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Casino Empire is a 2002 Simulation Game which allows the player to construct and manage a casino based on those of the Las Vegas Strip, from buying improvements for the interior to setting advertising, purchasing additional hotel rooms and suites, offering hotel services and, most importantly laying down the area of the casino itself, which involves placing games and wallside facilities (such as cafes, toilets and bars) to cater to three groups of gamers, tourists, gamblers and high rollers (with some high rollers being VIPs, No Celebrities Were Harmed mishmashes of Hollywood celebrities).


The casinos in game are:

Buddy's Casino: Based on Bally's Las Vegas, a small time establishment run by the player character's cousin Buddy. It features a generic gambling theme with green floors, red walls and dark brown wood paneling.

The Egyptian: Based on the Luxor in shape, but on the Sahara in other aspects, it is owned and operated by a Saudi Arabian prince called Abdul Bin Saud.

The Medieval: Based on the Excalibur, this casino is run by two No Celebrities Were Harmed versions of Siegfried And Roy called Wolfgang and Amadeus.

Solid Gold: Based on the Hard Rock Hotel & Casion, this casino is run by a sleazy (even by Mob standards) Mafia heir apparent named Junior Guccini.

The Big Top: Based on Circus Circus, this casino is run by a former comedian called Mort Bisby.

Pirate's Gold: Based on Treasure Island, this casino is run by a rich Texan, Tex and his Gold Digger wife, Lola who pressured him to buy a casino as an accessory.


The Poseidon: A sort of mishmash between the Venetian and Caesar's Palace, this casino is run by a Vito Corleone / Tony Soprano blend called Al Guccini, the father of Junior Guccini and Vegas' mafia kingpin.

The Grand Hoyle: Based on the Stratosphere Las Vegas, this casino is run by a Blofeld like character seeking to avoid attention from secret agents.

  • Amoral Attorney (Taken to extremes with The Egyptian's lawyers, who do blatantly illegal acts in public view)
  • An Entrepreneur Is You
  • Arab Oil Sheikh (Played completely and utterly straight with Abdul Bin Saud)
  • Elvis Impersonator (One of the random events has a crowd of them showing up in a month. They require 100 hotel rooms and two buffet tables.)
  • Even Evil Has Standards (Even the Mob doesn't like Junior Guccini, due to his tendency to not keep his word)
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  • Eyepatch of Power (The owner of the Grand Hoyle)
  • Fiction 500 (Abdul Bin Saud is apparently so wealthy he could pour money into his failing casino for the rest of his life and never have to cut back on his limousine fleet)
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar (Mobsters, corrupt casino owners, drunkenness showgirls and escort services in an ELSPA 11+ game?)
  • Ho Yay (Between Wolfgang and Amadeus, naturally)
  • Monster Clown (The minions of the Big Top are clowns, naturally)
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed (The VIPs and Wolfgang and Amadeus)
  • Non-Entity General (Beyond the player character having a cousin, they are effectively nonentities ingame)
  • Overlord Jr. (Junior Guccini)
  • Pirate (The minions of Pirate's Gold, of course)
  • The Ahnold (One of the VIPs)
  • The Mafia (Both Guccinis and their minions, of course)

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