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Bit Boy!! is a series of games for WiiWare and the Nintendo 3DS, intended as a tribute to video game history and, specifically, the technical aspects that make it work behind the scenes. The series features arcade-collect-a-thon-style gameplay, with the main character, a pixel named Kubi, having to navigate a monster-filled maze to free his trapped friends.

The first game, Bit Boy!!, was released for WiiWare in 2009. It largely focused on The Golden Age of Video Games (referred to as the 4-bit era in-universe) — the monsters roaming the mazes came from that time, and Kubi had to travel through each video game generation with increasingly-improving graphics leading up to the present in order to stop them. It was known for using the Wii Remote as a joystick.


The second game, Bit Boy!! ARCADE, was released for the 3DS eShop in 2014, with a larger focus on story this time around. It features a plot where game developer Bernd witnesses a Bad Future where Kubi is eaten by one of the arcade monsters from the previous game, and he becomes determined to prevent this.

There are two more games in the ARCADE saga currently in development.

This series features examples of: