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Due to the nature of this work, all spoilers will be unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

"History. Beautiful land. Things that once were. Things that could be. New beginnings, old stories. Leaders, lives, victories, losses, wars... and the future to behold. All in this little speck of land. This blocky world. This is our story, for the world to hear."

The Dream SMP is a private Minecraft survival multiplayer server run by Dream. It features many prominent Minecraft YouTubers and streamers, including GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit, Philza, Technoblade, Ranboo, BadBoyHalo, and many, many more.note 

As of January 20th 2021, the SMP is in its third season.

Currently, the server is split into several factions: the Greater Dream SMP, the Badlands, Boomerville, The Eggpire, Snowchester, Kinoko Kingdom, the Syndicate and Las Nevadas. Defunct factions include Pogtopia, Logstedshire, New L'Manburg (formerly Manburg, and L'Manburg before then), El Rapids, Dry Waters, the Arctic Anarchist Commune (unofficially), Manifold Land, and Little Penis Land. See the character page for membership.


Aside from the main series, there's also a spinoff series called Tales from the SMP. In contrast to the main series' continuous plot across many streams, Tales consists of loose and episodic stories from the perspective of Karl Jacobs, as he travels through time to document the server's past and future.

There's a fanmade Wiki page that can be found here, detailing the server's history in a comprehensive timeline of events.

Note: Unless otherwise specified, all tropes pertain to the characters, not the content creators that play them.


The Dream SMP provides examples of:

Tropes with their own pages:

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  • #1 Dime: Tommy's discs. Practically, they're worthless, but the amount of memories attached to them gives them a lot of sentimental value to Tommy.
  • A Day in the Limelight: The Egg subplot allows for characters who were not intrinsically tied into the main plot regarding Tommy's ongoing war with Dream (or are otherwise big names such as Technoblade and Philza) to be central characters. Case in point, BadBoyHalo and Antfrost are the central antagonists with the heroes being mostly comprised of Puffy, Sam, Foolish, and the like.
  • Aborted Arc: Because much of the server's events are improvised, some arcs tend to fall by the wayside.
    • The Dreamon Hunter side story hasn't received any sign of a comeback since Tubbo announced he would provide the group with government funding right after the Manburg-Pogtopia War, possibly due to Cerebus Syndrome.
    • Fundy's adoption by Eret was still set to go ahead, with Eret and Phil planning to set up a date for Phil to come check out Eret's castle to see if it was fit for Fundy to live in. However, this never happened, and Fundy's adoption is rarely brought up again.
    • Quackity planned to revive Schlatt to use him as a political puppet after the latter's funeral, but this was never brought up again ever. This is later subverted during Quackity's March 16 stream, where he meets Schlatt's ghost in the latter's underground gym and makes a deal to revive him if he loses a bet, which is implied to be what happens next.
    • In the days leading up to the Manburg-Pogtopia War, Karl and Sapnap discussed to have their wedding after the war. Once the war was over, the two included Quackity into the relationship and settled to marry once they fixed up L'Manburg. However, the arc was seemingly aborted as the server was thrown into a whirlwind of war and politics for the rest of the season... then Quackity revived the arc by planning to marry them in Las Nevadas, only for it to be immediately destroyed when George broke the news that they had moved to Kinoko Kingdom. In other words, the marriage is indefinitely postponed because of miscommunication and mental health issues, and fans of the Fiancés just keep taking L's.
    • Right before and during the Doomsday War, Fundy reached his Despair Event Horizon. He decided that, if he couldn't make people laugh, he'd make them cry instead, and vowed to become the villain of the server to finally bring people back together again. However, this arc never came to fruition as instead, Fundy took a long break away from all the goings-on of the SMP to process his emotions, and when he returned, he had recovered enough to see that hurting others wouldn't get him anywhere.
  • Absurdly Youthful Father: Played for Laughs. According to the SMP crew, Wilbur is Fundy's biological father by a salmon woman. Going by their IRL ages, Wilbur would have barely been three when Fundy was born. This is somewhat subverted later when out of character, Wilbur explained that his character was (allegedly) in his 30s (now 40s) throughout the roleplay, and the fact that Phil (Wilbur's father) is semi-immortal and could have possibly passed on genes related to longevity to Wilbur doesn't help either.
  • Acronym Confusion: WAP, most infamously known as "Wet Ass Pussy" because of Cardi B's song of the same title, is interpreted to stand for "Worship And Prayer" by the founders of Church Prime, most commonly Tommy. When Schlatt talks to Tommy through voice chat regarding what WAP most commonly stands fornote , Tommy is disturbed.
    Tommy: Wet Ass-Wet Ass- what?
    Schlatt: "Wet Ass Pussy"?
    Tommy: No, no no- It stands for "Worship And Prayer" I've been told!
    Schlatt: Ah, no no no, you've been lied to.
    Schlatt: Go to and search it up.
    Tommy: I am, I am. (looks it up)
    Tommy: (shocked, speechless)
    Schlatt: Uh oh...
    Tommy: (reads the lyrics of Cardi B's WAP) Oh! I can't read that out loud!
    Schlatt: No, what does it say?
    Tommy: (continues to read, increasingly disturbed, speechless)
    Schlatt: Tommy, I know that was a lot to take into at once, I'm-
    Tommy: This don't mean anything to me anymore- they don't mean anything!
    Schlatt: Well, you just found diamondsnote  in the end-
    Tommy: NO NO NO!
    Tommy: You've just ruined my day! You know what- my head's just thoroughly shrunk!
  • Adult Fear: This trope is prevalent in the series to the point that it has its own page.
  • Aerith and Bob:
    • Comes with the territory of using online nicknames. Compare Tommy, Wilbur and George to names like Technoblade, Dream and Tubbo.
    • This also applies in Tales From the SMP episodes occasionally, with characters named James, Oliver, and Billiam co-existing in the episode "The Masquerade". Karl lampshades this during the episode "The Pit", where he visits the Subben Empire in the future.
      Karl to Emperor Porkius VII: This is an interesting culture, where there's people named both Jackie and Laggius, that you have here.
  • The Alcatraz: Pandora's Vault, a practically inescapable facility Awesamdude made for Dream to imprison the latter's enemies. A list of the (known) layers of security:
    • The prison is composed of explosion-resistant materials such as obsidian and netherite blocks, with water in between to limit the effectiveness of wither explosions.
    • Anyone entering the prison must put all of their items in a chest in exchange for a keycard used to retrieve the items after a visit. The guests are also subject to several stages of searching and frisking to ensure they are not hiding any items, and splashed with potions to weaken them in the case of misbehavior.
    • The prison is an island in the middle of elder guardian infested waters, which give prisoners mining fatigue. It takes prisoners nine hours to mine a single block with their fists.
    • Any blocks that are broken will immediately alert the prison guards via a text message to their real life phones, which means even the most determined of players cannot escape on their own.
    • The main chamber is an obsidian box in the middle of a massive lava pool. Visitors must cross the pool via a redstone flying machine bridge to the other side, after which the entrance is blocked with lava and the bridge is retracted.
    • If any guards are killed in battle and respawn far away, they can immediately be brought back with ender pearl stasis chambers and are automatically decked out with full netherite weapons and gear as well as potion buffs, in order to subdue escapees.
    • Any prisoners must set their spawn with a bed so they cannot escape via suicide. They can't break the bed either, as they will immediately be pushed into their cell with a piston.
  • Alien Kudzu: BadBoyHalo finds a red egg-shaped organism inside his statue room that grows red tendrils and vines. Said tendrils/vines are later found growing from several locations, including Hutt's Pizza, Skeppy's Mansion, the Power Tower, and Schlatt's Grave. The organism has shown the capability to affect the minds of some of the players, having them praise it and turn against anyone that attempts to destroy it.
  • All for Nothing:
    • Tommy and Tubbo's push to defend L'Manburg is this in spades. Despite managing to rally the rest of the server against the efforts of Dream and Technoblade for the Doomsday War, even managing to gain Sapnap's allegiance due to Tommy retrieving Mars from the ocean, their efforts were in vain due to various reasons. Not only did the alliance manage to circumvent most of the enemy's resistance due to starting 30 minutes early, but Punz had also relayed any intel the defence force had anyway. If that wasn't enough, Fundy, Nihachu and Ranboo all expressed their disdain for L'Manburg's existence driving their friends apart, and ended up contributing to the destruction, with Fundy sabatoging L'Manburg's armaments, Ranboo remaining neutral and Nihachu burning L'Mantree herself once the rest of the land had been blown up beyond repair.
    • After being saved on numerous occassions by Ranboo and Tubbo, Squeeks the Fox winds up dying to a mere creeper explosion when being excavated towards Snowchester.
  • All There in the Manual: Major events and plot points in the SMP are just roleplaying. The many Hamilton references and parallels were intentional, and most major events were at least partially planned (the dialogue within them, however, is improvised, leaving the participants with much more room to fill in the blanks). A notable exception is Eret's betrayal, which only the Greater Dream SMP members knew about. To the L'Manberg members, it was completely unscripted and their reactions are genuine.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: Since There Are No Therapists, or at least none that are qualified for the job, this tends to crop up a lot among the people on the SMP. Most notably, at least six members of the server show signs of PTSD from the trauma they have endured.
  • An Axe to Grind: Most of the players fight with swords, but those who don't tend to use axes.
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: Dream makes this to each L'Manbergian during the L'Manberg Revolution: join him or die. None of them take the offer, except for Eret.
  • And I Must Scream: Tommy's description of what he went through in the Afterlife is horrific.
    Tommy: I felt like I was- like I was shredded to dust. [...] It felt like I was put through a shredder, but there was no blood, there was no flesh, it was just essence. Like a powder, and I was put through it, and then I came out, and I was in a... a long- a long- a hall, a- a- t-tunnel of black and void and- not even black, just colorless!
    Dream: I tried to give you- I tried to give you time, I wanted to- I wanted to ask you questions-
    Tommy: (gasping, sobbing) YOU GAVE ME SO MUCH TIME! I was in there- You left me- How long- Where's Tubbo?! How- I was in there for MONTHS!
  • Animal Motifs:
    • All characters who are anthromorphic animals in terms of their species obviously have motifs that compare them to their animal forms, e.g. Fundy to foxes, Antfrost to cats, and Techno to pigs.
    • Tommy enjoys trolling and stealing from his server-mates in his spare time, which has naturally caused him to be associated with raccoons. These comparisons mainly took off after he fled Logstedshire, when he dug a hole in Technoblade's basement and started hoarding and stealing from there, causing Techno and even Tommy himself to compare him to a raccoon.
    • For Tubbo, it's bees, which Tubbo also happens to absolutely adore. Bees are hardworking, community oriented animals who do important work (pollinating flowers and food plants) but are often overlooked or seen as pests. They have a strict social hierarchy, and are surprisingly intelligent, able to communicate in sophisticated ways. Tubbo is a determined, loyal friend and The Smart Guy. However, he also tends to kiss up to authority and act as a yes-man, and his contributions are often overlooked. It probably helps that Tubbo himself is a beekeeper.
    • In Phil's case, it's crows, because Phil himself is a Winged Humanoid with large, feathered wings (though he lost them in the L'Manburg explosion), and his chat manifests as a murder of crows.
    • Boomer is often identified with frogs, most notably seen on their hat.
  • Another Dimension: The Nether, as is usual for Minecraft. There's also The Inbetween, a white castle floating in a void that exists outside of time, and its counterpart, the Other Side, which allow time travelers like Karl to rest and recuperate.
  • Antagonist Title: The SMP is named after its owner, Dream, who is also the main antagonistic figure in the roleplay of Seasons 1 and 2.
  • Anti-Climax:
    • This happens during the final Pet War, with Tommy and Sapnap holding a duel eerily reminiscent of the one that occurred during the first Dream SMP Civil War. With a huge crowd anticipating the chance to be featured in an animation of this duel, Tommy and Sapnap don their iron armor... and then Sapnap kills Tommy in a couple of hits. Needless to say, at least a good portion of the players (and the audience) were disappointed.
    • Subverted and Played for Drama with Jschlatt's downfall. He anticlimactically drinks himself to a fatal heart attack after being cornered by Pogtopia, but the sheer Hate Sink for this man and the tremendous amount of build-up make it a fulfilling yet haunting death for him. That's not getting into the fact that it was foreshadowed from the beginning by Fundy's spy diary, which revealed that Jschlatt had an alcohol addiction that was likely to kill him should it continue.
  • Arch-Enemy: There are currently two listed pairs of nemeses on the Dream SMP Wiki where they are identified as sworn enemies.
    • Dream is this to Tommy. Initially, the Disc War started due to an unrelated conflict gone south, but eventually, Dream started to consider Tommy his greatest threat to having control over the server, and repeatedly tries to torment him in various ways, most notably (and not limited to) abusing and gaslighting him while in exile, which was orchestrated by Dream in the first place. This has ultimately cumulated into, to put it bluntly, an absolute shitfest of trauma and trouble.
    • For a more subdued example, Techno and Quackity are this towards each other, being each other's antithesis. They each thrive in an environment which would make the other weakExplanation , and have respectively caused each other tremendous amounts of grief and trauma throughout the series and even before it began (read: Minecraft Mondays). This is why it was such a shocker for them to team up against the Eggpire during the Red Banquet, a fact that both of them lampshade.
  • Arc Symbol: For Tales From the SMP, the Inbetween's messages are all signed with a smiley face, ":]".
  • Arc Villain:
    • Dream is this for the L'Manburg Arc, being the force that holds Wilbur and Tommy's dreams of independence out of reach. Alternatively, Wilbur is this from Dream's point of view, with Tommy and George acting as Wilbur and Dream's respective second-in-commands.
    • The Pogtopia Arc has Jschlatt, who made enemies all around the server with his goals of expanding L'Manburg (which he renames Manburg) into Dream SMP territory to the point that Jschlatt alienated just about every ally he may have initially had.
      • However, Jschlatt ends up only being a Disc-One Final Boss with Jschlatt's downfall and death at the end of the arc. The role of the final villain ultimately splits between Wilbur (whose Sanity Slippage led him to destroying Manberg) and Techno (whose anarchistic efforts end up forcing one last Enemy Mine between Dream and Pogtopia/L'Manburg).
    • The Reconstruction and Exile Arc has Dream threatening L'Manburg into exiling Tommy, isolating and abusing Tommy both physically and psychologically once he was successfully exiled, and sowing the seeds of war across the server.
    • The Vengeance Arc has Dream, Techno, and Phil in a Big Bad Duumvirate, aiming to wipe L'Manburg off the face of the server.
    • The Disunion Arc has Dream again, this time going after Tommy and Tubbo specifically in a final bid for power.
    • The Imprisonment Arc has the Egg and the Eggpire as the former slowly spreads across the server and corrupts its inhabitants.
  • Arc Words:
    • "It was never meant to be." Said by Eret after betraying the L'Manbergian Rebellion in the Final Control Room, Wilbur before blowing up L'Manberg, and Niki after burning The L'Mantree during the Doomsday War.
    • "Are we the bad guys?" Said by Wilbur, being the central question as to whether or not L'Manburg can be saved from Schlatt's tyrannical grip. This is later followed by "Chekhov's Gun", referring to Wilbur's plan to blow up Manburg/L'Manburg to kingdom come.
    • "Me and you, versus Dream." Said by Tommy to anyone within his alliance, stemming from seeking to defeat Dream to reach his goals.
    • For Tales From the SMP, the Inbetween tells Karl "Don't stray from the path" and "Fear not. This is not a place to provoke harm, but a place to feel at ease" until he breaks free of its manipulation.
      • In Karl's storyline, we also have "Don't forget who you are" and any variations of it, as a reminder to hold on to his memories in spite of his powers' detrimental effect on them.
    • Around March/April of 2021, a lot of people's storylines started to revolve around sleep and dreams, with them continually being told to wake up.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: During a conversation between Tommy and Quackity in Las Nevadas, Quackity brings up Wilbur excluding him from L'Manberg in the past to justify Quackity excluding him from Las Nevadas in the present. Tommy disagrees, saying that two wrongs don't make a right, and Quackity asks what Tommy would do if Dream asked to join Tommy's base. Tommy says he wouldn't let him in, because Dream hasn't changed. Quackity then asks him "How has Wilbur changed?" ...and Tommy falls silent.
  • Artistic License – Medicine: Right before Schlatt dies, he asks if anyone else can smell toast, referencing a certain urban legend that implies he's having a stroke. However, smelling burnt toast is not a symptom of stroke (as already mentioned, that's just an urban legend), and it's certainly not a symptom of heart failure, which is what ends up killing him. Possibly subverted in that phantosmia can occur in someone having a stroke. It's not a symptom, but it can happen.
  • Assassination Attempt: On the day after the Manburg Festival (in the meta time-frame), Tommy snuck into Manburg to try to assassinate Schlatt with a bow and arrow, as revenge for him ordering Tubbo's execution. He ended up witnessing Schlatt and Quackity's argument over the destruction of the White House, which ended with Quackity beating Tommy to the punch to shoot Schlatt.
  • Back from the Dead: Three people have lost all three lives only to return to life. The first is Jack Manifold, who was killed by Techno during the Doomsday War but returned with all three lives after a brief trip to Hell. The second is Tommy, having been murdered by Dream in Pandora's Vault before being brought back as a ploy to prove that Dream really does have the power to resurrect people. The third is Wilbur, who was resurrected by Dream when Tommy attempted to break into the prison and murder Dream.
  • The Bad Guy Wins:
    • Dream and his allies won handily in the L'Manberg Revolution with the help of Eret's betrayal. The only reason L'Manberg still maintained their independence was because of Tommy giving up both of his discs to Dream.
    • Even with Jschlatt defeated and Technoblade repelled due to the efforts of Pogtopia and its allies, Dream still gets exactly what he wants. The war resulted in the elimination of both a political threat (Jschlatt) and a physical threat (a good 80% of L'Manburg's territory) through Wilbur, whose success in actually destroying L'Manburg counts for this trope as well.
    • The Doomsday War ends in L'Manburg's complete defeat as the alliance between Philza, Technoblade, and Dream blow it all up to kingdom come. Unlike the two previous times L'Manburg blew up, this time? It's gone for good.
    • Subverted during the Disc War finale. Dream was extremely close to winning, having put Tommy and Tubbo in a tight spot. If it weren't for Punz and a good chunk of the server arriving in the nick of time, Tubbo would've been executed and Tommy imprisoned.
  • Ballroom Blitz: The Red Banquet eventually turns into one, as the banquet itself was initially a guise to lure several vocally anti-Eggpire server members into a trap to kill them and feed their life forces to the Egg... then Quackity, Technoblade, his hound army, and Purpled show up.
  • Bathos: Several highly climatic and emotional scenes on the SMP have taken place near some fairly vulgar structures, including and not limited to a floating sign that said the word "CRY"note , another floating sign that said "YOU 💔 LITTLE PENIS"note , and multiple penis statues.
  • Beach Episode: The premise of the Tales From the SMP episode, "The Beach Episode".
  • Berserk Button:
    • BadBoyHalo hates swearing and doesn't hesitate to chastise people who curse in front of him. This is often exploited by the more cuss-happy characters like Quackity and Tommy for the sole purpose of riling him up.
    • Notably, people who challenge against Dream enrage him a lot. This is especially demonstrated how wrathful he is towards Tommy, who constantly challenges his power and authority.
    • The easiest way to get under Fundy's skin is to call him a furry.
    • It's for the best not to mock Quackity's appearance. It's also all but outright stated that at least some part of it is fueled by his trauma.
    • Making direct eye contact with Ranboo makes him extremely uncomfortable, due to him being half-Enderman. Other than this, he dislikes people forcing him into uncomfortable experiments due to his unusual biology, and insulting Philza or threatening his son, Michael, also get him uncharacteristically angry.
    • Sam is willing to blow up the entire server if anyone hurts his dog, Fran. Moreover, by Season 3, anyone messing with Pandora's Vault, the prison he guards, can and likely will receive a grisly fate... just ask Ponk and Tommy.
