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Hey hey hiya! The name's Boots, but Ingram is fine! I'm a nonbinary aroace who uses they/them and xe/xem pronouns, though I'm fine with any titles, gender-neutral or otherwise. I'm an artist who loves character design, and a fan who loves that good old gay shit(tm).

I first dipped my toes into making and editing pages in TV Tropes back in November of 2019, when I helped make a Works page for a Danganronpa roleplay I was in. It was honestly pretty shit. Few months later, though, and I'm doing better pages! ...I think. My primary goal in this website is to create/contribute to Works pages for franchises I enjoy, even if it's just general cleanup! I also lurk in certain forums every so often, specifically Ask The Tropers and Trope Finder.

    Work Pages Created/Majorly Contributed To 

    Eden's Garden Funnies 

  • Blame Game
  • Shock Collar: The trinket attached to the wrist of every student shocks them should any violation of the rules be attempted. These include attempting to remove the trinket, destroying academy property and refusing to participate in the Class Trials.
  • First Day from Hell: It's the class's first day as students of Eden's Garden Academy... And they've been forced to participate in a Killing Game.
  • Height Insult: ppl towards toshiko when they met her lool

look through Cynicism Tropes for damon and eva