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Hey hey hiya! The name's Boots! I'm a troper, an artist, and a fanganronpa (Danganronpa fan work) addict! I first dipped my toes into making and editing pages in TV Tropes back in November of 2019, when I helped make a Works page for a Danganronpa roleplay I was in. It was...pretty shit. Few months later, though, and I'm doing better pages! ...I think. My primary goal in this website is to create Works pages for fanganronpas for people to see, be it well-known (at least, in the fandom) or pretty obscure! That's actually a pretty good time killer, not gonna lie...


I don't usually lurk in the forums, but you might find me in any discussion Danganronpa-, Vocaloid-, or rhythm game-related, as well as in Trope Finder, because I am a big idiot sometimes.


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