    • Do not hurt Tommy's pet cow, Henry. He started a whole war against Sapnap over him accidentally killing Henry and eating his remains.note 
    • Despite usually being a benevolent god, DreamXD gets easily angered if he believes he's being taken advantage of.
    • KSI hates being called old.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Sapnap is this during the L'Manburg Civil War, having formed a third faction to take control of L'Manburg for himself. However, an early battle between his allies and Pogtopia shows that, cow murder aside, he's not much more than talk. When an actual third nation forms (the Badlands), Sapnap is noticeably absent from it, implying his crushing defeat at the hands of Dream, Techno, and Tommy has kept him in line for now.
  • Big Damn Heroes:
    • The Season 2 finale sees Punz entering Dream's secret base through the Nether Portal just as the latter is going to kill Tubbo and lock Tommy in Pandora's Vault... followed by almost half of the server's members, armed to the gills in high-power armor to revolt against Dream and his manipulative actions.
    • During the Red Banquet, Quackity brings in Technoblade and his hound army and Purpled to save the attendees from being fed to the Egg.
  • Big Fancy Castle: Eret's castle, also known as the Gay Castle or Pride Palace, is a large stone-brick castle decorated with rainbow-coloured windows, a giant rainbow flag, and a statue of Eret.
  • Big Fancy House: Punz's house features a glass roof and many beehives for beekeeping, while his massive backyard has a tower with floors rented out to various members on the server. The property is so large that it's even bigger than the territory L'Manburg — a whole country — used to occupy.
  • Big "NO!":
    • Both Niki and Tommy shout this when Schlatt exiles Tommy and Wilbur from L'Manburg.
    • Tommy shouts another after Wilbur pressed the button to detonate L'Manberg.
  • Big "WHAT?!": Dream has this reaction to seeing just how many wolves Techno has bred in preparation for conflict against L'Manburg.
  • Big "YES!":
    • Niki and Tommy shout one when Dream defies Sapnap by referring to L'Manburg by its original name.
    • Dream shouts one after L'Manburg is destroyed during the Manburg-Pogtopia War by Wilbur using the Button.
  • Bittersweet Ending:
    • On both Dream's and L'Manburg's ends of the L'Manburg War for Independence. On Dream's end, he won the war, showed the server who truly held the most power, and got Tommy's prized discs, but L'Manburg got its independence all the same. On L'Manburg's end, it got independence but at the cost of them getting thoroughly trashed in the chaos (with Dream having earlier detonated TNT under its land), Dream showing them that he could easily crush them if they tried anything again, and Tommy ending up having to give away his two prized music discs (which were partially responsible for his feud with Dream to begin with) to secure said independence (though he later gets one back).
    • The L'Manburg Civil War ends on one as well. Even with Pogtopia managing to reclaim L'Manburg for themselves and killing off Jschlatt, Wilbur had managed to detonate the TNT under Manburg before committing assisted suicide. Though Tubbo and Tommy vow to rebuild, it's not going to be an easy road, with Technoblade having betrayed them and Dream expected to be returning to his role as Big Bad.
  • Black-and-Grey Morality: And how. Pretty much everyone is unscrupulous if still well-intentioned, with a few exceptions...
    • Techno and Sapnap were unapologetically thrill-seeking Blood Knights and self-serving fighters with many a murder on their hands and anarchy on their minds, though Sapnap has since experienced Character Development in becoming more peaceful, and Technoblade, even after being forced out of his pacifism, still seems to participate in fewer conflicts than before, even if his Bomb Throwing Anarchist tendencies remained.
    • Whether Dream is a Well-Intentioned Extremist or not is heavily disputed in the fandom, but it is known that he has terrorism and global conquest on his recordnote  and the ultimate goal of reuniting the server into "one big family" (and he has been known to do good if it benefits him).
    • Though he starts as a genuinely good guy (discounting his attempt at flooding the SMP with "drugs"), come the L'Manburg Civil War, Wilbur can be seen as a bit of a Manipulative Bastard, having no qualms about getting Tommy and Tubbo involved in an all-out war that causes both of them physical and mental trauma (in his defense, Dream was the one to declare war and Wilbur had no intention to fight outside of self-defense), manipulating elections for his own benefit, as well as being inspired by Dream's terrorism to try and nuke an entire country just to ensure nobody else can have it (or so he claims). There's also the question of how much of his Mad Bomber tendencies are due to Sanity Slippage, as opposed to a genuine turn to extremism — Quackity's April 12th lore stream implies the two factors go hand in hand with each other, and it's confirmed that Wilbur's trauma has a lot to do with it as well.
    • The Badlands faction was created by some of the kindest people on the SMP, BadBoyHalo, Antfrost, and Awesamdude, in response to Schlatt's tyranny and Wilbur's mental spiral. On the surface, they seem innocent enough, however, this belies their true nature as opportunistic aspiring conquerors who seek to instill chaos among the SMP to claim the area around the SMP all for themselves. During the war, they initially fought alongside the Pogtopians but they later stood by Dream and Technoblade in an attempt to keep the conflict going.
    • Jschlatt is Dream (in Season 1) taken Up to Eleven. He's a full-on fascist dictator who ordered the execution of a minor, and a Jerk with a Heart of Jerk to the point of managing to piss off everyone who was just listed above with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
    • Not even Niki is immune to dipping into chaos when she feels she deserves it. She stops fighting for L'Manburg just because she feels Tommy hasn't learned his lesson (which lesson, no one can seem to agree on) and even burns down the L'Mantree while everyone else is busy fighting the withers Technoblade spawned.
  • Bow and Sword, in Accord: Almost everyone on the server has a sword and either a crossbow or a traditional bow for fighting, which they can switch between incredibly quickly.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: The Crimson can brainwash people into being its devoted and ruthless followers, as well as totally changing their personalities. The biggest victims of this (Bad, Ant, Punz, Ponk, and Hannah) form the Eggpire.
  • Break the Cutie: The Dream SMP, being a Crapsack World, has absolutely no shortage of these, to the point that if there is someone who can arguably be considered The Cutie, they will be broken down to be an Iron Woobie in a best-case scenario, and a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds in a worst-case scenario... and occurrences of the best-case scenario seem to be, so far, few and far in between.
    • Wilbur initially believed in pacifism and fighting with words as opposed to violence. After Eret's betrayal, though, his naivety as the leader of the L'Manburgian revolution became shattered, triggering the beginning of his mental spiral and paranoia, and him to become an outright Death Seeker who ended up begging his father to end his life by the end of the Pogtopia arc. And even then, after spending what felt like thirteen and a half years in the Afterlife (taking the form of a train station platform that he couldn't leave), he was brought Back from the Dead... and although he evidently does not want to return to the Afterlife, he still retains his delusional worldview about good and evil.
    • Tubbo also used to be one of the more peaceful members of the server, but between being publicly executed, dragged into a leadership position that he was woefully unprepared for, being forced to sentence his best friend into exile (fracturing their relationship in the process), having his country blown to bits three times, and more, it's no surprise that he's a Stepford Smiler who ended up developing nuclear missiles for protection.
    • Tommy is a somewhat less traditional example of this, being a Jerk with a Heart of Gold... who has also been through an extensive Trauma Conga Line consisting of being a Child Soldier, watching his Big Brother Mentor go through Sanity Slippage and eventually dying and his best friend being publicly executed and almost sacrificing himself, being abused and gaslighted to the brink of suicidality, having his home destroyed three times, being locked in prison with his abuser for a week only to be brutally beat to death and then brought Back from the Dead from a torturous Afterlife, among many other things. However, despite the sheer magnitude of his trauma, he still manages to keep his more idealistic beliefs after everything, though becoming more somber and worldly through his experiences.
    • Ranboo entered the SMP during the Reconstruction Era as a bright aspiring politician who wanted to make L'Manburg a better place, but now, he's a nervous wreck who lives in constant stress after being tossed dead-center into the conflict between Tommy and Dream, all because he tagged alongside Tommy to grief George's house.
    • Quackity started as an aspiring, idealistic politician who believed that Rousseau Was Right and preferred words to weapons (much like his former political rival, Wilbur), but ends up jaded to the point of having many of his beliefs turned around entirely after going through a trainwreck of a Trauma Conga Line over the course of seven months, including and not limited to an abusive relationship, several wars, and severe injuries to the point of disability, as well as the resultant psychological effects.
    • During the Red Banquet, Captain Puffy is forced to see her son, Foolish, be ritualistically sacrificed to the Crimson, before giving into her instincts and brutally murdering Antfrost in revenge. After this, she turns away from the path of the knight, and embraces the path of distrust.
  • Brick Joke: The Cuck Shed (based on the structure of the same name from SMPLive) that Jschlatt built back during his first visit, kills Ninja almost two months later.
  • Burning the Flag: To protest against the changes Schlatt made in L'Manburg, Fundy burned down Nihachu's Manburg flag. Later on, Tommy does the same thing to declare war between Pogtopia and Manburg.
  • The Bus Came Back: Months after George was Demoted to Extra since his role as The Dragon during the L'Manburg War of Independence, he returned to the story in a couple of streams on March 30th that delved into his parentage and his relationship with DreamXD.
  • Butterfly of Doom: Discussed. When Ranboo talks to Sam after Tommy's death, he insists that if he had talked Tommy out of griefing George's house, things might've turned out differently and Tommy not have died. Sam says that might not necessarily be the case, and that Dream might've found another reason to exile him anyways, leading to the same result, and urges Ranboo to not blame himself for Tommy's death. This is not far from the truth; Dream was going around griefing builds with Puffy and blaming Tommy for it weeks before Tommy and Ranboo griefed George's house.
  • Carnivore Confusion: Captain Puffy (initially an anthropomorphic sheep) is fine with consuming meat so long as it's not mutton.
  • Cast Full of Gay: Almost half of the cast is canonically LGBTQ+, and the only confirmed m/f relationships in the series are Played for Laughs and/or did not end well, e.g. Wilbur's past Interspecies Romance with Sally the salmon. There are also implications that that same-gender relationships are the norm in the Dream SMP universe, judging by Tommy's slip of the mouth (accidentally forgetting m/f relationships existed) while trying to explain marriage fraud to Tubbo.
  • Cast Full of Rich People: "The Masquerade" episode of Tales From the SMP revolves around several very wealthy individuals being invited to a masquerade party and the shenanigans that ensued. The only characters in the episode who weren't rich was a nudist named Drew P. Wiener who ended up at the wrong place and the nameless Butler.
  • Cast Herd: The characters are often sorted and differentiated by their faction/country/group/allegiance, especially in specific moments in time, e.g. the original L'Manburgians are the residents of the nation-alliance that had citizenship in the country before the elections.
  • Central Theme: Though there wasn't one in the beginning, several recurring themes appear to tie most of the story and character arcs together.
    • For the Disc War specifically: Having attachments can cause conflicts, but it is ultimately worth it, and not having attachment to anything is worse.
    • The impact of trauma on a person's mental health and subsequent actions.
    • In most cases, no one is truly good or evil.
    • Whether Might Makes Right, especially the difference between hard power and soft power.
    • How one's actions may harm others, even if they are unintentional.
    • The importance of preserving history.
    • The fallout of miscommunication, and how it can lead to atrocities.
    • The contrast of diplomacy and violence, and its relationship with idealism and cynicism.
  • Cerebus Callback:
    • At the beginning of the server's history, Tommy stumbled upon Tubbo, who'd boxed himself in with cobblestone. Tommy jokingly called the box "Tubbox" and started saying things like "Tubbo in a box, what will he do?" The next time the Tubbox got referenced was when Tubbo was trapped in a concrete box at the Festival, about to be executed.
    • There's one to Minecraft Monday, of all things. Techno instilling utter fear in the competitors as he dominated the event was seen as both a funny moment (in terms of the competitors' reactions to his sheer skill) and an awesome moment as Techno came out of literally nowhere in a field of much-more-popular influencers and established himself as easily the strongest competitor in the event. As one of Quackity's streams reveals, however, he's got PTSD from Minecraft Monday for this exact reason and was utterly terrified of Techno (of course, Techno's murder of him during the Manburg Festival Massacre probably didn't help). This also becomes one of his motivations for hunting down Techno as the driving force behind the Butcher Army.
  • Cerebus Retcon:
    • Wilbur heavily babied his son Fundy. It's Played for Laughs in Season 1 of the SMP, but come Season 2 and it's revealed that Wilbur doing so has driven a massive wedge in his and Fundy's relationship.
    • Quackity's relationship with Schlatt during the Manburg era, though having shades of toxicity, had many humorous moments throughout it, even after their "breakup", but come Season 3 and it turns out that Quackity still carries a lot of emotional trauma from the toxic aspects of the relationship.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: The L'Manburg and Election Arcs, while they had their serious moments, were mostly lighthearted, with characters goofing off constantly. However, things started to take a darker turn during the Pogtopia arc, what with Wilbur's Sanity Slippage, and after the Manburg-Pogtopia War, the series became much darker and more plot-heavy. Plot points that were Played for Laughs in earlier arcs were now played horribly straight, and the next few arcs included a realistic portrayal of gaslighting and psychological abuse, the attempted suicide of a minor, several characters reaching their Despair Event Horizon and lashing out horribly, Ranboo having several long, intense, and realistic panic attacks on-screen, and so much Grey-and-Gray Morality that not even the fans can decide who the true heroes are anymore.
  • Chekhov's Boomerang: Jschlatt's book on resurrection. In Season 1, it's used to convince Dream to betray Pogtopia. It comes back at the end of Season 2, where Dream leverages his possession of the book to convince Tommy to spare him. And it returns thrice more in Season 3, where an argument over the book's existence pushes Dream to do the one thing he said he didn't want to do—murder Tommy. And then a few days later, Dream proves its existence by bringing Tommy back to life. Eventually, Quackity learns of this and spends the following months trying to torture the contents of the book out of Dream. Then Dream brings Wilbur back to life, effectively killing Ghostbur, using the book.
  • Chekhov's Gag:
    • When brainstorming names for their new nation, Wilbur and Tommy come up with "Manburg" before deciding that it sounds too American, adding a French "L" to make it "L'Manburg" to sound more European. When Jschlatt takes over, he changes the name to Manburg, stating that his country "doesn't take L's" (L being the first letter for the words loss, loser, and such).
    • When Wilbur asks what excuse Tubbo used to leave Schlatt's side, it's revealed that he convinced Schlatt he's pregnant. It's Played for Laughs, with Techno cracking jokes and Wilbur being completely bewildered, and it even gets a repeat when Tubbo tries to convince Schlatt that Tommy — who was not supposed to be there — is his OB-GYN. Then the Festival comes around, and it turns out that Schlatt did not buy Tubbo's excuses at all, and has him executed for treason.
    • A few days before the meeting with Schlatt, Fundy covered all of Pogtopia in buttons as a prank. Aside from being the Minecraft-equivalent of a glitter-bomb, this was completely harmless. However, during the meeting, Schlatt reveals that he found the TNT planted under Manburg, and used it to rig Pogtopia with TNT. Cue a frantic scramble to remove the buttons before one of them sets off the TNT, and to restrain Wilbur, who keeps pressing random buttons, hoping one of them would set the TNT off.
    • Jschlatt's alcohol addiction, revealed by both Fundy's spy diary and Quackity, with the former also revealing that said addiction is slowly killing Jschlatt. What seems to just be a little gag comes into play in the final battle of the L'Manburg Civil War, where Jschlatt suffers a fatal, alcohol-induced heart attack.
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • Right before the Election, Tubbo showed Tommy and Wilbur a secret bunker he made underneath L'Manburg, just in case things would go south. This bunker ends up coming in very handy when Schlatt revokes Tommy and Wilbur's citizenships, and orders everyone to hunt them down until they're outside of the borders. While Wilbur dies on the way to the bunker, Tommy manages to escape into the bunker and tunnel out into the wilderness.
    • Dream's letter to Pogtopia declaring his Heel–Face Turn. One line in the letter reveals that Jschlatt, as a democratically elected leader, can't be overthrown without the usurpers (Dream in this case) being seen as the villains. These words are shown later on to have a clear impact on Wilbur, who uses Dream's exact logic to conclude that he isn't the hero and immediately jumps to the conclusion that he could be "the villain", which contributes heavily to his Sanity Slippage.
    • The button. It's linked to a monumental amount of TNT surrounding Manburg that will explode once it's pressed, which Wilbur set up as part of his Sanity Slippage. Wilbur even discusses the trope with Tommy and Quackity as he fights to press it. As soon as everyone forgets about it, Wilbur detonates it.
    • A literal Chekhov's Gun is provided in the form of Technoblade's firework-loaded crossbow, "Subscribe to Technoblade". He uses it before the beginning of the Festival to shoot off some fireworks into the sky, calling people over to enjoy the sight. Before the day is done, "Subscribe to Technoblade" would be used to shoot fireworks once more, with much more fatal results for almost everyone in attendance at the Manburg Festival.
    • Techno is shown to have enough soul sand and wither skulls to spawn two Withers during his meeting with Quackity and Karl several days before the final battle for L'Manburg. The meeting itself seemed to be a Breather Episode, except for those wither skulls, which Techno uses during the battle itself to actually spawn several Withers to destroy what remains of L'Manburg after Wilbur destroys the nation.
    • Subverted with the remains of Spirit, Dream's first horse. Tommy gains the remains early on in hopes that they'll give him leverage over Dream. Tommy finally reveals this fact when Dream threatens to exile him, and all of L'Manburg (sans Tubbo) believes they've got Dream in a bind (as Dream no longer has Tommy's discs and thus has no bargaining chips of his own) only for Dream to reveal that he doesn't actually care about Spirit's remains, putting L'Manburg and especially Tommy into an even worse bind.
    • One of the clauses in the waiver for prison visitors is that if a security issue arises, visitors can be locked up in the prison for up to seven days until the issue is resolved. This clause kicks into effect during Tommy's final visit to Dream, when the prison is attacked with TNT and Tommy becomes trapped in the prison cell.
    • The book Schlatt gave Dream that ultimately swayed him to Manburg's side before the Manburg-Pogtopia War. Dream never revealed what was in it, only that it was a very important secret. Come the end of Season 2, and we find out it's a book that allows Dream to resurrect people who have lost their 3 canon lives, meaning the others can't kill him, because if they do, death will be permanent. The book finally sees use a few weeks later, when Dream takes Tommy's final life, then revives him just to prove that he can. And then Quackity gets dragged into this mess due to losing a bet with Schlatt's ghost, causing him to visit the prison every day to try to torture the knowledge out of Dream. And eventually Dream revives Wilbur with the book... yeah, Chekhov's Gun probably doesn't even cover it at this point.
    • During the Red Banquet, Quackity passes Puffy a netherite axe behind his back while talking down the Eggpire. That, along with the splash potions of strength Puffy was previously shown to have in her inventory, end up being used to kill Ant in revenge for executing Foolish.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Jschlatt joins the server for a while before being anticlimactically kicked by Dream. When he rejoins, he proceeds to take over L'Manburg and force Wilbur and Tommy into hiding, acting as the main villain for the rest of the arc.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Sapnap's habit as a Chronic Pet Killer. At first it's just an annoyance that sparks several minor conflicts, like the Battle of the Lake and the three Pet Wars. In the Doomsday War, however, he puts said pet-killing to good use, personally taking out over sixty of Techno's wolves when the anarchist lets them out on L'Manburg.
  • Child Soldiers: If we are going by the ages of the content creators when the wars in the roleplay occurred, at least.
    • Tommy fought in the L'Manburg War for Independence, the Manburg-Pogtopia War, and the Doomsday War at age 16, among the larger conflicts on the SMP.
    • Tubbo fought in the three wars mentioned above as well, at age 16 for the first two and Doomsday at 17.
    • Purpled fought in the Manburg-Pogtopia War at age 17.
  • Civil War: The server has had two so far.
    • The Dream Team (plus Punz) comes into conflict with a faction seeking independence from the main server known as L'Manburg consisting of WilburSoot, TommyInnit, Tubbo, Fundy, and TheEret. The latter eventually defected to the Dream Team, betraying L'Manburg in exchange for being promoted to a king within the Dream Team lands. The war ends with the Dream Team winning the main conflict, but Dream granting L'Manburg independence anyways in exchange for two music discs owned by Tommy (a major source of conflict between him and Dream).
