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The city skyline, with the Burj Khalifa in the center.

"Gentlemen, welcome to Dubai."

Prior to the 1970s, Dubai was a small town with perhaps 60,000 people. After the formation of the United Arab Emirates, and the discovery of oil, development picked up with remarkable speed. A Boom Town and a half, it now possesses the tallest building on the planet (not finished internally), the Burj Dubai Burj Khalifa, which is 828 metres (2,717 feet) tall, along with the Burj Al-Arab (a sail-shaped, self-proclaimed 7-star hotel), the Palm Islands (three massive, palm-shaped artificial islands), and The World (similar to the Palm Islands, but the archipelago is in the shape of Earth's continents, and is nine kilometers wide). The city has become a playground and Mecca for the rich and well-connected, with ultra-luxury shopping, expensive attractions, supercars and luxury vehicles clogging the roads, yachts and catamarans docked at the marinas, and exclusive apartment towers shooting up everywhere.


While New York City is known as "The City That Doesn't Sleep", Dubai is also a city that's bustling 24/7, with many shops remaining open till the wee hours, and the streets never really clear of cars. Always movement in Dubai. Development still continues, though it's at a slower pace. Obviously.

Some of us would like to know whose idea it was to build an area of a huge shopping mall with 300 jewelry shops. Must be stiff competition.


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