near the end of Spyware, when BonziBuddy says "Expand Dong".