    • Jschlatt winning the L'Manburg election and declaring himself a dictator bent on conquest triggers another war, fracturing the country with a conflict between his faction and Wilbur's faction, now named Pogtopia.
  • The Cobbler's Children Have No Shoes: Neither of the known "therapists" on the server are particularly well-suited for their jobs, considering that both of them have their own mental health issues to deal with — Captain Puffy Took A Level In Cynicism after her son's execution, and let's not even get started on Quackity and his issues.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Dream, Techno, and Phil give L'Manburg 24 hours to prepare for war. Except they used an ancient technique called lying, and they in truth planned to attack L'Manburg 30 minutes early (which, considering the weapons of mass destruction they have, is a significant amount of time). By the time L'Manburg is made aware of their foe's deceit, half of L'Manburg is 50 blocks deep and Withers are swarming the area.
  • Confusing Multiple Negatives: Quackity attempts to invoke this in "The Official Manburg Hotel Building Permit", trying to trick Schlatt into paying child support on top of scamming him out of his presidency. Schlatt, being a savvy businessman, notices this and calls him out on it, claiming that it was a predatory way of writing a contract.
  • Continuity Drift: Because the story of the Dream SMP is very much written with the philosophy of "make it up as you go along", the continuity is extremely hard to follow. How old characters are, how much time has elapsed between major events and which events are canon are continuously up for debate and/or retconned from the lore, and fans are in agreement to just not worry about it too much.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: Jschlatt is this to Dream. Dream was a Well-Intentioned Extremist who only wanted to put down a rebellion against his nation, even granting said rebellion independence when he saw how much they were willing to fight for it, and considered the citizens of L'Manburg worthy of respect, as a later letter to Tommy reveals. Moreover, Dream seemed to be a good if sometimes strict and pragmatic leader. Jschlatt, however, is a borderline fascist dictator who wants both independence and conquest. While Dream treated his allies with respect and genuine admiration, Jschlatt treated his as nothing more than tools to further his plans. Jschlatt is such a contrast that Dream is outright disgusted by him compared to Wilbur, and writes a letter to Tommy pledging full support to their war against Jschlatt.
  • Cool Mask:
    • Dream is often depicted in fanon to wear a White Mask of Doom with his signature smiley face on it, to the point that Dream eventually confirms that his character does wear a mask.
    • Dream's Distaff Counterpart, Girl Dream (or Mamacita), is also depicted to wear a white mask with a smiley face on it, though there's plenty of indication she's more benevolent than her male counterpart.
    • Ponk wears a mask with red, yellow and black stripes that covers most of his face.
  • Courtroom Episode: Tommy was put on trial for griefing George's house. While Dream insisted he should be exiled from L'Manburg, in the end he only got two weeks of probation.
  • Crapsack World: The SMP has evolved to become this, with every other character being put through Trauma Conga Lines with wars, politics, possessions, and everything in between happening on the server. Break the Cutie is a common occurrence, Grey-and-Gray Morality is the norm, Might Makes Right is the default setting and those who try to prove otherwise (case in point, L'Manburg) have been inevitably crushed for the most part, teenagers are brought into warfare in most of the server's conflicts, violence is used to solve problems more often than not, and Yank the Dog's Chain has applied to characters who have tried to make it into A World Half Full more than once. The server is also rife with crime, with petty theft being practically a weekly, if not everyday occurrence, and the list is topped with the Geneva Convention being breached on at least a monthly basis. Oh, and to the numerous members with PTSD from their experiences on the SMP, There Are No Therapists, or at least any qualified ones, and the only person who has actively tried to act as a therapist has had plenty of trauma of her own.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Several of the canon deaths can classify as this. Even though everything takes place in Minecraft, there are heavy implications that the results are similar to what would have happened in real life.
    • Tubbo's second death (and Schlatt's first) at the Manburg Festival involved being shot in the face with fireworks.
    • Karl's first death was from an explosion... one that was planned by his own side to frame Eret as a warmongerer and help El Rapids seize independence.
    • Jack Manifold's second death involved swimming in lava for two and a half minutes in real time.
    • Quackity's first death is a bizarre combination of Eye Scream, The Tooth Hurts and Attack the Mouth after Technoblade puts a pickaxe through his teeth. It is also the cause of the partial blindness in his left eye and the scar he currently has over the eye.
    • Tommy's third deathnote  was a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown by Dream, while stuck in a location which is the embodiment of his traumas and fears... and then there's the mining fatigue, which dragged the death out even longer.
  • Cruel Mercy: After Dream threatens to kill him if he enters the Nether Portal leading to the main Dream SMP, Tommy, completely defeated, walks to the edge of the walkway and stares down into the lava, clearly contemplating whether or not to jump. Dream, who sees him doing this, punches him away from the edge.
    Dream: It's not your time to die yet, Tommy.
    Tommy: (quietly) ...It's never my time to die.
  • Crystal Dragon Jesus: Church Prime is a major religion on the server based around Twitch Prime, with the Terms of Service being the holy scripture of the religion, and features many Christian elements like the concept of the Holy Trinity.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • During the L'Manburg War of Independence, L'Manburg is forced to flee into a bunker prepared by Eret. It turns out they were betrayed by Eret, who designed the bunker as trap to get all of L'Manburg's fighters in one place. Once they were there, Eret retracts the walls, allowing Dream and his allies to raid the bunker. The demoralized L'Manburgians don't even get a single kill as they are soon wiped out by the Dream Team and Punz in one of their most crushing defeats in the war.
    • The Anarchists blitzkrieged L'Manburg thirty minutes before when their opponents expected, with Techno bringing an army of hundreds of wolves and Dream having enough TNT to destroy the entire server ten times over. The Anarchists suffer absolutely no losses whatsoever (unless you count a good chunk of Techno's hounds) as L'Manburg was erased off the face of the server.
  • Cycle of Revenge: A recurring occurrence on the Dream SMP, as characters resort to more and more violent methods to seek retribution to those that have wronged them, which tends to result in wars and disasters that drag the entire server into the messes created.
    • Early in the history of the server, Ponk pranked Sapnap and messed with his house for unknown reasons. This caused Sapnap to burn down Ponk's lemon tree in retaliation, where the fire spread to the point of almost destroying the entire tree. Enraged, Ponk allied himself with Alyssa and dragged Tommy and Tubbo, who had just joined the server, into the conflict. This ultimately cultivated into a series of skirmishes that led to Dream stealing Tommy's music discs Cat and Mellohi, kicking off the Disc Saga (which spanned over six months overall) and shaping Dream and Tommy's interactions and relationship with each other for the rest of the SMP's history.
    • After Sapnap accidentally kills Niki's fox Fungi, Fundy, who gifted her the fox, encourages her to kill Sapnap's pet fox Skechers in revenge, despite Niki initially accepting Sapnap's apology for the animal murder. Sapnap then retaliated by killing the Enderman that lived in Fundy's house, Leonard, and took and burned the diamond block on Fungi's grave. This eventually escalates into the First Pet War.
    • Technoblade setting off two Withers to destroy the ruins of L'Manburg during the Manburg-Pogtopia War encouraged the Butcher Army to go after and execute him (among many other factors). After Techno survives and escapes the execution (with help from Dream), he vows revenge and teams up with Dream to nuke L'Manburg to bedrock in the Doomsday War, causing multiple members of the server to lose their homes and pets, and Jack Manifold to lose his last canon life (though he brings himself back to life eventually).
  • Dark Reprise: After blowing up L'Manburg in the Doomsday War, Dream sings one of the L'Manburg National Anthem called "Bye L'Manburg", very clearly mocking and celebrating the destruction of the city-state he just nuked to bedrock.
  • Darker and Edgier: Ongoing war, constant threats of betrayal, the public execution of a minor immediately followed by a mass shooting, terrorism, politics, fascism, anarchy, emotional manipulation, abuse (both physical and psychological), depression, attempted suicide, an actual assisted suicide, supernatural horror, torture, and a whole lot of Black-and-Grey Morality thrown into the mix. Compared to the usual comedy commonly associated with these content creators, the plotlines of the server is something you'd expect from a straight-up dystopian film, not a Minecraft roleplay.
  • Darkest Hour:
    • The first half of the L'Manburg Civil War. Though Wilbur and Tommy gain core allies in Technoblade and Dream, they fail to make any notable progress towards regaining L'Manburg even with Tubbo and Fundy as double agents. They also lose allies, as George betrays Dream to side with Jschlatt and Sapnap breaks off as a Wild Card aiming to defeat everyone else and claim power for himself—not to mention Technoblade's loyalty is currently in question. Of their two supporters within L'Manburg, Niki is repeatedly silenced by Jschlatt for her rebellious nature while Eret fails to earn their trust due to his earlier betrayal. The first half ends with Jschlatt attempting to curry favor within L'Manburg to nullify the one advantage Pogtopia has over him (his 0% Approval Rating), which leads to Wilbur undergoing a Sanity Slippage that culminates in him deciding to nuke L'Manburg. Dream then sides with Wilbur, revealing that his Heel–Face Turn is motivated only by power, leaving Tommy and Tubbo to contemplate who their allies really are, and if Wilbur can be turned back from his path of darkness before he follows through with his plans to leave a massive crater where L'Manburg once was.
    • The end of L'Manburg's meeting with Dream. The obsidian box surrounding L'Manburg only gets taller, the one bargaining chip Tommy had against Dream (Spirit's remains) are revealed to be of no value to Dream, and Tubbo begins to seriously consider exiling Tommy as Dream forces L'Manburg's hand.
    • After Tommy manages to unite all of the Dream SMP against the Anarchists, it seems like they have a fighting chance. Then the actual battle happens, and Tommy's plan quickly falls to shambles as Technoblade carries out his promise to turn the nation into an air chunk. And this time, it's clear that there's no recovering.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond:
    • Underneath his Cool Mask, Ponk can be seen to have blond hair.
    • Downplayed for Purpled, who is seen to have dark blond hair and tanned skin in a similar shade to each other.
  • Death Is Cheap: It's Minecraft, of course it is. That said, many times it's treated as if it weren't.
    • Tommy's reaction to Tubbo's execution is framed as if his death was final (even more noticeable given Tubbo's heavy importance later on).
    • Averted with Jschlatt's heart attack and Wilbur's slaying by Philza, both at the end of the L'Manburg Civil War. The latter came back to life, but only later on in the story.
    • Wilbur subverted this trope by adding a death system to the SMP after the Manburg Festival. Each character is given three 'canon' lives, and if the character dies in a major event or according to the script, then that character loses a life. After losing all three lives, that character will be canonically dead and can no longer actively participate in any major plot events.
  • Decided by One Vote: Downplayed. Combining their votes, SWAG2020 (30%) and Schlatt2020 (16%) won the L'Manburg election, beating out POG2020 (45%) by 1% of the votes, which totaled at around 200,000 legitimate votes in the entire election. Although the election was technically decided by about 2000 votes, it was still extremely close in terms of percentages.
  • Demon Slaying: Fundy, Tubbo, and Sapnap are members of a group called the Dreamon Hunters, investigators who seek out and destroy Dreamons.
  • Demoted to Extra:
    • After being The Dragon to Dream in the L'Manburg War of Independence, George is reduced to just another member of Jschlatt's cabinet during the L'Manburg Civil War and he's rarely even online during the events of the arc.
    • Subverted with Dream. At first, it seems like the Big Bad of the L'Manburg War of Independence will be reduced to a mere benefactor who supplies Pogtopia with loot. However, this changes as Dream begins to fight directly alongside Tommy and Technoblade, becoming a vital teammate and some much-needed muscle during the L'Manburg Civil War. And even moreso once his true motives are revealed, as he becomes someone who can secure the war for either side based solely on who can placate his desires for power more.
  • Desecrating the Dead:
    • During Jschlatt's funeral, people started looting his coffin, with Tommy and Tubbo dual-wielding Schlatt's bones and Quackity taking his heart before straight-up eating it.
    • After receiving the news that Tommy was brutally murdered by Dream, Bad, Ant and Punz decide to celebrate by throwing a party in Tommy's house, placing down a cake and swapping out the floor from grass to a garish checkerboard pattern of yellow concrete and quartz. When Puffy finds them, tears into them and kicks them out, they decide to rent a room in Tommy's hotel instead to continue celebrating.
  • Despair Event Horizon:
    • Tommy crosses it once it hits him that he's exiled for good, and that he'll be doomed to spend the rest of his life alone in the wilderness, never seeing his friends again. He starts showing symptoms of depression (hopelessness, violent outbursts, no will to live), and after a full day of Dream and Sapnap rubbing it in his face that he'll never be able to go home again, he starts actively contemplating suicide, to the point where Dream has to drag him away from the edge of the walkway before he jumps in the lava lake.
      Tommy: Guys, how do you know when it's too much?
    • Occurs to several individual members of L'Manburg such as Fundy, Ranboo and Nihachu, who have made it their own initative to either remain neutral or actively assist the destruction of L'Manburg itself, due to the realization of its fruitless endeavour.
    • In the Doomsday War itself, the destruction of the L'Mantree, the sole surviving remnant of the original L'Manburg from the War of Independence, is when virtually all of the L'Manburgians give up trying to save their ruined nation.
  • Disaster Dominoes:
    • According to Quackity, the events leading up the L'Manburg Civil War and everything else afterward all happened because George slept through the election, depriving his platform of key votes and thus forcing him to ally with Jschlatt (who wouldn't have won the election otherwise).
      • In retrospect, on a more personal level, Quackity's ensuing relationship with Schlatt on both a political and personal level, most certainly influenced by George's absence, ends up kick-starting his months-long Trauma Conga Line that caused him to be driven to arguably villainy.
    • Ponk pranking Sapnap and messing with his house early in the server's history caused Sapnap to burn down Ponk's lemon tree in retaliation, which then caused a Cycle of Revenge that dragged Tommy and Tubbo, who had just joined the server, into the mess, which ultimately cultivated into a series of skirmishes that led to Dream stealing Tommy's music discs Cat and Mellohi, kicking off the Disc Saga which spanned over six months overall and shaped Dream and Tommy's interactions and relationship with each other for the rest of the SMP.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: Jschlatt ends up as this for the L'Manburg Civil War's final battle. He's taken out about halfway through the war by a heart attack. The rest of the battle deals with three major plot threads:
    • Tubbo's inauguration as the third President of L'Manburg, which completes Tommy's arc about wanting to be President himself, and also secures Pogtopia's final victory against Jschlatt.
    • Wilbur's destruction of L'Manburg, which followed Philza logging on for the first time to try and talk him down and is itself followed by Wilbur being Killed Off for Real.
    • Techno's ultimate effort to achieve anarchy by spawning an army of Withers, forcing the surviving Pogtopians to try and stop him.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?:
    • Wilbur's tongue-in-cheek claim that he's going to build a wall around L'Manburg and make the Americans pay for it is very obviously mirroring the claims of former U.S. president Trump.
    • During Mexican Dream's visit to Tommy, the former replaced the floor on a newly-built and unfinished house with yellow concrete and terracotta whilst treating it as if the floor was being pissed on.
    • The argument between Wilbur and Quackity over whether Tommy should get involved in Las Nevadas or Wilbur's new country plays out almost exactly like two divorced parents fighting over custody of their child, while the child doesn't really get a say in the matter.
  • Double Entendre: During George's birthday stream, Dream leads Sapnap and George to a Badlands biome, saying there's something there he needs to show them.
    Dream: George, do you know what we're surrounded by?
    George: ...Clay?
    Dream: Hardened Clay.note 
  • Downer Ending:
    • The L'Manburg election ends in this. Thanks to some last-minute deals, Jschlatt wins the election and goes full fascist dictator, declaring his intent to conquer more land and immediately putting a bounty on Wilbur and Tommy, forcing them to flee. Jschlatt then forces Tubbo into his employ, and while Wilbur and Tommy eventually make him a spy, it's clear that simply being around Jschlatt is taxing on Tubbo's health.
    • The Doomsday War ends in Dream, Techno, and Phil's unequivocal victory as L'Manburg is wiped off the face of the server. There's not even a caveat or Hope Spot for the heroes—L'Manburg has not only lost, they've lost so badly that there's no chance of recovering even a fraction of their nation. Anarchy reigns supreme over the Dream SMP as Dream, Techno, and Phil bomb what's left of Wilbur's unfinished symphony.
  • Dramatic Irony:
    • After having Technoblade execute Tubbo at the Manberg Festival, Jschlatt tells Quackity and Fundy that he couldn't imagine the two of them betraying him. Unbeknownst to him, Fundy is not on his side either, being an even more secretive mole than Tubbo. As for Quackity, Schlatt's behaviour eventually caused Quackity to revolt and defect to Pogtopia.
    • After failing to execute Technoblade and resolving to target Dream instead, Tubbo finally decides to visit Tommy in Logstedshire only to find the place in ruins, no sign of Tommy, and a massive tower. Tubbo is horrified as he pieces everything to together and comes to the conclusion that Tommy couldn't handle exile any longer, unaware that Tommy backed out at the last second and ran away to Technoblade's house.
    • After struggling to remain in contact with the other members of El Rapids, when Quackity hears from George that they had all left to go establish Kinoko Kingdom at Karl's behest, he assumes they had intentionally left him behind since no one had informed him about the move... only that Karl was supposed to tell Quackity but failed to do so. This is thanks to his worsening memory loss that only Karl is aware of, due to it being tied to his time travelling capabilities, not to mention his powers being the reason for the move in the first place, as Karl was advised to move his library away from the main SMP by the Inbetween. A chance to clear up the misconceptions arose when Quackity crashed the Red Banquet Sapnap was invited to, only that Sapnap didn't show up for unknown reasons.
  • Draw Aggro:
    • Before the Butcher Army could pull the lever on Technoblade's execution, Punz started throwing snowballs at the L'Manburgians out of nowhere before swooping over to them with his trident, and once there, he started placing TNT to bait them into fighting him. Unbeknownst to the Army, this was all to distract them while Dream frees Technoblade's horse, Carl, giving the warrior a means of escape.
    • Techno does this during the Doomsday War. As the Anarchists' best fighter, he draws L'Manburg's attention so that his other compatriots can set up their role in L'Manburg's destruction (Phil by spawning waves of Withers, Dream by setting up a TNT device).
  • The Dreaded:
    • Techno joining the server was met with a collective Oh, Crap! from everyone who wasn't aware he'd be joining. Even Dream knows better than to take his chances with Techno. This is especially true from Quackity's perspective, as the mere sight of Technoblade was enough to make him scream and run, though this is justified as he had previously experienced Techno's brutality firsthand, and is implied to have grown past it to some degree.
    • Dream as well. In a case of Worthy Opponent, even Techno tends to get a little nervous when he gets caught in a potentially hostile situation with Dream (effectively meaning that Dream and Techno both dread each other). It's to the point where it seems like half of the reason they'll team up isn't because of their aligning goals (though that's a bonus), but because neither one wants to end up on the other's bad side.
    • The Arctic Anarchists, despite only having three main fighters (not counting Ranboo), is enough of a threat to unite half of the entire server against them just to have a small chance of winning. They've got the most competent fighters (Techno, Phil, and Dream) on their side, and multiple weapons of mass destruction (namely several Withers and enough TNT to destroy the entire server ten times over).
  • Driven to Suicide: Unfortunately, the Dream SMP is not a healthy environment for people with mental health problems, to the point that two characters have taken their own lives, or at least actively considered doing so.
    • By the end of Season 1, Wilbur's mental health spiral culminated in him trying to die in the explosion of Manburg in the Button Room. Even though the plan failed, due to Philza arriving in time to try to talk him down and protect him from the explosion, Wilbur still lost his third canon life after he begged his father to take it. He eventually gets brought back to life in Season 3, and by that point, although he has lost the desire to die after spending over what felt like a decade in a torturous Afterlife, his mental health is still far from stellar.
    • Throughout Tommy's Exile in Season 2, his mental health took a huge hit and he considered ending himself several times, even engaging in highly self-destructive behaviours. The most notable instance of this occurs at the end of the Exile Arc — after Dream blew up Logstedshire and barred Tommy from going into the Nether or having any visitors, Tommy built a tower hundreds of blocks into the sky, with the clear intention of jumping to his death. He ultimately didn't go through with it after realizing what Dream had been doing to him, but came very close.
