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This troper does not literally have pointy ears. However, if there were ever a crossover fic between Lord of the Rings and Star Trek, where a Hobbit and a Vulcan had a bastard lovechild, she would uncannily resemble the result.

In other words, she's a really, really short, stoic, curious, very logical young woman, with sometimes hidden depths, with a fixation on science and science fiction, and likes languages.


    Tropes Associated with The Girl With Pointy Ears 
  • The Short Guy Girl With The Glasses / Meganekko
  • Shorter Means Smarter (The author does not guarantee the accuracy of these tropes. All tropes should be taken with a grain of salt. And pepper.)
  • Proud to Be a Geek
    • All around science fiction nut, writer, artist. Nitpicked changes from canon in the LOTR movies when they came out, to the chagrin of all. And not ashamed of it in the least.
  • Reclusive Artist
  • Most Writers Are Writers
    • Is... a writer.
  • Older Than They Look
    • Look closer, she is actually an adult. Please do not attempt to give her the kids menu. If she orders wine or beer, do not gape, she will be happy to show you her ID. Boys: she is not jailbait, you may react accordingly.
  • Deadpan Snarker
    • Loves making puns in a deadpan voice and seeing if anyone gets them.
      • You may have already noticed this. If not, you may request 'more snark' in the vandalism section below.
  • The Quiet One. Despite the above, often says very little.

The Girl Is NOT:

    Media/Creators The Girl With Pointy Ears Likes 

    Vandalism: Add Here 
  • This page is now 10 degrees cooler. -The Fan
  • I'm not sure what 4'4'' is in meters but.. VANDALISM! - WUE
  • This page needs more vandalism. *knocks on door and invites self in for a logical debate and to offer job as a Space Burglar* -Bisected8
  • Sometimes, the best stuff at a restaurant is on the kids' menu. Case in point: dinosaur chicken nuggets. You should be taking advantage of that! -Exaggeration17A
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  • You are sooo cute and nice c: —Smandy Dandy
  • This still needs more vandalism. Have you taken the Space Dragon's space horde yet? The space dwarves want their birthright back. - Bisected8
    • Just as soon as I get through the Mirkwood Asteroid Field! - Pointy
  • Oh good, a person who likes things I like. -StrangeDwarf
  • I figured I'd stick my nose and say hi. -Dr Rockopolis
  • *sets off a few paint bombs to redecorate the page* —a vandal
  • The faeries were here... and their purpose was VANDALISM! - a faerie
  • It's better to have pointy ears than to be pointy-haired, right? - Amused Troper Guy
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