    • After the Doomsday War, Ghostbur asked Tommy to bring him back to life, which basically causes a Death of Personality in Ghostbur. This is initially subverted, as the first attempted resurrection of Ghostbur failed and he was Put on a Bus, and very evidently doesn't want to be revived, but is exactly what happens when he returns to the server.
  • Dysfunction Junction: Practically half the people on the server are traumatized in one way or another, whether by wars, betrayal, amnesia (in one way or another), abuse, toxic relationships, torture, deaths, etc.
  • Early-Bird Cameo:
    • Philza was often talked about and even joined a few calls with Wilbur and Tommy before he was officially added to the server.
    • Quackity was also on several voice calls with Tommy in the week or two leading up to his debut appearance on the SMP.
    • Vikkstar appeared in a video endorsing POG2020 during the L'Manburg Elections, several months before actually joining the server.
    • Boomer went from being a two-time proxy visitor to the SMP to becoming a fully-fledged member of it.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Several NPCs on the server share names with food items, that including Karl's cat Rutabaga and fish Lasagna (the latter of which is shared with Sapnap), Punz' bee Kiwi and deceased horse Pumpkin, Niki's foxes Fungi (though pronounced differently) and Mushroom, Puffy's parrots Greenbean and Blueberry (the latter of which is deceased), and Fundy's snow-foxes Apples and Yogurt (the former being MIA after Doomsday and the latter now being Fundy's adopted son).
  • Election Day Episode: The L'Manburg Election arc, sparked by Wilbur leaking his election plans to other members like Quackity and Fundy. It ends with Schlatt becoming president of L'Manburg, renaming the country and kicking Wilbur and Tommy out of it. Then everything goes downhill from there.
  • Empathic Environment:
    • An instance of this happens when Tommy is exiled from New L'Manberg by Tubbo. As he walks away from L'Manburg, it starts to rain.
    • Happens twice during the Manburg-Pogtopia War. Just before the first battle between the L'Manburg forces and the combined Pogtopia and Dream SMP, the time abruptly changes from sunset to sunrise. It happens again after Technoblade summons two withers, this time changing from night to midday.
    • After the Doomsday War. The weather changes from sunset to a thunderstorm as the former members of L'Manberg grieve over their their loss.
    • Quackity logs on after Tommy's death and starts chatting to Jack Manifold. Jack tries to break the news to him gently, but Quackity doesn't understand and just keeps talking over him, excitedly planning what they should do when Tommy gets back from prison. When Jack finally bluntly tells him that Tommy is dead, Quackity completely crumples as it starts to rain.
    • A mixture between this and Cue the Sun occurs when Wilbur is found Back from the Dead near the ruins of L'Manburg at dawn, and soon after, he watches the sunrise with Tommy. This becomes zigzagged because Wilbur is ecstatic by his revival, but Tommy seems to be conflicted by the situation.
  • End of an Age: The Doomsday War scores the final destruction and ultimate end of L'Manburg, leaving Wilbur's "unfinished symphony" truly unfinished.
  • Enemy Mine:
    • Dream becomes this to Pogtopia. While they were on opposite sides during the war, Dream recognizes that, while L'Manburg led by Wilbur was a largely peaceful nation just wanting to exist, Manburg under Schlatt is a serious threat. Dream does not actively help, as he does not want to be branded as the villain of the conflict again, but will help out Wilbur and Tommy from the sidelines.
    • Techno and Quackity teaming up to crash the Red Banquet because of their shared hatred for the Egg (each for his own reasoning) also counts as this, with both of them lampshading this fact.
  • Ensemble Cast: Justified. Each content creator's perspective understandably depicts themself as the protagonist of their own storyline, and the viewers can choose which perspective they want to watch.
  • Epic Fail:
    • In the aftermath of the Manburg Festival, Tommy attacks an AFK Techno to avenge his murder of Tubbo. However, Techno's Thorns-enchanted netherite armor means that Tommy not only kills himself in the process, but also does so little damage that when Techno returns he's unaware that Tommy even tried to kill him until he sees the loot that Tommy dropped upon his death.
    • During the final battle for Manburg, Technoblade originally fails to summon the withers after misplacing a wither head, and has to stall for a moment and fix his mistake during an otherwise intense and terrifying scene.
      Technoblade: Why isn't this spawning. Why is this not spawning. This is very awkward.
    • Quackity gets one when he goes up against Technoblade in the remains of the Final Control Room. He has full enchanted netherite and enchanted weapons, while Techno has iron armor and a pickaxe. Despite all Quackity's bluster, Technoblade kills him in minutes.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Dream may have been willing to fight a war to keep L'Manburg under his control, but he at least has enough of an open mind to acknowledge the good Wilbur has done as its leader. When Jschlatt takes over and immediately begins dismantling everything L'Manburg stood for in favor of conquest, Dream writes a letter denouncing Jschlatt and all he's done before announcing his full support for Tommy and Wilbur, providing them gear and supplies. All this has to be done in secret, however, as Dream by law cannot go against Jschlatt.
  • Exact Eavesdropping: After the Manburg Festival, Tommy sneaks into Manburg to assassinate Schlatt as revenge for having Tubbo executed. However, while preparing to carry out the assassination, Schlatt starts destroying the White House to Quackity's protests, which eventually culminated in Quackity inadvertently completing Tommy's revenge-mission for him. Following the argument, Tommy tracks Quackity down in the forest behind the White House and confronts him in a conversation that ended with Quackity's official Heel–Face Turn to join Pogtopia.
  • The Exile: Happened multiple times over the course of the server's history, with the two major ones as of recent history being Tommy being exiled from L'Manburg by Tubbo (followed by the rest of Dream SMP by Dream himself), with Ghostbur joining to keep company, as well as Technoblade and Philza living off in self imposed exile at cottage in snowfall, due to the former wishing to live in peace, and the latter lost with purpose after his son's death.
    • Pogtopia technically also counts as exile for Wilbur and Tommy, who had their citizenships revoked and been kicked out of L'Manburg after Schlatt became President, as well as all the former L'Manburgians/Manburgians who choose to join them there.
  • Face–Heel Turn:
    • Eret does this during the SMP War, selling out L'Manburg to the Greater Dream SMP in exchange for power.
    • Jschlatt is initially presented as Tommy and Wilbur's friend, with the former's anticlimactic kicking from the server further angering Tommy against Dream. When Jschlatt comes back, however, he's all but forgotten his old friends and proceeds to dismantle everything Tommy and Wilbur worked for. Furthermore, his goals of expansion also attract Dream's ire, to the point where the leader begins supporting Tommy and Wilbur in secret.
    • Wilbur teeters on the edge of one after a Sanity Slippage that leads him to believe that not only is he the villain, but that he must embrace it. It's only "teetering on the edge" because there were signs that he can still be convinced to turn back before he actually starts committing the acts he's threatening to, but is ultimately played straight in the end when he goes through with detonating L'Manburg.
  • Face Your Fears:
    • Attempted by Quackity in Season 1, who tries to get over his fear of Technoblade by proving he's just a person and is therefore killable. After pointing out that Techno did something at Quackity's behest (read: placing a block), thus making him less scary, Technoblade begins to chase him down, talking slowly about how early humans hunted by outlasting their prey and using his trident to get ahead. Quackity is once again reduced to a terrified screaming heap as he is cut down.
    • Tommy also attempts this in Season 3, with help from Tubbo and Ranboo. In preparation for trying to kill Dream in Pandora's Vault, he revisits several places that have caused him trauma to try to overcome it. Considering that exposure therapy only really works under a "safe" environment with a psychologist in tow, it's no wonder that it doesn't help much in the end.
  • Fake Defector: Tubbo and Fundy are this after Jschlatt takes over L'Manburg. However, while Tubbo's role was coordinated with Wilbur and Tommy, Fundy's is entirely independent and a shock to even Wilbur and Tommy's side.
  • Fascist, but Inefficient: This is ultimately how Manburg's political situation can be described as. Schlatt regularly mistreated his subordinates and citizens and had a 0% Approval Rating not just among his country's citizens, but the entire server as well. Two out of five members of his cabinet were spies working against the country, a third helped him gain power in the first place but was abused to the point of becoming The Starscream, and one didn't even show up most of the time.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing:
    • As Dream gives his ultimatum to L'Manburg, he punches George and Sapnap away from the wall, something Tommy notices and calls him out for. The two can also be seen backing up further. Seconds later and it turns out that Dream wasn't trying to hurt them, he was instead trying to get them out of range of the massive explosion of TNT that soon erupts from under L'Manburg's base.
    • You can just barely hear the hiss of TNT before L'Manberg is blown up by Wilbur from Quackity's POV.
  • Flash Forward: The L'Sandberg streams are set in the future after the Post-Banquet Arc streams.
  • Flock of Wolves: Schlatt's cabinet in Manburg turned out to be this. Among the four people in the cabinet (excluding Schlatt), Tubbo was a Pogtopian spy, and Fundy was an even more secretive Pogtopian spy. As for the other two people in the cabinet, George was an Absentee Actor whose presence in the cabinet was barely even relevant to the plot, and Quackity was a Friendly Enemy whose allegiance to Schlatt fluctuated depending on the daynote  but eventually stood up for himself and left to join Pogtopia anyway. By the Manburg-Pogtopia War, out of Schlatt's four main cabinet members, three of them were fighting on Pogtopia's behalf, and George didn't even show up to the battle.
  • Floral Theme Naming: Hannah Rose is the most notable example of this on the SMP, but another, more obscure example would be Rutabaga, Karl's pet cat that he named his former country Rutabagville after.
  • Flower Motifs:
    • Ranboo and Tubbo's favorite flower is alliums, which represent unity, good fortune, and strength. In the Dream SMP, they also represent Ranboo and Tommy's first real interaction on the server, which was Ranboo giving Tommy an allium to apologize for accidentally hitting him. This moment is given a Call-Back after Tommy's death, with Ranboo leaving an allium flower in front of Tommy's house and waiting until it despawns, only to later revisit the room with the items they stole from George's house and find the same flower he gave Tommy months ago, stored safely away in a hidden chest.
    • Regarding Tales From the SMP, the Inbetween's messages are all accompanied by wither roses, while those from the Other Side are accompanied by white tulips. Both flowers do not match the colour schemes of their respective dimensions, implicating the true intentions of both realms.
  • Foreign Cuss Word:
    • Mexican Dream, naturally, is quite prone to swearing in Spanish. During Tommy's Exile, when M.D. overheard Dream telling Tommy that he didn't like M.D, M.D. started going on a vulgar tirade in Spanish while chasing after Dream.
    • Near the end of Schlatt and Quackity's fateful argument over the destruction of the White House, Schlatt can be heard loudly calling Quackity a "pendejo", to which Quackity responds, "Do not curse me out in-" before Schlatt interrupted him.
  • Forced to Watch:
    • At the end of Season 2, Dream tries to do this with Tommy, with a plan to kill Tubbo in front of him before locking him up in Pandora's Vault. This becomes defied when Punz and half of the server show up to save them.
    • During the Red Banquet, the Eggpire does this to the attendees and forces them to watch each other get executed and fed to the Egg. It only worked with Foolish, and The Cavalry showed up before they could decide on executing a second person.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Wilbur warns Tommy early into the L'Manburg Civil War that, in a few weeks, he won't be the same man Jschlatt overthrew. At first, it just seems to be a herald for Wilbur giving up his vow of peace to show Jschlatt who really rules L'Manburg. However, in hindsight it's so clearly an allusion to Wilbur's Sanity Slippage, turning the once-pacifistic leader into a Mad Bomber who Tommy must either bring back from the brink of a Face–Heel Turn or wage war against.
    • Early into the L'Manburg Civil War, Fundy's spy diary reveals that Jschlatt is The Alcoholic and that continuing such a habit may be fatal. This has no major ramifications... until the end of the war, that is. When Dream and the Pogtopians corner Jschlatt within the Camaravan, he's completely drunk and is still drinking even as he's interrogated. It should not come as a surprise that he drops dead minutes later without any action on Pogtopia's end.
    • Right after Schlatt dies, Dream mentions how he was lying about a traitor. Wilbur slips up and says "I thought I was the..." before he quiets himself. He would then blow up L'Manberg.
    • Techno's post-Face–Heel Turn speech has him compare Tommy to Theseus, a hero who was scorned and exiled by his people despite saving them from evil, and asks Tommy if it's worth fighting for L'Manburg if they're just going to one day betray him. Not even two weeks later and Tommy is put on trial for griefing George's house by his own people (though he admittedly did commit the crime)—and Dream is there, trying to goad L'Manburg into exiling him. It might even be an invoked example, as Dream was there during Techno's speech. Subverted, however, as Tommy gets a much lighter punishment (two weeks of probation) than what Dream wanted... only for Tubbo to exile him anyway a few days later as Dream increased his pressure on L'Manburg.
    • In the conversation with Eret on November 16th, Dream says that Eret is only king because he's got people protecting him, and that without that protection from himself, Punz and Sapnap, his position means nothing and he's essentially powerless. Dream seems to have forgotten that by the time the Final Disc War rolls around, because by this time, he'd purposefully pushed his friends away, thinking his attachments were making him weak, leaving him completely defenseless when Punz rallies half the server together to stop him.
  • Fourth Date Marriage: This is how Karl and Sapnap, and eventually Quackity's relationship end up being like, where they got engaged with a practically nonexistent dating period. Deconstructed harshly in Season 3 when the miscommunication between the three—most notably concerning Karl's time-travelling powers and resulting memory loss, as well as Quackity's previous relationship trauma—led to a severe fallout.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: When Tommy and Technoblade visit Logstedshire to look for wolves in the nearby forest, a bit of netherite armor can be seen peeking out behind one of the torch pillars. It's Dream, who's been tailing Tommy since he ran from Logstedshire.
  • Freudian Trio: Tommy, Ranboo and Tubbo are Id, Ego and Superego respectively. Tommy is a highly emotional and impulsive Determinator who is loyal to a fault, Tubbo is a very logic-driven person who wants to do the right thing even if it hurts those he cares about, and Ranboo is the middle ground between them, swearing allegiance not to countries and organizations, but people, and he's able to appeal both to Tommy's emotional and Tubbo's logic-driven nature.
  • From Beyond the Fourth Wall: Several characters have their stream chats canonized in a variety of forms.
  • Future Imperfect: The Tales From the SMP episode "The Lost City of Mizu" takes place one hundred years after the events of the Dream SMP. The main characters are a group of fishermen who have stumbled upon the titular city, an underwater city dedicated to preserving the legacies of the characters of the Dream SMP. There are multiple glaring inaccuracies in the records, like Ranboo having supreme memory, Sapnap loving animals, George being a great king, Eret being a tyrant, no one being able to tell if Fundy was a person or a pet, BadBoyHalo cursing and being able to shut up opponents with a spell called Lan-gu-age, and so on. It is also implied that the polyamorous relationship between Karl, Sapnap and Quackity is erased from history.
  • Fun with Acronyms: WAP stands for "Worship And Prayer" by the founders of Church Prime, most commonly Tommy.
  • G-Rated Drug:
    • Potions in Minecraft were treated as if they were drugs by some characters (such as Tommy, Wilbur, and Tubbo). Tommy and Wilbur even intended to create a "drug" empire that sells these potions before the War for L'Manburg. By the time the War for Independence rolled around, though, the "potions as drugs" interpretation was mostly dropped, as the goal of the budding faction shifted from selling "drugs" to providing a safe space from violence and tyranny.
    • String is placed on the world in the form of tripwire. and then "inhaled" by breaking it.
      • To become a citizen of El Rapids, one must break string and eat a spider eye (dubbed the "Bite Of Truth").
      • During Mexican Dream's visit to Tommy, the former starts placing down string, and Tommy runs away in disgust.
  • Gambit Pileup: The Red Banquet ends up being this, with both the Eggpire and the pro-Omelette attendees using a multitude of back-up plans to try to out-gambit the other side, which ends up being memed to hell and back by the fandom.
  • Goggles Do Nothing: In the world of the Dream SMP, about a hundred years from the current events on the server, many people will be wearing goggles. This is seen prominently in the Tales episodes "The Lost City of Mizu" and "The Pit", where about half of the named characters in the episodes wear goggles, though for reasons not divulged.
  • The Golden Rule: Discussed by Tommy in a conversation with Foolish.
    Tommy: [...] You know the phrase "Treat others how you want to be treated", Foolish?
    Foolish: Yeah.
    Tommy: That's a really important phrase, and people hear it, you know, you hear your teachers say it, you hear it when you're young, people don't ever listen to it: treat others how you want to be treated. Wilbur disregarded that rule. He decided that he wanted to be treated poorly, so he treated everyone else poorly.
  • Gotta Have It, Gonna Steal It: Applies to just about everyone on the SMP, if someone needs something, they'll usually just go loot someone's base (the victims usually being Eret or Purpled).
  • Great Escape: On 14 September 2021, Techno manages to escape from Pandora's Vault using the Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber in the headquarters of the Syndicate, with some assistance from Philza. It's been indicated that this escape could have taken place much earlier in the plot, but Phil's skewed sense of time most likely got in the way.
  • Grey-and-Gray Morality: Everyone on the server is both right and wrong to some degree, which is lampshaded in a conversation between Tommy and Foolish.
    Foolish: [...] Do you consider yourself to be the good guy or the bad guy?
    Tommy: That really depends who you ask, doesn't it? You know? If you ask Dream, he'd say I'm his little- his little play- his little toy that he plays with, you know? It doesn't… (Beat) Foolish, honestly, I used to consider myself the good guy, the fucking second-in-command, going around and going "Yeah! Let's do this". But recently, these past- these past like six months or so, Foolish, everything got so much harder than it was before. Because before it was us fighting the bad guys, and it was all so clear.
    Foolish: Yeah. Nothing muddy.
    Tommy: It was all so clear. But it's not been clear for so long, alright? It wasn't "These are the bad guys, these are the good guys". Now it's "He's doing this, and that makes him a bit worse". It's all so fucking complicated. So, I don't know. It depends who you ask, but…
    Foolish: I don't know. It just all seem strange, 'cause just from, you know, hearing from others, and learning a little bit, it seems like you've been a hero, you've been the villain, the conqueror, the savior, and even now, I still have no idea what you exactly are.
    Tommy: Well, that's up to you to decide, isn't it?

    H - Q 
  • Hair-Contrast Duo: Heavily zigzagged regarding Tommy and Tubbo. Typically, Tommy is the younger and more energetic blond to Tubbo's older, more serious, and more cynical brunet.note  However, who fills what role and how varies over the server's history.
    • At the beginning of the Pogtopia arc, Tubbo filled the spot of the "blond" to Tommy's "brunet", being a lot more idealistic and innocent, hopeful to the prospect of L'Manburg's recovery while working as a Pogtopian spy in Manburg; whereas Tommy was banished from his country and forced to go into hiding, and also has to deal with Wilbur and his Black-and-White Insanity, and as a result was quickly forced to mature and support the rest of the Pogtopians.
    • However, after Tubbo was elected President of New L'Manburg, Tubbo fell into the role of the "brunet", especially after having the harsh reality check of having to choose between his country and Tommy, giving up his more optimistic traits and becoming a lot more serious, having to make difficult decisions and losing his close friends and support because of it. On the other hand, Tommy, despite still being Hot-Blooded as ever, didn't quite fit the bill of the "blond" of the duo, mainly because he spends most of the season going through a massive Trauma Conga Line.
    • After the Lockdown arc, the two both show shades of both sides of the spectrum. Tommy has bounced back to being the loud and energetic "blond" as much as ever, but it's incredibly clear that all his past trauma has affected him, causing him to become more wisened by experience; while Tubbo has holed up in Snowchester as a "brunet" who puts up the front of a "blond", his experiences as the President of a nation that he failed to save have evidently changed his demeanor a lot over time.
  • Harmful to Minors: So far, there have been five members of the server who have been minors during the narrative — Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo, Purpled, and Eryn — and much of their narratives revolve around them being exposed to various traumatic events on the server. It's telling that the teenagers on the servernote  are sometimes considered the most traumatized people on the SMP due to the events they have witnessed and experienced.
  • Haunted Headquarters: L'Manburg was heavily implied to be this in Seasons 2 and 3, as Ghostbur, the ghost of the country's founder, felt that "something [kept] drawing [him] to L'Manberg" even after its annihilation in the Doomsday War, and he had lived there for part of the time before Doomsday as the resident Friendly Ghost.
  • Haunted House: The "Haunted Mansion" episode of Tales From the SMP takes place in one.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: Heavily discussed and deconstructed. Tommy and Tubbo are very aware of the looming possibility of them falling into Wilbur and Schlatt's footsteps respectively, and try their hardest to avoid it and preserve their friendship. However, Dream is their biggest obstacle, as he continually sows the seeds of conflict to break them apart, and even though they're aware of it they don't have a way to stop it from happening.
    Tommy: Tubbo, you can't turn into what you hate. You can't be the next Schlatt. If you exile me, you're following in that man's footsteps.
    Tubbo: ... Okay. Well, as long as I can't be the next Schlatt, you can't be the next Wilbur.
  • Heel–Face Turn:
    • Eret, who had betrayed Wilbur and Tommy during the Dream SMP War, begins to have second thoughts after Jschlatt takes over L'Manburg and ultimately voices full support for the duo despite knowing the dangers of denouncing Jschlatt.
    • Triple subverted with Dream, the arguable Big Bad of the Dream SMP War. He winds up providing secret support to Wilbur and Tommy during the L'Manburg Civil War, making it seem like this, but he betrays them near the end because Jschlatt has promised him something special. He then defects back to their side because Jschlatt is an idiot and Dream doesn't want to go down fighting a losing battle... except he later reveals that he made a deal with Wilbur to destroy Manburg. Dream is stated to still be an enemy by Tommy when the war is done, but Dream and Tommy (as well as Tubbo) all manage to enjoy a friendly moment together before they go back to being foes.
  • Hellhole Prison: Invoked and deconstructed with Pandora's Vault, in particular its main, maximum-security holding cell, where the prisoner is locked inside 24/7, unable to see the light of day, and is forced to eat raw potatoes. A lore stream in mid-September 2021 reveals Sam, the builder and Warden of the prison, initially had a courtyard where prisoners could have some leisure time under the sun, and had plans for a cow farm so they could be served steak. However, Dream shot all of this down and insisted that the conditions inside the jail be as inhumane as possible. This backfires on Dream, however, when he's the one locked up in Pandora's Vault in the end. When he complains to Sam about the horrible conditions, Sam reminds him that he's the one responsible for the prison's conditions in the first place.
  • Hide Your Gays: Implied in the Tales From the SMP episode "The Lost City of Mizu". In the lost city, it is claimed that Sapnap had a Bed Full of Women when his room was shown to have three beds. However, considering that Quackity's room also had three beds, it seems far more logical to conclude that history has been straightwashed and the knowledge of the polyamory between the two and Karl has been lost to time.
  • Hijacked by Ganon: With Jschlatt being a Disc-One Final Boss for the L'Manburg Civil War's final battle, the role of Big Bad is fought over by many, including Wilbur and Technoblade. However, the true Big Bad is revealed to be Dream, the previous Big Bad of the L'Manburg War of Independence, having played both sides for fools and having manipulated so many of the events in his favor that the only spanners in the works (Jschlatt's drunken stupor and Techno's Face–Heel Turn) end up working out for him anyways (as the former results in the death of his biggest threat and the latter draws the Pogtopians' attention away from him, allowing him to blatantly confess how he manipulated the war and still get away with it).
  • Holy Ground: The Holy Land, also known as the Suburbs of Prime (or The Subs for short), is a district on the server considered "holy". Killing and the usage of weapons and armor are not allowed within the borders of the district, which are visibly marked out by smooth stone.
    • As a result of the no-violence policy of the Holy Land, it is also used as a Truce Zone by various server members in conflict with each other, and the independence of El Rapids was also negotiated in the district.
  • Honor Before Reason: Played With. While the Pro-Omelette attendees of the Red Banquet are renowned for being some of the more moral members of the server, Foolish and Puffy still smuggled diamond weapons and armour and shields into the place where the Banquet would be held beforehand, as a back-up plan. Unfortunately for them, Hannah was there when they made the plans, and tipped off the Eggpire before the Banquet began, and no one thought to bring extra weapons and armour in case both Puffy and Sam's backup plans for the Banquet failed.
  • Honor Thy Abuser: Heavily defied on two different occasions.
    • During the Season 2 finale, after Tommy finally gets the upper hand on Dream, the man who exiled him from his home, trapped him alone on a deserted beach, physically and psychologically abused him for weeks, and nearly murdered his best friend in front of him, Dream tells Tommy that he knows he won't kill him, since they're such good friends. Tommy is having absolutely none of this, and forces Dream to hand over all of his gear (using the same line Dream would use when forcing Tommy to give up his armor and tools every day during exile), backs him into a corner, and proceeds to take two of his three lives, and would have killed him off for real if Dream hadn't told him about his ability to bring people back from the dead.
      Tommy: Dream, you have caused me nothing but pain. And now... Now it's your turn.
    • Another example occurs during the first "Las Nevadas" stream, where Schlatt tries rekindling his past relationship with Quackity, who was traumatized by him throughout their relationship, and currently hates him and refuses to engage in anything more then a business relationship with him, while establishing clear boundaries on their interaction. It's also heavily implied that Quackity seeking out Schlatt for Las Nevadas is a last resort rather than a first choice, after the revelations in the second "Las Nevadas" stream.
  • Hope Spot:
    • Wilbur had multiple moments where he appeared to give up on his plan to blow up L'Manburg, to the point where, before the war-stream, he said — out of character — that he wasn't going to blow it up because he wanted people to be able to download the world. Even when he was about to press the button, Philza appeared and intervened, and seemed to be getting through to him... but then Wilbur pressed the button anyway.
    • Tommy finally gained some leverage over Dream, as he has the leather of Dream's old horse, Spirit, in his possession. Tommy threatens to burn the leather if Dream does not take down the walls around L'Manburg and it appears to work, as Dream seems sullen and angry, and listens to Tommy's demands to take down the obsidian walls around L'Manburg. Tommy and the other L'Manburgians celebrate, laughing and mocking Dream… until Dream goes eerily quiet, and starts to build the walls around L'Manburg even higher. Dream then drops from the wall and states that he never really cared about Spirit's leather, and now plans to completely seal L'Manburg off from the outside world if Tubbo does not exile Tommy.
    • After spending an entire week with only Dream for company in the prison, Tommy is finally about to get to leave the prison and return to his hotel. That is, until Sam messages him and Dream, telling them that they need to wait even longer before Sam can free Tommy. At the end of both of their respective ropes, Dream and Tommy begin an argument which eventually escalates into Dream taking Tommy's final canon life. While Tommy is eventually brought back, the sheer process of dying has had a clearly negative impact on his psyche.
  • Hypocrite:
    • Tommy is quick to accuse Techno of betraying him and L'Manburg during the Doomsday War. Except throughout both Seasons 1 and 2, Techno has been nothing short of completely honest about his motivations, meaning that any blindsiding is on Tommy for failing to see that Techno's goals clearly don't align with his. The hypocrisy comes in when Techno promptly points out that it's actually Tommy who turned against Techno, having led him to believe they were allies only to suddenly switch sides on a whim and leave Techno to stand alone against a dozen people that had previously tried to execute him (and who currently seek to finish the job).
    • Techno is considered by some to be a contender for the poster pig for hypocrisy on the server. In the midst of Techno's fury at Tommy's Heel Realization, he claimed during the Doomsday War that Tommy was using him from the start, and had been lying to him about what he was actually planning. This is extremely rich considering that, a day before the Green Festival, Techno outright admitted that he was only keeping Tommy around to further his own ends, and had been lying to Tommy for weeks about his true intentions of destroying L'Manburg (which Tommy had said from the start that he didn't want to do).
  • Hypocritical Humor: Wilbur says this while in the process of taking a chunk of the server for himself.
    Wilbur: This is just your formal notice that this is our server, this part.
    Dream: What happens if the rest of the server decides to take over your land?
    Wilbur: They can't, 'cause it's literally- that's not how servers- Dream, you're supposed to be smart, man, that's not how servers work. You can't just take over another person's server.
  • I Call It "Vera": Several of the players have named weapons that are most noticeable in death messages. Among them:
  • I Have No Son!:
    • Inverted and subverted in the L'Manburg Civil War. Fundy claims that Wilbur is not his father after the latter refuses to support Jschlatt's rule. However, this is just a ploy by Fundy to make Jschlatt think he's really on his side—in actuality, Fundy is a mole siding with Wilbur.
    • Played straight in the events surrounding Technoblade's execution. Philza refuses to cooperate and is forced into house arrest by Butcher Army. Fundy, who was also in the Butcher Army, tries to gave Philza a piece of brown dye as what seemed to be a peace offering after the failed execution, which Philza promptly throws away, indicating that he was on rather negative terms with Fundy at the time. Despite this, the two begin to rekindle their relationship after Wilbur is brought back to life.
  • I Lied: The Anarchists warn L'Manburg that they would attack the next day at 3pm. Turns out they were actually attacking 15 minutes early, catching L'Manburg completely off guard.
  • I Need to Go Iron My Dog: Tubbo needed an excuse to leave Schlatt's side to sneak off to Pogtopia. What excuse did he use? He told Schlatt he's pregnant.
  • Idiot Ball:
    • Wilbur's plan for the election was to sign himself and Tommy up, then immediately shut the polls so they'd be the only party running. The two of them then proceed to immediately tell Quackity about this plan, before shutting the polls. Naturally, Quackity starts his own campaign, and the Election arc is born.
    • The reason the Manburg Festival didn't end in a giant explosion was because Wilbur lost the button that would set off the TNT.
  • If I Can't Have You…: Wilbur's supposed reasoning for wanting to blow up Manburg. He knows that even if he kicks out Schlatt and becomes president again, he'd be an illegitimate president, no longer allied with the Dream SMP because there'd no longer be an Enemy Mine, and going back to the way things were would be pretty much impossible, as many major landmarks have been destroyed and relations have changed drastically. Wilbur decides that, if he can't have his country back, Schlatt can't have it either.
    • This turns out to all be a front for him, as he has also stated in private that his reasoning for doing so is that the beliefs and ideals that he built the nation for no longer existed. These polarizing claims have, as a result, caused many to develop conflicting views on him, to put it lightly.
  • In Spite of a Nail: A minor example occurs during the L'Manbug War for Independence. Tommy was the one who pushed the button to trigger the Final Control Room's trap, though it was out of genuine curiosity and is regarded as an accident. However, it doesn't matter in the long run, as Eret would have betrayed L'Manburg regardless of who actually pressed the button.
  • Ineffectual Death Threats: Subverted in the Dream SMP vs L'Manburg War. Dream threatens to detonate a single block of TNT within L'Manburg's walls if they do not concede the war. The L'Manburgians, clearly not worried about a single block of TNT, call his bluff, and Dream lights the block of TNT... which in turn activates the countless other blocks of TNT underneath L'Manburg the Dream Team had planted before their parlay.
  • Internal Reveal: During the one year anniversary of L'Manburg's founding, Tubbo tells Wilbur that Technoblade and Philza were the ones who reduced L'Manburg to bedrock and not himself like Wilbur had thought.
  • Ironic Echo:
    • During Tommy's exile, Dream frequently orders him to "put [his] armour in the hole" that he dug to destroy his items. Tommy echoes this in the Disc Confrontation after The Cavalry arrives, borrowing Sapnap's pickaxe to dig a hole in the floor of the vault and tell Dream to place all his armour and weapons in it as an act of surrender, showing for once that Tommy has the upper hand over his abuser.
    • When Tommy got inadvertently trapped in prison with Dream, he continuously screamed at Sam to let him out, to which Dream semi-tauntingly replied that he could scream as much as he wanted, as Sam wouldn't come. Weeks later, Quackity managed to convince Sam to let him bring weapons into Dream's cell, which he proceeded to use to torture the method to reviving people out of him. As soon as Quackity pulled out the weapons, Dream started screaming for Sam to come help him... to which Quackity replied that he could scream for Sam as much as he wanted.
    • After surviving and escaping his execution, Techno declared that he would put a pickaxe through Quackity's teeth in their duel, which he proceeded to do. Almost nine months of real time later, when Quackity dropped by Pandora's Vault to visit Dream and Techno, he attempts to kill Techno in revenge for taking his canon life, screaming that he would put a pickaxe through Techno's teeth... only for Techno to be teleported out of the prison by Phil using the Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber right before Quackity could enact his revenge.
  • Irony:
    • Technoblade, the literal Pig Man, is pretty much the only player on the SMP who isn't a Large Ham.
    • Right before Ranboo officially joined the SMP he was starting his political campaign and made a list of things he would outlaw as president, one of those things was TommyInnit himself. A few days later, the two have become friends, and Ranboo is visibly upset when Tommy is exiled from L'Manburg.
    • Jschlatt renames L'Manburg to Manburg under his term, claiming the nation doesn't take L's. In actuality, it takes nothing but L's, having been on the losing side of all three major wars it participated in (the War of Independence, the Civil War, and the Doomsday War)—one of which was under Jschlatt's own rule. That's also not saying anything about the fact that it's been horribly destroyed in all three wars, and its only victory (gaining independence in the first war despite losing overall) is offset by the fact that said victory led to nothing but trouble.
  • It Amused Me: After Doomsday, Tommy tearfully asks Dream why he didn't just burn the discs or otherwise punish Tommy in particular. Dream's response?
    Dream: This is much more fun.
  • Join or Die: Dream has this ultimatum for L'Manburg: Either cease fighting for independence or he'll utterly thrash them. They refuse as expected, Dream does exactly what he promised to.
    Dream: I want to see white flags! White flags outside your base, by tomorrow, at dawn, or you are dead!
  • Karma Houdini:
    • Dream is this at the end of the L'Manburg Civil War. He betrays both Pogtopia and Manburg and helps a mentally-unstable Wilbur to destroy the latter. Tommy outright calls him an enemy when the war is done, but Dream goes unpunished (even enjoying a quick moment of relaxation with Tommy and Tubbo, his supposed enemies) on both sides, with those on Tommy and Tubbo's side too focused on restoring L'Manburg to its former glory to actually punish Dream and those on Jschlatt's side being dead or non-existent.
    • Not a single member of the Arctic Anarchist Commune is punished for their destruction of L'Manburg in the Doomsday War. The few setbacks they do suffer (Techno losing a vast majority of his hound army, Phil being angrily called out by his son Ghostbur, and Dream being forced to go into hiding for a while) are minor at best.
  • Kill 'Em All: In the Tales From the SMP episodes "The Village That Went Mad", "The Lost City of Mizu" and "The Masquerade", every character dies other than the culprits — Jack and Bob in the former (Karl technically lives but he isn't a participant in the murder mystery in the first place), Ranbob in the second, and Sir Billiam and his Butler in the latter.
  • Kill the Cutie: Season 2 of the Dream SMP introduces Ghostbur, the spectral counterpart of Wilbur Soot, who essentially embodies many of his pre-spiral traits. For the rest of the season, he acts as the resident Friendly Ghost who loves his pet sheep and wishes to atone for his living counterpart's past crimes. Of course, since the Dream SMP is a Crapsack World, Ghostbur gets sent on a one-way train trip to "Jubilee Hell" when Dream brings Wilbur back to life halfway through Season 3, rendering the poor ghost recursively dead.
  • Killed Off for Real: The Dream SMP isn't a hardcore server, so even events like Tubbo's execution avert this. That is, until the final battle of the L'Manburg Civil War, where Jschlatt dies of a heart attack and Wilbur has Philza kill him to complete his destiny... and neither of them come back. Wilbur's final death is even coupled with him ending his stream. This is explained with the addition of the 3 lives system to the SMP canon from the end of the L'Manburg Civil War and onwards.
  • Kill It with Fire: Awesamdude's current method of disposing of the Blood Vines spreading across the server is by breaking them to pieces and throwing them into fire - blue fire specifically, as regular fire doesn't seem to affect it.
  • Land of One City: L'Manburg (and to an extent, Manburg)'s territory primarily consisted of the territory encompassed within the walls of the faction. Even after the annexation of Rutabagville during the Manburg era and of Pogtopia during the Tubbo administration, the lands are rarely accessed and are essentially L'Manburgian territory in name only, to the point that they are completely ignored during the Doomsday War and thus stand to this day.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Jschlatt orders Tubbo's execution after outing him as a traitor, and forces Tubbo's ally Technoblade to carry it out via a firework-loaded crossbow. When Techno finally makes the shot, Jschlatt is immediately killed by splash damage from the firework, becoming the first of many casualties in the Manburg Massacre.
  • Last Episode, New Character: Usually near the end of a story arc, several new players join the SMP.
    • The Election Arc sees Technoblade joining the server, after a cry for help by Wilbur and Tommy due to Schlatt's rebranding of L'Manburg and subsequent change.
    • The Manberg Rebellion sees Ph1LzA joining the server right before Wilbur blows up L'Manburg, and CaptainPuffy, Ranboo and ConnorEatsPants join the server after the destruction of L'Manburg and its subsequent reconstruction.
    • Towards the end of the Disunion Arc and the beginning of the Imprisonment Arc, FoolishG, Hannahxxrose, and Slimecicle join the server.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Every season or even livestream practically runs on this, hence the spoiler warning at the start of the page.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Philza references the trope by name when acknowledging how both himself and his son Wilbur have blown up L'Manberg. A penchant for using TNT to destroy former homes seems to run the family, as Fundy has also done something similar by blowing up his home on two separate occasions.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: There are currently 34 main members of the SMP, each with their own unique POV.
  • Loads and Loads of Races: The diversity of Minecraft skins naturally leads to this, and some characters also have other details not seen on their skins. In addition to bog-standard humans, the world of the SMP is also home to animal people of both the Beast Man and Little Bit Beastly varieties, uplifted mobs, Demons, Ghosts, sentient humanoid Diamond blocks, a semi-immortal Winged Humanoid, a Physical God of undeath, and several characters of ambiguous speciesnote . There are also Dreamons, who can possess people and may or may not be a species in their own right, and Foolish mentions witches and warlocks at one point, though if either qualifies as a Witch Species isn't yet known.
  • Love Hurts:
    • Sam and Ponk were valentines and dated briefly, but saying that their relationship didn't end well is an understatement — Sam flirting with Andrea Botez during her date with Jack prompted Ponk to join the Eggpire, blaming Sam for breaking his heart; and later in the series, Ponk was caught stealing a key card to Pandora's Vault, which was Serious Business to Sam... who proceeded to canonically kill him in retaliation, torture him to get the key cards back, and cut Ponk's arm off. Ouch.
    • Quackity had been working on a secret project, Las Nevadas, and hadn't seen his fiancés, Karl and Sapnap, or his friend George in a long while. When he reunites with George outside Pandora's Vault, he is told that George, Sapnap, and Karl, the old citizens of El Rapids, had formed Kinoko Kingdom and left El Rapids and by extension, him, behind.
      • George had also claimed that Karl was tasked to invite Quackity over to the Kingdom, but it is heavily implied that his time travelling-induced amnesia is finally kicking in, and thus he forgot to do so, making the circumstances utterly beyond his control.
      • It is also during this conversation that Las Nevadas was revealed to have been built with Karl, Sapnap, and George in mind, with customized casinos for each of them, and Quackity implied that he had plans to formally propose to his fiancés, but in a cruel deconstruction of Poor Communication Kills, their relationship took a huge hit and Quackity is finally is left heartbroken by the end of the conversation.
      • Quackity in general seems to be the victim of this trope, as many of his past relationships have utterly failed to work out, or ended badly. Most notably, his past toxic relationship with Schlatt still traumatizes him to this day, and when he finally got into a somewhat stable relationship (for once) with Karl and Sapnap, their unintentional abandonment is the last straw that finally pushed him over the edge to follow in Wilbur's footsteps.
      • On the Kinoko Kingdom side of the story, Karl was under the impression that George was the one tasked with inviting Quackity, mainly due to his skewed memory problems. This eventually caused him to believe that Quackity deliberately excluded him and Sapnap from Las Nevadas, and start to become embittered and then lash out in response, e.g. insulting the Las Nevadas Space Needle.
  • Love Triangle: Two have formed in the servers history.
    • Karl, Quackity, and Sapnap with Karl at the center of it, though it is arguably a Type 7 in terms of Triang Relationsnote . Eventually, Sapnap decided to get together with Quackity to get back at Karl, which eventually led to the issue being resolved by the three of them deciding to all get engaged with each other, making it Type 8.
    • More recently, Foolish, Sam and Ponk have been involved with one, Ponk showing Yandere-like tendencies towards Foolish, while Foolish hopes to help mend Sam and Ponk's broken relationship, as well as promising a date with Sam.
  • Lured into a Trap:
    • After an encounter gone wrong, the L'Manburgians hide in a bunker prepared by Eret. Except Eret reveals himself to be a traitor and activates a piston door in the wallnote , allowing Dream and his allies to storm the bunker and kill the L'Manburgians in a Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Two seasons later, the Red Banquet serves as an opportunity for the Eggpire to lure multiple members of the server, several of whom are vocally pro-Omelette, into be killed and fed to the Egg.
  • MacGuffin: Deconstructed with the discs, especially in Season 2. Materially speaking, they're worthless, and indistinguishable from any other copy of Cat or Mellohi on the server. However, Tommy ascribes a lot of sentimental value to them, and both Tommy and Dream give them more and more symbolic value as the struggle between them progresses, becoming representations of the power Dream has over Tommy and L'Manburg. Over the course of the Vengeance Arc, Tommy starts to believe that getting the discs back will remove the power Dream has over him and thereby end all conflict (which is wrong, but not an unreasonable conclusion to come to), and with Techno egging him on, goes to greater and greater lengths to get them back. His Heel Realization at the Green Festival happens when he realizes he'd been wrong to put the discs over his friends and country, and while he doesn't stop chasing them, he keeps his priorities in check from that point onward. However, Dream has no such realization and continues to treat them as all-important to the point of putting them on literal pedestals, and sabotages himself at multiple points to get them, and his taunting Tommy with the discs is what ultimately leads to his downfall. Tommy and Dream both experience the consequences of giving the discs ultimate importance, but while Tommy uses those consequences to learn and grow into a better and wiser person, Dream refuses to confront any realistic flaws, and that's why Tommy wins.
  • Makes Just as Much Sense in Context: For some reason, it always seems to revolve around the family trees and relationships of the characters.
    • Apparently, Wilbur had an affair with a female salmon (later named Sally) that led to him becoming the biological father of Fundy. When the chat on one of Philza's streams tried to interpret the salmon as a shapeshifter, Wilbur rejected the notion.
    • Wilbur explains through a public message in Philza's stream that Wilbur himself is the biological son of Philza... and a Samsung Smart Refrigerator. When the chat tried to make sense of the fridge (interpreting the fridge as if it was an Ice Queen) Wilbur rejected the chat's interpretation, cementing the fact that an actual refrigerator is Wilbur's mother.
    • During the negotiation to attempt to scam Schlatt out of his presidency, Quackity claims that he was pregnant with (possibly) Schlatt's child. Later in the series, he also claims to have given birth to his then-newly formed country, El Rapids; but none of this is ever explained in canon, such as how Mpreg works in the context of the Dream SMP, or how it is possible to give birth to a chunk of land. However, since the livestream where this was initially announced would be considered a "lore stream" in later seasons, it can be inferred that this is somehow canonical, in a similar vein to Wilbur and Quackity's "borderline romantic" relationship as seen during Niki's birthday party (once again, a proto-lore stream).
  • The Man They Couldn't Hang: Techno once again proves that he never dies by foiling his own execution with a Totem of Undying.
  • Meaningful Background Event: During the fight between Tommy and Tubbo, Techno can be seen in the background, spying on them.
  • Meaningful Echo:
    • As he betrays L'Manburg during their war for independence, Eret says, "It was never meant to be." During the L'Manburg Civil War, Wilbur says the same thing in the same context, echoing Eret's words as he destroys Manburg. They were later echoed by Niki as she burned down the L'Mantree.
    • After gaining independence from the Greater Dream SMP, Wilbur shouts, "SUCK IT, GREEN BOY!" while signing the L'Manburg "Degree of Independance". During the Disc Confrontation, where Dream is once again defeated and imprisoned, Tommy and Tubbo celebrate their victory by "[making] Wilbur proud" and shouting at Dream to suck it.
  • Metaphorically True: Both in regards to Dream telling Pogtopia that there's a traitor among them. At the time, Dream had made a pact with Jschlatt when he otherwise stated he didn't want to go with either side to not make easy enemies, making him the traitor. Later, when Tommy questioned Dream about there being any traitors during their victory over Jschlatt, he claims that he lied and that there wasn't a traitor. There were actually two: Wilbur and Technoblade.
  • Meta Twist: After a long string of major era-ending plot events that happened on the 16th of the month (the L'Manburg Election in September 2020, the Manburg Festival in October 2020, the Manburg-Pogtopia War and Season 1's finale in November 2020, and Technoblade's Execution in December 2020), January 2021 breaks said trend with the Doomsday War in January 6th (the end of the Vengeance Era) and Dream's imprisonment in January 20th (the end of the Disunion Era and Season 2 of the SMP as a whole).
  • Mickey Mousing: Used during the opening montage of Quackity's April 12th stream as he's torturing Dream over the course of an entire month, a la A Clockwork Orange.
  • Might Makes Right: The Dream SMP is a world where this is the norm, and those who try to prove otherwise — case in point, L'Manburg — usually get crushed, and idealists and peacemakers often end up resorting to violent methods that they previously opposed to survive and achieve their noble goals, to the point that several ex-diplomats have had their ideologies turn a 180 altogether due to their traumatic lives on the server.
  • Mistaken for Terrorist: Whenever Technoblade talks about commmitting terrorism, he makes sure to specify that it's in Minecraft, afraid the FBI might think he's being serious.
  • Mohs Scale of Violence Hardness: Theoretically, the Dream SMP would rank a 3 because it takes place in Minecraft. However, considering that the acts of violence that occur in-universe include and are not limited to Cold-Blooded Torture and Cruel and Unusual Deaths featuring Family-Unfriendly Violencenote , the maximum rating can go as far up as an 8 or more.
  • The Mole:
    • During the Manburg/Pogtopia arc, Tubbo was a spy for Pogtopia while being Schlatt's right-hand man. Unfortunately, Tubbo was quite conspicuous about this, leading Schlatt to quickly find out his true allegiance and eventually have him executed for treason.
    • Also in the Manburg/Pogtopia arc, Fundy was an even more secretive spy against Manburg who gathered information about Schlatt and his country to try to restore L'Manburg to its former glory.
    • At the Red Banquet, Hannah reveals herself to be this for the Eggpire, having found out about the Pro-Omelette attendees' backup plan to store weapons in the banquet hall and used this knowledge to out-gambit them.
  • Mood Whiplash: This trope is extremely prevalent in pretty much all the streams of the SMP as the streamers often break character to crack a joke or make a mistake during an otherwise serious moment in the roleplay. The inherent goofiness of Minecraft doesn't help, either.
    • The L'Manburg election was mostly lighthearted, with the two leading parties being named silly things like POG2020 and SWAG2020, Fundy getting ridiculed publicly for getting caught trying to commit election fraud, and Quackity playing the role of the ineffectual Card-Carrying Villain. However, things go south when, due to some last minute deals with Quackity's campaign, Jschlatt wins the election. In a speech that sounds legitimately terrifying, Schlatt declares himself Emperor of the country, has Tommy and Wilbur chased out of L'Manburg with nothing but the items in their inventories, demands the walls be torn down, and declares his desire to... expand the nation. That's right, an election in a Minecraft server ends with the new president going full fascist dictator and his opponents being exiled from the country that they built.
    • The prelude to the Battle of the Lake has Tommy give an epic speech to Sapnap that he ends by claiming he has Techno on his side, which gives him the advantage over Sapnap. As if perfectly timed, Techno himself joins the game a second later in an equally epic move... and then he immediately begins to complain about losing sleep because Tommy woke him up.
    • The day after the Manburg Festival, Tommy, Wilbur, and a recently-defected Quackity grief Manburg together by building a giant cobblestone cock right in front of the flag. The three of them are cracking jokes and having fun, Wilbur in particular almost seems like he's his old self again... and then he leads Tommy and Quackity to the button room. Tommy's reaction says it all.
      Tommy: Holy- HOOOOOOLY SHIT!
    • This happens again during Nihachu's birthday stream. For the most part, it's all fun and laughs and celebration, with Quackity and Wilbur playing the guitar (though Wilbur seems fairly out of it)... until at the very end of the stream, where Wilbur jumps right back to his plot to blow up Manburg, giving Quackity an ultimatum to schedule a meeting with Jschlatt before Friday before it explodes.
    • Phil's perspective provided a pretty heartbreaking one. He wanted to listen to Tubbo's speech, so he turned on Wilbur's stream and listened to it live. He spent a little while expressing his pride in Tubbo while laughing at the fact that he doesn't know what a president is supposed to do... But then Wilbur excuses himself and leaves the voice chat.
      Phil: Wait, where's Wil going?
      Wilbur: (sigh) Chekhov's Gun...
      Phil: Is he done? Is he done streaming?
      Wilbur: I've... I'll be honest with you, chat. I've been wondering this whole time if it still works.
      Phil: (smile drops, eyes widen) ...Oh, no.
    • During the final battle for Manburg, Technoblade gives a fairly long and terrifying speech to Tommy, comparing him to Theseus and warning Tommy that good things don't happen to heroes. After yelling a terrifying line, he turns to summon two withers and make good on his threat...only to struggle to summon them after misplacing a wither skull.
      Technoblade: You want to be a hero, Tommy? Then DIE LIKE ONE! Okay. Why isn't this spawning. Why is this not spawning. This is very awkward.
    • When Ghostbur makes his dramatic entrance to tell Tommy he wants to be brought back to life, Tommy just mumbles "What?" in shock... Then immediately gets struck by lightning, an event so unexpected and out of the blue that everyone starts corpsing for several minutes.
    • Sapnap deciding to go visit Dream in prison came on the heels of him, Karl, George, BadBoyHalo, (and later, Foolish), messing around and building mushroom based houses for the last few hours. Not to mention how literal minutes before, everyone was joking around about splitting Sapnap's viewercount with Foolish, so the viewers were very confused and initally thought it was just a bit Sapnap was pulling so he stopped losing viewers.Explaination 
  • Morality Kitchen Sink: The nature of the server gradually shapes into this as time goes on, ranging from characters with lighter-grey morality like Tommy, Tubbo, and Ranboo, close-to if not already morally black characters like Schlatt and Dream, and everything in between, with several characters toeing the line between 'hero' and 'villain' on a semi-regular basis and thus zig-zagging across the shades of grey depending on the day.
  • Morality Pet:
    • Technoblade would drop everything on the spot for Philza, his long-time friend. Case in point, when Techno was captured by the Butcher Army, one of his main concerns was Phil being held under house arrest rather than his own impending execution.
    • In the Las Nevadas storyline, Slimecicle is a downplayed one for Quackity. As usual, there is an element of manipulation to Quackity's kindness, and he did only keep him alive in the first place to use him as an asset, but despite that, Quackity does seem to be warming up to him and does try to look out for him, such as being concerned for him developing a gambling addiction and stopping him from recklessly jumping off a skyscraper. Eventually, it gets to the point that Quackity starts showing protective tendencies to Slime after learning that Tommy 'kidnapped' Slime as a hostage in exchange for Linda, his shovel, causing this trope to gradually be played more and more straight.
  • Morton's Fork:
    • During the Disc War Finale, Dream took Tubbo hostage and gave Tommy a choice: either give Dream the Mellohi-disc, or Dream would kill Tubbo. Tommy ultimately chose to hand over the disc, only for Dream to reveal that the disc was a fake, force them both to drop their armor, and after taking them to the Vault of Attachments, revealing that his ultimate plan was to kill Tubbo and lock Tommy up in prison forever. Even if Tommy had chosen the disc over Tubbo, the outcome would've been the same, with him being Forced to Watch Tubbo die, before being locked up in Pandora's Vault for the rest of his life. That is, if Punz and the others hadn't stepped in.
    • Tommy encounters another one when he goes to the Egg, deliberating whether or not to break it. If he breaks it, he will have the entire Eggpire after his life (although they, Niki and Jack were already hunting him down without his knowledge), and if he doesn't break it, then he will get blamed once again for not stopping a problem before it gets worse when it's really not fully his responsibility. He decides against destroying the Egg, instead taking a piece of it to the hotel in hopes of finding a way to control it.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: The entire concept of the SMP. Only the YouTubers involved could turn a multiplayer Minecraft server full of goofy, comedy-based creators into an epic tale revolving around one small nation's efforts to attain independence and the months of war, political alliances, betrayal, and destruction that resulted.
  • Mundane Solution:
    • During the Manburg Massacre, everyone in attendance either dies to Techno's rampage or runs away before Techno gets a chance to open fire on the crowd... all except for Antfrost, who simply uses his shield to No-Sell the damage.
    • When Quackity tries to overcome his fear of Techno, he ends up fleeing for his life as Karl barricades the gate to his newfound nation, Rutabagville, to lock Techno out. Techno just climbs over the fence.
    • Half of the SMP has gathered in defense of L'Manburg for the Doomsday War, and the Anarchists are outnumbered. So what do they do? They just start their assault a half hour earlier than planned, completely catching L'Manburg off-guard.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • In "Arrival", Phil mentions that the ice reminds him of an empire, and how he helped a friend take over the world. This is a reference to SMP Earth, specifically when the Antarctic Empire — led by Phil and Techno — took over the entire map.
      • Their former faction, the Arctic Anarchist Commune, is even named in honor of the Empire.
    • Variations of The Cuck Shed and "Eat Pant Conar" statue return from SMPLive.
    • Dream is sometimes jokingly referred to as "Dre", a gag that carried over from Minecraft Championship, where, during one tournament, his name got shortened to "Dre" on the tab-list.
    • Philza started with one life instead of three in the SMP's canon life system. This is because Phil is primarily known for playing Hardcore Minecraft, where the player character cannot die even once or the world is permanently deleted, and became famous after getting the world record for longest lasting Hardcore-world (just over five years in real life).
      • Techno freaks out every time he sees a baby zombie trying to attack Phil, as Phil lost his five year Hardcore world to a baby zombie, which has become a huge meme on his channel.
    • Dream really dislikes iron doors and fears being trapped behind one. This is a reference to when Dream got stuck in an iron door trap for almost the entirety of the Sands of Time minigame during the ninth Minecraft Championship tournament.
  • Nasty Party: Ultimately what the Red Banquet turns out to be, as noted in the Lured into a Trap entry.
  • National Anthem: Wilbur wrote one for L'Manburg, which has been sung multiple times throughout the server for various reasons.
  • New Neo City: Under the Tubbo administration, New L'Manburg was rebuilt on the ruins of Manburg (and before that, L'Manburg) after the nation-state was destroyed in the Manburg-Pogtopia War. Despite this, the nation is still often known as L'Manburg, indicating it was intended to be a continuation of Wilbur's legacy.
  • Next Sunday A.D.:
    • The L'Sandberg subplot, a mini-arc played out in the middle of Season 3, was confirmed to take place in the future, after the events of the Egg arc. Specifically when, however, is unclear.
    • The Tales From the SMP episode "The Haunted Mansion" similarly takes place after the current events of the SMP.
  • Nice Hat:
    • Philza is usually seen wearing a green-and-white-striped bucket hat, as part of his Kisuke Urahara-based standard skin. He swaps it out for one with light blue and white stripes while living in the Arctic tundra.
    • In many fan designs, Wilbur and Quackity are seen wearing beanies, reflecting the content creator's real life appearance in the latter case.
    • Boomer wears a frog hat with mystical powers that was gifted to him by his family, in exchange for his coloration.
  • Nice, Mean, and In-Between: Between Ranboo, Tommy and Tubbo, Ranboo is the mild-mannered and polite Nice Guy, Tommy is the abrasive and hot-headed Jerk with a Heart of Gold, and Tubbo is the friendly yet chaotic In-Between.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: After Sam informs them that, despite the waiver stating that he can only keep Tommy in Dream's cell for a week, he needs to stay longer after all, tensions boil over between Tommy and Dream and they get into a massive fight. While they both throw punches, Dream keeps punching despite Tommy's warning that his health is low, and winds up beating Tommy to death.
  • Non-Action Guy: Both Wilbur and Quackity are renowned orators who are far more leveled-up in the charisma and persuasion stats than actual combat skills. Considering the oftentimes-Might Makes Right attitude the server seems to have, it's no wonder that both of them had most of their idealism crushed to the point of going through severe mental health spirals down the line.
  • Non-Heteronormative Society: No one really bats an eye at the canonically LGBTQ+ characters, which comprises of about half the cast.
  • Non-Human Non-Binary:
    • Dream's deceased horse, Spirit, is said to be nonbinary and used singular they/them pronouns.
    • Shy, a nonbinary enderman, lives in a glass case in Niki's underground city. They are said to be one of the only things that Niki loves.
    • Ranboo, the resident half-enderman, is revealed to have some trouble understanding human concepts like gender and pronouns, and seems to go by both he/him and they/them pronouns.
    • Slimecicle is, as his name indicates, a slime, and is confirmed to use both he/him and it/its pronouns.
    • Eret might classify as well. He prefers not to label himself as any particular gender, and uses any pronouns (though most members of the server default to using he/him). They are also not (fully) human, having a connection to Herobrine.
  • The Nothing After Death: While everyone's Afterlife is different, Tommy's Afterlife manifests as a dark, colorless, soundless void.
  • Nuke 'em: TNT is used very copiously to cause huge amounts of damage. Most notably, L'Manburg gets subjected to this three times:
    • In the War for Indepedence, Dream demands unconditional surrender from L'Manburg or else he'll detonate a block of TNT within L'Manburg's walls. Wilbur, unfazed by merely one block of TNT, declares that he'd rather die defending L'Manburg's right to independence. Unfortunately for Wilbur and L'Manburg, however, doesn't just have that one block within the walls — he also has an entire nuke's worth of TNT hidden right under L'Manburg itself, and detonating the one block above ground causes nearly every block underground to detonate as well, destroying a majority of L'Manburg from the inside out and dealing its defenders a blow they never recover from.
    • Wilbur decided to do this during the Manburg Festival due to his Sanity Slippage, wanting to destroy Manburg because he believed the beliefs that his country stood for no longer existed, and also so that Schlatt would lose power. He eventually does carry out this plan during the Manburg-Pogtopia War, detonating 11 and a half stacks of TNT with his Big Red Button, and leaving a massive crater where his country once stood. Technoblade quickly helps "clean up" the mess Wilbur left behind... by spawning two withers during the battle, generating even more rampant destruction for Tubbo's administration to deal with.
    • The Doomsday War takes all of this Up to Eleven. While L'Manburg is fighting Technoblade, Philza takes them by surprise by launching fifteen withers into the air, completely decimating most of the nation. And just as they are starting to overcome the withers, it turns out that it was just meant to buy time for the real attack — Dream's obsidian TNT launchers, which rain enough Death from Above to turn what was once a nation into a gaping hole to bedrock.
  • OOC Is Serious Business:
    • Wilbur is the wordsmith of the group, with the ability to write impressive speeches and generally always having a comeback to everything. However, after Jschlatt revokes his and Tommy's citizenship to L'Manburg and has them chased out, Wilbur just stares in shock, and barely says anything for a good long while. He even lampshades this later.
      Wilbur: I'm... genuinely, did you not- I went speechless! That is the first time, I was live in front of 30,000 people, completely speechless. That's the first time that's EVER happened.
    • Although Dream is a Manipulative Bastard and a liar, one thing that remains sure is that he doesn't want to irreversibly harm Tommy, given it's too fun for him to continue toying with Tommy to outright kill him off—it's to the point that he ends up surrendering in the finale of Season 2 when Tommy tries to make a Heroic Sacrifice. So when he goes back on this in Pandora's Vault and outright murders Tommy over something as trivial as the existence of a book, it means that Dream has likely snapped during his time in the Vault — and that, either way, something is very different about Dream. This is eventually subverted by Dream bringing Tommy back to life, and revealing that he did this to prove the revival book's existence.
      • However, this becomes Played Straight when Quackity catches wind of this, where he pays Dream a visit in his cell, pulls out a sword and an axe, and tells him in no uncertain terms that, while he can't kill him, it won't stop him from making Dream's life a living hell. Within seconds, Dream is backed up into a corner of the cell, screaming for Sam to come help him; even though Dream had previously always had this air of triumphant smugness about him, where nothing really seems to phase him, even when he's trapped in a maximum-security cell of a high-security prison.
  • Official Couple Ordeal Syndrome: Almost all of the canonical romantic couples have had their relationships ruined or put through the wringer for various reasons. For example, Mexican Dream got killed by his girlfriend's Spear Counterpart, and for more notable relationships, refer to the Love Hurts part above... and that's not even going into Philza and Wilbur's unorthrodox choice of partners and said partners' fates. Currently, the only (semi-)stable relationships on the server appear to be Puffy and Niki, and possibly Tubbo and Ranboo.
  • One-Person Birthday Party: During the Exile-arc, Tommy held a beach party in Logstedshire, and invited practically everyone on the server. However, only Dream showed up, and when he did, it was twenty minutes late. Not even Ghostbur, the one in charge of delivering the invitations, showed up. Later, this turns out to be invoked; Dream took the invitations from Ghostbur, sent him off to go for a walk in the snow (Ghostbur melts when he touches water, though he thankfully survived that ordeal), and played dumb when Tommy asked if anything happened to the invitations.
    Dream: I made sure nobody would show up to your party, so that you'd have no friends except me.
  • Only in It for the Money: Both Punz and Purpled are Hired Guns who would fight on the side that pays them better, even if it means switching sides.
  • Open Mouth, Insert Foot: During his first campaign speech, Wilbur passionately begins a speech about keeping the "filthy Americans" out of L'Manburg, before cutting himself off, stammering something generic about upholding the nation and leaving the stage.
    Tommy: Wilbur, a large majority of our viewers are American.
    Wilbur: I realized that half-way through the word "Americans"...
  • Or Was It a Dream?: When Ranboo visits the prison the first time around, he finds Dream acting... peculiar, treating him like an old friend. Then Ranboo finds out that his chest is full of copies Ranboo's memory book, before Dream tells him he's not real and the prison collapses around him, implying that it wasn't real. Ranboo dismisses it all as just a nightmare. But in a later stream, when Ranboo visits the prison for real, Awesamdude tells him he had already visited...
  • Orphan's Ordeal:
    • This trope applies to Fundy after the end of Season 1. His father was dead and his mother is missing (apparently misplaced or eaten by Wilbur), and although Fundy's relationship with Wilbur wasn't the best, Fundy still missed his father. This is subverted in Season 3 once Wilbur was brought back to life.
    • In the Tales From the SMP episode "The Village That Went Mad", Robin lost both of his parents in the Red-Eyes Villager Wars, then his surrogate father figure was executed by the townsfolk under suspicion for being a murderer, before finally being executed himself by the town, being too despondent to fight against their accusations.
  • Our Demons Are Different:
    • BadBoyHalo is a Demon, whose Demonic blood grants him semi-immortality, as his life force is tied to Skeppy (who serves as his Soul Jar) and he only loses a canon life when Skeppy does. He is also incredibly tall, standing at 9 feet and 6 inches (289.56cm) — not that you'd be able to tell by looking at his character in-game.
    • Tina is also allegedly a Demon, and has white horns that can be covered up by wool to look like cat ears. However, whether she displays similar traits to Bad is still yet to be determined.
    • It has also been confirmed that Eryn is half-Demon and half-human, and thus has one red eye and a violent and chaotic (or as cc!Eryn says, "evil") streak.
    • Dreamons are a completely different type of entity than Demons. They can take on Hosts to do their bidding, but have a variety of weaknesses, which the Dreamon Hunters use for exorcisms and preventing detection by them. Transmuted Dreamons are a rare variation where the Host and the Dreamon constantly and rapidly shift between each other.
  • Out-Gambitted: After Tommy gets possession of Spirit, the remains of Dream's first horse, Dream spends months letting Tommy believe that Spirit is of sentimental value to him. As Dream no longer has Tommy's discs, Tommy believes that he has leverage over Dream but not vice-versa, eventually causing Tommy to bank his freedom on Spirit when Dream attempts to exile him. However, when Tommy finally reveals his hand, Dream promptly reveals that Spirit has no sentimental value to him at all, and that Tommy's placed all his hope on a worthless piece of leather.
  • Outside-Context Problem: The Blood Vines and Crimson Egg that BadBoyHalo found shows up while most of the SMP plot at the time had been focused on the political intrigue. Whilst paranormal elements (like Ghostbur and the Dreamon slaying) have existed before, they were small scale and ultimately don't have much of a threat to the server's status quo. In comparison, the egg is a flowering red horror that is brainwashing everyone it can and could pose a large-scale threat to the entire server if not stopped soon.
  • Overly Long Name:
    • Fundy and Niki's defunct faction Dry Waters had a very long official name, Smokey-Corn-on-The-Cob-Waterville-Dry-Hands-Desert-Land.
    • Fundy's own full name is revealed to be "Fun Jonatahan micahel vincent georgina james sus Dy" when he signs the Las Nevadas contract.
    • During the Tales From the SMP episode "The Masquerade", one of the attendees' names, coincidentally also played by Fundy (the content creator), is Oliver Arechtenshire Smitselist Cumbucket.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Technoblade stands in front of a wanted poster in L'Manburg. It's even thinner as the clothing skin Techno's wearing is distinctly different than the one on the poster.
  • Paranormal Episode: As of the Imprisonment Era, at least two prominent stories have shown up.
    • The Dreamon Slayer episodes, where Tubbo, Fundy, and Sapnap go slaying what are apparently demons based off of Dream's species.
    • The appearance of the Blood Vines and the Crimson Egg during the Exile arc, which involve other characters that are not involved in Tommy's exile getting into a conflict involving said botanical horror, with some being brainwashed to spread it, others trying to stop its spread, and one sacrificing themselves to the egg in an attempt to save the others lives. This becomes a crucial plot point in Season 3, where much of the conflict revolves around the Crimson, which serves as a Big Bad Ensemble with Dream throughout the season.
  • Personalized Afterlife: It turns out that whenever any character loses all of their canon lives, the Afterlife they're faced with is unique... in the worst possible way, making it more of a personalized hell. For Tommy, it was a colorless, soundless void of sensory deprivation, and for Wilbur, it was a train station platform, where he was stranded for thirteen and a half years.
  • Phallic Weapon: A name-based example (combined with Suspiciously Specific Denial) with Dream's crossbow, named "DEFINITELY NOT PENIS". Another name-based example occurs with Sapnap's enchanted netherite sword, "Sapnap's Schlong".
  • Physical Scars, Psychological Scars: Several characters have scars from their canon deaths, which are indicated to be heavily traumatic events, with Tubbo and Quackity's deaths at Techno's hand being the most prominent.
  • Please Subscribe to Our Channel: This is a Running Gag of Techno's, to the point where he apparently has a timer set to go off every half-hour for the sole purpose of reminding him to plug his channel. Even better, the timer is a limit rather than a reminder - he decided to start setting it so that he didn't plug it even more often. For a brief period of time, his crossbow was named "Subscribe to Technoblade". He also plugs his channel at inopportune moments, such as during the Manburg-Pogtopia War, where he pulls an epic Face–Heel Turn and summons two Withers... then turns back around to name one of them "Subscribe to Technoblade" before siccing them on L'Manburg's ruins.
  • Polyamory: Karl, Sapnap and Quackity are currently all engaged to each other.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Deconstructed. This is a common problem throughout the server, which causes many, many conflicts and a lot of friction between the characters.
  • Precision F-Strike: While many members of the server swear, some — including Dream — choose not to. When Dream drops an F-bomb on Tommy, it signifies that this time, Dream is genuinely angry.
    Dream: Tommy... okay, listen, you fucked up this time.
    Tommy: What the fu- okay, Dream, don't swear, please.
    Dream: No no no no no no no no... I don't give a fuck about Spirit.
  • Public Execution: A surprisingly large number of them have occurred on the Dream SMP.
    • At the Manburg Festival, Tubbo is revealed to the public to be The Mole for Pogtopia and Schlatt orders him to be publicly executed at the Festival he decorated for, to the horror and objection of practically everyone else present. Unfortunately for Tubbo, Technoblade doesn't do well under what he claims to be peer pressure, and shoots the firework rockets in his face anyway.
    • Techno himself becomes on the receiving end of this trope after the Butcher Army arrests him for destroying the remains of L'Manburg with Withers during the Manburg-Pogtopia War, in addition to their personal grievances against him for traumatizing them for life. However, Techno manages to survive and escape the execution with help from Dream, and vows revenge for what he believes to be an act of injustice against him.
    • The Green Festival on January 5th, 2021 was initially planned as a public execution for Dream, but this became subverted when all of the Butcher Army's plans get thrown out the window, as Dream reveals the destruction of the Community House and the shit hits the fan for everyone in attendance.
    • During the Red Banquet, Foolish is ritually sacrificed to the Egg in front of the attendees of the Banquet, because he tried to protect Eret from being made an example of by the Eggpire.
  • Puppet King: George is this as "king" of the Dream SMP. His title is official, but he's got no interest in politics or even ruling. It's blatantly obvious that even after formally giving up his crown, Dream's the true leader of the Dream SMP (being the one to actually deal with the politics, warfare, and ruling that a leader must handle and being quite good at it in the process). George is just a figurehead leader at best. Eret also plays the same role when he's chosen as king, or at least until Dream got locked up in prison.

    R - Z 
  • Race Against the Clock:
    • Quackity was responsible for setting a meeting between him, Jschlatt, and Wilbur before November 6th, or Wilbur would finally press the button, blowing Manburg to kingdom come. It ultimately ends with a formal declaration of war, plus The Reveal that Jschlatt had found and removed the TNT under Manburg, rendering the button useless.
    • The Doomsday War starts with one, with L'Manburg having 24 hours to prepare before the Anarchists (Dream, Techno, and Phil) come and attack with the intent to destroy L'Manburg. Considering the Anarchists consist of people like Dream and Techno, said 24 hours are completely necessary. Unfortunately for L'Manburg, however, the Anarchists has no intent on actually attacking when planned—they attack fifteen minutes ahead of schedule and catch L'Manburg so off-guard that much of the nation is a giant crater by the time all of the war's participants arrive.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    • Wilbur delivers a particularly brutal one to Tommy, lining out that Tommy can never be president because of his emotions ruling over his better judgement, in comparison to Tubbo who is more thoughtful. And the worst part is he isn't entirely wrong.
    • Fundy gives Wilbur one right back posthumously, yelling at Ghostbur for running away from his problems and avoiding any negative discussion because he can't handle the consequences of his actions, as well as treating Fundy like a child and never respecting his autonomy.
    • Tubbo out of all people gives one off to Tommy right after deciding to go along with Dream's request to exile him, after tiring of being bound to Tommy's obsession of his discs, pulling L'Manburg into greater and greater dangers. He does so mainly in refusal of yet another plan of establishing another conflict with Dream.
    • After Dream tricks Tubbo into giving him the disc, he gives one to Tubbo about how terrible a president he has been and how weak L'Manburg was under him.
  • Rebellious Rebel: Eret becomes this during the L'Manburg War for Independence, betraying L'Manburg after Dream makes him an offer he can't refuse.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over:
    • Zigzagged for BadBoyHalo's character design, as despite having a mainly red and black colour motif, he's very polite and friendly, yet whether he's good or bad really depends on who you ask. On the flip side, when he's unambiguously antagonistic as the de facto leader of the Eggpire, he has a Greyscale of Evil instead.
    • Played straight with in the Manburg-Pogtopia War, where the Manburg war flag is a black banner with a red saltire (diagonal cross), which decorates the shields of those who fight for Manburg. The Pogtopians use this to help distinguish between friend and foe.
    • Also played straight regarding Foolish's colour palette, as in a flashback, he was seen burning down a village while appearing as a black totem with red eyes. At present, he has become a better person and is a gold totem with green eyes, like a conventional totem of undying instead.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni:
    • Tommy (red) is loud, impulsive, passionate and determined, while Tubbo (blue), is soft-spoken, friendly, and a bit of a ditz. Tommy tends to also think very emotionally, while Tubbo sees the rational side of things.
    • After getting exiled by Tubbo and subsequently drifting apart from each other initially it seemed like Ranboo was replacing Tubbo as the blue to Tommy's red. However, as Ranboo started to hang out with Tubbo more and Tommy less, the dynamic ended up shifting with Tubbo as the red to Ranboo's blue.
  • Refuge in Audacity:
    • Techno has a habit of pulling outrageous stunts to taunt enemies he doesn't need to take seriously (read: everyone except maybe Dream). And he always wins. Justified, as Techno's armor is kitted out with Thorns (causes recoil damage to any attackers), which combined with Netherite armor's natural protection makes him Nigh-Invulnerable (as enemies will hurt themselves more than Techno) and allows Techno much more leeway to toy with foes (as he already knows he's going to win).
      • At one point, Techno is attacked by a Ravager. His response? Go AFK to read donations as the Ravager dies from recoil damage caused by Techno's armor.
      • Techno doesn't even need to be in combat to do this. At the Manburg Festival, Fundy trapped Techno in a dive tank to drown him. Unfortunately for Fundy, Techno had a Respiration III helmet, which meant it'd take a minute for Techno's air to even run out — and when he finally started taking damage, it took so long that Techno was able to easily regenerate more health than he lost. Techno then proceeded to promote his channel while drowning, even stepping away from his computer in real life for a moment to drink a glass of water. Yes, Techno took a break from drowning to drink water. He even played up a Minor Injury Overreaction for all its worth, joking that he desperately needed to eat to regenerate once he's at seven hearts (which takes even longer). Needless to say, Fundy was not happy.
      • During the second half of the Manburg-Pogtopia War, Techno's Face–Heel Turn and dramatic speech is followed by a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner and him proceeding to summon two Withers... and then he goes on to name one of them "Subscribe to Technoblade". Even moreso, he calls the name the most important part.
      • Techno has also infiltrated New L'Manberg by standing in front of his own wanted posters to blend in... while wearing a different skin to the one on the poster. Tubbo is too confused to question it and just leaves him be.
        Tubbo: Uh, right, moving on, he's just a poster apparently.
    • Quackity also gets in on the action occasionally. A week before the Red Banquet, he fills up Purpled's UFO with TNT to try to get his attention, but gets caught by Purpled before he can set off the explosives. He then quickly convinces Purpled to help him crash the Banquet after promising him payment from Las Nevadas. After the Banquet, Purpled collects his money... only for Quackity to blow up his UFO anyway... and then try to convince him to join Las Nevadas, promising him that his legacy would be preserved now that his UFO is gone... because of him. Not only does he live to tell the tale (considering that Purpled is very good in a fight and would easily annihilate him, a Non-Action Guy), but it works out.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: Members of the Syndicate take on codenames based on Classical Mythology which allude to their personal characteristics.
  • Retcon:
    • When Phil first joined the server, the consensus among the content creators (and especially the fandom) was that he was the biological father of Techno, Tommy and Wilbur (in line with the "Sleepy Bois Inc" dynamic), with Tubbo being adopted later on. A little while later, Techno and Phil clarified that Techno wasn't Phil's son, just a friend, and after the Doomsday War, Tommy being Phil's biological child was retconned as well. As of today, Wilbur is Phil's only biological child, Tommy and Tubbo see him as a father figure, and Techno sees him as an old friend.
    • Related to this, Wilbur at one point claimed that he and Techno were twins, with Techno being two minutes older. With Techno deciding he wasn't a part of the family dynamic anymore, this plot point also got thrown out.
    • When Jack returns to life after being killed by Techno in the Doomsday War, he states that he went to Hellnote . When Tommy returns to life after being killed by Dream in Pandora's Vault, he describes the Afterlife as an Eldritch Location that he and Dream later determine to have Year Inside, Hour Outside properties. Unless either Jack or Tommy was wrong/lying about their description, it seems that Jack's account of the Afterlife was retconned.
      • However, since DreamXD sent Niki to "Hell" during one of George's dreams as a Deadly Prank, it can instead be suggested that "Hell" is a euphemism for the Afterlife on the SMP, and the two locations are the same.
      • This can be further supported by Wilbur claiming that his Afterlife took the form of a train station, implying that the Afterlife is personalized for each person which enters it, meaning that Jack's Afterlife being a Fire and Brimstone Hell is entirely possible.
    • As demonstrated by the consecutive revivals of both Tommy and Wilbur in Season 3, Wilbur's previous claim that it was impossible to bring people Back from the Dead has clearly been retconned.
  • Revenge Before Reason:
    • Tommy dives into this when Sapnap "accidentally" kills his pet cow, Henry. Tommy defaces and burns the wooden Eiffel Tower and attempts to use Sapnap's pet fish as leverage to get away with it. It takes Technoblade pointing out the ridiculousness of the situation for him to even offer the fish in return for the music discs that Bad has, but by that point the tense negotiations have broken down and a battle breaks out. The only reason this works out for Tommy is because he has both Dream and Techno to support him.
      Technoblade: Wait, this is over a fish? Tommy, just give him the fish! God, I didn't even bring a shield.
    • During the Manburg Festival, Tommy was wracked with grief when Tubbo was publicly executed on the spot by Technoblade under Schlatt's orders. He pearled onto the podium to attack Techno in front of everyone, completely breaking cover.
  • Rewatch Bonus: Several things about Ranboo's January 30th stream will stand out once you realize none of it was real.
    • The signs in front of the Big Innit Hotel, as well as Bad and Skeppy's house, are completely black. Discounting the possibility that this was just an error from using custom maps on a different server, it could also be because Ranboo didn't remember what they looked like.
    • Sam doesn't behave like a stoic warden like he did with Tommy and Bad. Instead, he acts much friendlier and more eager to make casual conversation. On initial viewings, you could interpret this as Sam trying to accommodate for Ranboo's more anxious nature, but upon rewatching, it's clear that Sam acts this way because Ranboo has no frame of reference for how Sam usually acts when inside the prison.
    • Similarly, Sam lets Ranboo take his memory book inside Dream's cell, when he should know full well that Ranboo has to die to be let out, and thus will be forced to leave the memory book behind with Dream.
    • Dream also behaves pretty out of character before he drops the act. He greets Ranboo very enthusiastically, when he was withdrawn and stoic during Tommy and Bad's visits. He also says he doesn't like the clock, when he told Bad earlier that day that he loved watching the clock so much that he gave it a name.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: The Butcher Army tries and fails to execute Technoblade, causing him to leave his 10-Minute Retirement and blow L'Manburg into a crater. If not for a freak resurrection, this also would have resulted in Jack Manifold's death.
  • Room Full of Crazy: The room housing the detonator for the TNT Wilbur planted all over Manburg has the L'Manburg anthem written all over the walls.
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: The caravan at the heart of L'Manburg got this treatment twice. The first time, it was labelled "Camarvan", then when someone built a giant hot dog on top to make it look like a food truck, it was renamed to the "Hto Dog Van".
  • Rule of Three: Three times has L'Manburg been in the center of climax of various wars within the server, with mass destruction in each, but the third, performed by a three way alliance between Dream, Technoblade and Philza, was what finally ended the nation for good.
  • Running Gag:
    • In Season 1, when Sapnap is around, expect one or more pet to die. It's to the point where, of all the dead pets on the server, only one of them at the time (specifically L'Dog) has not been killed by Sapnap.
    • George constantly being missing during huge lore events on the server.Explanation 
    • There's a good chance that when Techno's around, "Subscribe to Technoblade" will be used at some point or another. Even when it's hilariously out of place, like when Techno is summoning Withers to burn L'Manburg's remains to the ground.
    • People poking fun at Phil for being old, while Phil insists he's not that old.Explanation 
    • Tommy speaking to various people's family members on stream. So far he's spoken with Dream's mother and sister, Tubbo's sister, and Phil's wife.
    • The Funny Mic.Explanation 
    • Canon deaths.Explanation 
    • No one being able to spell 'independence' correctly.Explanation 
    • One related to Tales From the SMP specifically — whenever Technoblade appears as a cast member, he plays a Pig Man and not a human character (or one that is Ambiguously Human at the very least).
  • Run or Die: When Schlatt exiles them from L'Manburg, Tommy and Wilbur are suddenly faced with an armed crowd hellbent on killing them, while they're both unarmed and without gear. They immediately use their invisibility potions and bail through Tubbo's bunker. Unfortunately for Wilbur, he was shot in the back by Punz while making his escape, taking his second canon life out of three in the process.
    Wilbur: Tommy, run! Tommy- TOMMY, RUN!
  • Sanity Slippage:
    • Wilbur's spiraling mental health and fall into paranoia began as early as the L'Manburg War for Independence, after Eret's betrayal caused him to abandon his ideal of "words over weapons". Once he's exiled to Pogtopia, however, his mental health takes an even huger hit, to the point that he ends up taking himself out via Suicide by Cop at the end of the season.
    • This is heavily implied to be what happened to Quackity between Episodes 1 and 3 of "Las Nevadas", as he quickly spirals into committing atrocities that his old self would probably have fervently opposed. Considering that his character arc is meant to mirror Wilbur's, this isn't all that surprising.
    • Arguably, Dream has been on a steady decline in mental health throughout the course of the SMP, although it became most noticeable during the Disc War finale. Since he began serving time in Pandora's Vault, however, the inhumane conditions and torture have undoubtedly caused his worst qualities, such as his control issues and god complex, to amplify and worsen by a thousand-fold.
    • Fundy was already teetering on the edge of this, but his constant nightmares of things to come have started to push him over the edge enough to start doubting his own memories and drove him to blow up his own home with TNT.
    • Before the Tales episode "The Village That Went Mad", Jack's journals imply that Foolish somehow caused him and Bob to go "mad" and murder the people living in their town. This is only revealed after the episode.
  • Screw Your Ultimatum!:
    • Faced with Dream's demands of surrender, Wilbur defies Dream to his face, declaring he'd rather die than have L'Manburg rejoin Dream's half of the SMP server. Dream happily helps him and his allies with that "die" part, having planted TNT underneath L'Manburg and using the moment to detonate it and destroy a good 80% of the land.
    • Dream gets one himself when Tommy tries to blackmail him into taking down the obsidian walls around L'Manburg, using the remains of his horse, Spirit, as leverage. Dream instead starts building the walls higher, announces he doesn't care about Spirit's remains, and instead turns this around, demanding that Tommy be exiled before he completely shuts L'Manburg off from the outside world.
  • Series Fauxnale: The end of the Disunion Era saw Dream stripped of his power, turned on by just about everyone on the server (except George and the Anarchists), and imprisoned in Pandora's Vault. The server celebrated the end of a tyrant, and everyone believed it was the end of the conflict (Tommy's stream was even titled the finale of the SMP). However, there are still several unresolved issues (the Anarchists and the Crimson Egg among others), several unanswered questions (such as DreamXD and the End Portal), and that's not mentioning that Dream might not be down for good (as Wilbur's spirit warns Tommy that Dream is too dangerous to be left alive, not to mention that Dream still has his favor from Technoblade). It's fitting for what seems to be the Season 2 finale, but there's clearly still more to come.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: By Season 3, multiple people on the SMP have experienced trauma to the point of developing PTSD, many of which originated from the wars that have occurred.
    • Wilbur's mental health was on the decline even back during the L'Manburg War for Independence, which had left him traumatized. Wilbur, a man who is (in his own words) "a writer, not a fighter", found himself in the role of a general and experienced the infamous betrayal from one of his comrades, Eret, the deaths of himself and his friends, and only won thanks to Tommy giving up his discs. He hid how badly it affected him in front of others during his presidency. His mask slowly chipped away during the election, momentarily dropping it in front of Quackity during their heart-to-heart several days before Election Day, and permanently dropped it a few days into exile as he spiralled to the point of suicidality.
    • Tommy's experience from the betrayal in the Final Control Room left him heavily traumatized as well, as when he and Techno stumbled across the room during an undercover trip to L'Manburg, it caused him to have a full-on panic attack, hyperventilating and scrambling for an exit. His time spent in exile (both in Pogtopia and Logstedshire) and his death and revival in Pandora's Vault did him no favours either.
    • Heavily implied with Fundy, who had spent most of his life around war, and his reaction to finding out he and the other attendees were trapped during the Red Banquet was terrified screaming and trying to escape... a situation eerily similar to the Final Control Room, where he and his war comrades were similarly Lured into a Trap to be slaughtered mercilessly. And this isn't even going into him being haunted by nightmares of things to come...
    • Quackity's an interesting case, as he was apparently diagnosed with PTSD (because he was able to name the disorder outright) from being on the receiving end of Techno's rampages during Minecraft Mondays before he even joined the server. It's implied that he was handling it fairly well in his early days on the SMP... until the Schlatt adminstration, combined with Techno joining the server, which caused even more trauma for him... and then everything just went downhill from there.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Many people on the server use skins that reference other pieces of media.
    • The entire War for L'Manburg Independence is rife with Hamilton references, going as far as to quote lines from the musical several times throughout the war. Wilbur also makes a parody of The Adams Administration, "The Jschlatt Administration", during the Pogtopia arc.
    • There are quite a lot of references to Undertale: Ranboo often uses songs from the soundtrack during his streams, most notably "Waterfall" in tense moments such as his confrontation with the Egg and a slowed version of "Fallen Down (Reprise)" at the end of lore-heavy streams, and Dream taunting Tommy to call for help when he's locked in the prison is eerily similar to Flowey taunting the protagonist to call for help during the Photoshop Flowey battle.
    • The Mickey Mousing during the opening montage of Quackity's April 12th stream while torturing Dream over the course of an entire month was stated in a behind-the-scenes stream to be inspired by A Clockwork Orange, where all the most violent scenes were set to classical music.
    • The Red Banquet hosted by the Eggpire is possibly named after the Red Wedding.
    • Wilbur's Afterlife being an Afterlife Express is likely an idea derived from fanworks, which are in turn influenced by Wilbur's own album "Your City Gave Me Asthma".
    • The Las Nevadas bunker, built by Foolish, is styled after the Skeld map from Among Us.
    • Boomer's connection to the swamp biome was a reference to an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Showdown at High Noon: Discussed in the Tales From the SMP episode "The Wild West" while the town was talking strategy for facing down the "Democrat Haters", though ultimately, it's a "ten-step standoff" that occurs.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: In Season 2, Karl, Sapnap, and Quackity occasionally crashed other people's livestreams through the in-game chat with very affectionate and lovey-dovey messages towards each other. Of course, this ended after the polycule started to drift apart due to the miscommunication between the three.
    Sapnap: but listen
    Sapnap: I wanted to tell you something...
    (Quackity fell from a high place)
    Quackity: yes....
    Sapnap: I just think
    Sapnap: that
    (Quackity fell from a high place)
    (Quackity fell from a high place)
    Sapnap: but like our love is just on another level thats all
    (Quackity fell from a high place)
  • Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids!: In a flashback sequence to the L'Manberg election arc, it is revealed that Wilbur was the one who advised Quackity, then an idealistic Naïve Newcomer, that Violence Is the Only Option, and is the key to power and security on the server. Many months later, Quackity embraces this ideal and is seen telling the same to Foolish while recruiting him for Las Nevadas... a conversation that is heavily laces with I Hate Past Me Psychological Projection.
  • Skewed Priorities: Techno names one of his Withers in the final battle "Subscribe to Technoblade". What qualifies it for this trope is when he calls the name the most important part, as if he pulled a Face–Heel Turn just to plug his channel one last time.
  • Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism: The series is fairly cynical, not with half of the characters going through their own horrific Trauma Conga Line and all. Wars and conflicts often had to be solved with violence instead of diplomacy, and the idealistic diplomats and peacemakers are often broken down to don Jade-Colored Glasses eventually, and resort to violence they initially opposed using to survive. Though there are still a few idealists on the server, they tend to be in the minority of the server, and characters who undergo the transformation from being idealistic to cynical on-screen are often regarded to be tragic. However, it also has an idealistic lining in that characters who value diplomacy, peace and recovery are often regarded to be more "heroic" and morally light than those who involve themselves in war and destruction.
  • Sliding Scale of Silliness vs. Seriousness: This vastly depends on the time period and the perspective you're watching.
    • In terms of time periods, Season 1 is mostly more silly with a serious undercurrent, whereas in Season 2, it leans towards the serious end due to Cerebus Syndrome, albeit with the occasional silly moment interspersed in between—one of the most serious arcs, Tommy's Exile arc, takes place in Season 2 and contains some of the heaviest lore in the entire history of the roleplay. As lore slows down in Season 3, it becomes more light-hearted outside of dedicated serious lore streams, most prominently Quackity's "Las Nevadas" series.
    • In terms of perspectives, even during Season 2 and onward, Techno's perspective as a reputation for being more silly, even during events like the Doomsday War. On the other hand, the perspectives from people like Tommy tend to be more serious, while Quackity's perspective made a drastic switch to halfway-inbetween near the end of Season 2 to mostly dead-serious in the "Las Nevadas" series.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Fundy and Niki's campaign in the L'Manburg Election. Overall, the two got a pitiful 9% of the votes (last place by far and away) and their only direct contribution to the arc as a whole was a brief moment of comedy that came from Fundy getting caught in the act of election fraud. That said, however, they managed to win over many votes that could have otherwise been for Wilbur and Tommy, allowing Jschlatt and Quackity's combined votes to edge out the win by a margin of 1%, securing Jschlatt's inauguration as the next leader of L'Manburg and thus leading to the L'Manburg Civil War.
  • The Smurfette Principle:
    • On the main SMP, the only members of the server who are women are Niki, Puffy, Hannah, and Tina. Alyssa used to be among their ranks, but she's no longer whitelisted on the SMP and isn't planning on making a comeback anytime soon. It's also unlikely for Girl Dream (aka Mamacita) to return to the server, because not only is her boyfriend dead, but her actor's avatar is currently stuck in jail in-universe.
    • In the Tales episode "The Village That Went Mad", Helga was the only female resident of "Not A Very Good Town" Town.
    • In "The Masquerade", Lyaria was the only attendee of the titular event that was a woman.
    • In "The Pit", Genevieve was the only female gladiator, which is something that she points out.
      Genevieve: I have to say that I've been training my whole life for this, and I think there's far too many men around here, and I think a woman has to come up on top.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": There are about four accepted ways of spelling L'Manburg / L'Manberg / L'manburg / L'manberg, and nobody has settled on one.
  • Spin-Off: Tales From the SMP are mainly one-off adventures and, for the most part, focus on Karl and his time-travelling adventures and everything that they entail.
  • Stepford Smiler: Since There Are No Therapists, this is a disturbingly common occurrence on the Dream SMP.
    • As the President of L'Manburg, Wilbur hid his mental health issues and trauma from everyone else. He drops the act during the Pogtopia arc.
      • Despite appearing to be very cheerful and calm, Ghostbur, Wilbur's spectral counterpart, had said that his existence was pain, and he tries to hide his melancholic side as much as possible, repressing his sadness. It's also implied that his dissociative amnesia (selective memory loss) is due to the trauma he had suffered throughout his life.
    • During the Vengeance arc, Tommy's bright personality had returned quickly after moving in with Technoblade, but a closer look makes it quite obvious that it was a front, and that Tommy was actively repressing his trauma instead of dealing with it in a healthy way. As of Season 3, he's starting to open up more about his issues.
    • Tubbo often bottles up his emotions and puts up the front of The Pollyanna until he reaches his Rage Breaking Point.
    • Fundy puts up a cheerful front to hide his loneliness, insecurities, and trauma.
    • While touring Las Nevadas with Fundy, Quackity claims that it's the happiest he's ever been even though the faction had only existed for about three months... which is extremely rich, coming from the guy that psychologically projects his trauma and insecurities on others to get them to join Las Nevadas in the first place.
  • Story Arc: Each Dream SMP Season is typically divided by according to various character arcs and faction-related storylines, while each Arc is usually separated by Wham Episodes.
    • Season 1:
      • Arc 1: The pre-L'Manburg era. Things are considerably more lighthearted in nature, and the roleplay hasn't come in full force. At one point in time Tommy joins the server, which sows the first major conflicts incorporated into roleplay.
      • Arc 2: The L'Manburg War of Independence (also called the first Dream SMP War). The roleplay begins in full force, and the SMP's true nature begins to unfold.
      • Arc 3: Post-War. The players handle the fallout of their war, and L'Manburg becomes a fully-fledged nation as it accepts new citizens.
      • Arc 4: The L'Manburg Election. This arc initially seems like light-hearted filler, but it soon becomes clear that it was building into:
      • Arc 5: The L'Manburg Civil War (also called the Manburg-Pogtopia War, the Manburg Rebellion, or the second Dream SMP War). Every previous plot thread comes to a thrilling conclusion as characters' true colors are revealed, heroes become villains (and vice-versa), and the status quo is forever changed.
    • Season 2:
      • Arc 1: The Reconstruction Era. L'Manburg recovers and heals under the guidance of Tubbo and his cabinet. The rest of the Dream SMP recovers and gathers resources as well. The story at this point has split into several different plotlines as the server has grown to include over 30 different YouTubers/streamers in total, and each one is doing something different on the server.
      • Arc 2: The Post-Banishment Era. Tommy is exiled from L'Manburg, which kickstarts the roleplay in full force as the plotlines slowly begin winding back together again. It ends after Tommy moves to Techno's house, and Techno's foiled execution.
      • Arc 3: The Vengeance Era. Techno, Philza, and Tommy form the Arctic Anarchist Commune and plot their next move to reclaim Tommy's discs and/or destroy New L'Manburg, Dream hands over leadership of the Dream SMP to Punz, the gigantic prison Dream commissioned Sam to build is finished, and the Butcher Army change their target from Techno to Dream after they believed that Dream had a hand in foiling Techno's execution. A festival is staged to canonically kill Dream, foiled by the destruction of the long-lasting Community House. Tommy defects from Techno and rejoins L'Manburg (making amends with Tubbo). Dream reveals his plan to destroy L'Manburg after gaining the only items that could be used to make him back off (both of Tommy's discs, one of which he conned Tubbo into providing). Seeing that Techno also wants L'Manburg's destruction, Dream offers an alliance that Techno accepts. The arc ends in the Doomsday War, during which L'Manburg is completely and irreversibly destroyed by Dream, Techno, and Phil.
      • Arc 4: The Disunion Era. After the final, permanent destruction of L'Manburg, the server enters a fragile peace, New factions form from the ex-L'Manburgians, and Dream goes into hiding to avoid retaliation for the destruction at his hands (with Punz becoming interim leader of the Greater Dream SMP in his absence). It ends with Dream getting imprisoned in Pandora's Vault after his evils had been made known in his secret base.
    • Season 3:
      • Arc 1: The Imprisonment Era. With Dream in prison, the storyline focuses on the Eggpire, their conquest for world domination, and the fight against it and the Crimson. Jack and Niki plot to canonically take Tommy's last life as a means of revenge over the latter's wrongdoings towards the two.
      • Arc 2: The Lockdown Era. Tommy is sealed inside Pandora's Vault alongside Dream, and the two are left alone for a week as the prison goes on... well, lockdown.
      • Arc 3: The Mourning Era. At the end of the previous arc, Tommy was brutally Killed Off for Real at the hands of Dream. As Tommy's closest friends cope with the news of his death, the Eggpire celebrates the fall of their biggest threat while simultaneously contending with Captain Puffy, who has become a vigilante trying to bring them down by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Dream throws a wrench into the Eggpire's celebrations when he successfully resurrects Tommy, undoing his brutal demise but proving that even imprisoned, Dream is one of the strongest people on the server.
      • Arc 4: The Post-Lockdown Era. After Tommy is found to have been revived and is released from prison, the server reacts to his return to the SMP, and he learns to gradually recover from his trauma. Meanwhile, the Eggpire continues to spread its influence throughout the server, and various characters' moralities begin to shift.
      • Arc 5: The Banquet Aftermath Era. Following the events of the Red Banquet, the Eggpire is sent away to regroup and plan their next move whilst those who oppose the Egg plan on locking it away in a vault for good. At the same time, Ranboo continues to learn more about his Enderwalk state, and Tubbo, Foolish, and Jack plan to find the nuke missing from Snowchester as soon as possible to prevent mass destruction. Dream also brings Wilbur back to life when Tommy attempts to assassinate him, opening a whole other can of worms for the server to deal with.
      • Arc 6: The Las Nevadas Era. In Quackity's May 22nd lore stream, he begins to recruit various members of the server for his country. As Las Nevadas begins to spread its influence throughout the SMP, multiple characters begin to have moral dilemmas on joining it, or begin to investigate the country. At the same time, Wilbur starts to plan a visit to Dream in Pandora's Vault, and Technoblade gets locked up in the aforementioned prison for an indeterminate amount of time.
      • Arc 7: The Breakout Era. On 14 September, Techno breaks out of Pandora's Vault with help from Philza using the Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber. While the two plot the destruction of the prison, Quackity starts going on a paranoid trip as he and the rest of Las Nevadas prepare for war, fearing retaliation from Dream (who he believes to have escaped) and Techno (who actually escaped, but was the only one to do so thus far). At the same time, the three new additions to the SMP begin to navigate the socio-political landscape of the server.
  • Strike Me Down with All of Your Hatred!: A variant. After Sapnap kills several of Tommy's pets, he allows Tommy into his bunker and goads him into killing Sapnap's pets in return. Tommy, however, refuses.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: There have been so many instances that they have their own page.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: One of the lyrics of the L'Manburg National Anthem is "A very big and not-blown up L'Manburg." Not only has Dream already blown it up once before this point, but it later gets blown up again by Wilbur, and gets permanently blown up after the Doomsday War.
  • Switching P.O.V.: Usually more than one streamer streams particular plot points or events, which allows viewers to switch whose stream they're watching to see that particular streamer's perspective.
  • Symbolic Blood: During his visit to Tommy in his Exile, Mexican Dream places down redstone dust to simulate vomiting blood.
  • Take Over the World: Whereas Techno's M.O. is anarchy and Wilbur's is peaceful rule over L'Manburg, Jschlatt and Dream have this as their motive. Somewhat justified in Dream's case, considering that he did in fact own all of the server before L'Manburg's independence—it's not so much him trying to conquer the world as it is him trying to reclaim the parts of it he once owned, though it's In Name Only and the L'Manburgians were the first actual settlers of the land that would become the country.
  • Take That, Audience!: Wilbur, after choosing to not press the button, calls out his chat for not caring about what happens to anyone in the story or their problems as long as they get to see destruction.
  • Talking Is a Free Action: Techno invokes it by name to exchange some ominous words with Tommy at the end of the Green Festival on January 5th, 2021.
  • The Team: Wilbur, Tommy, Eret, Fundy, and Tubbo formed one of these during the L'Manberg Revolution. It was broken up by Eret's betrayal, and the characters involved continued to drift from their archetypes as the story goes on.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • Jschlatt does this seconds before Quackity's Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal and subsequent Heel–Face Turn. Mocking Quackity's indecisiveness and hesitation, Jschlatt claims that Quackity wouldn't even shoot him with the bow he's holding even though it'd one-shot him. Quackity immediately shoots Jschlatt with the bow, and it does indeed one-shot him.
    • A tragic example comes at the end of the Lockdown Era. During his stay in Pandora's Vault, Tommy continues to insist that Dream can't harm him and that he'll be leaving prison just fine. At the end of the era, Dream brutally beats Tommy to death.
  • Ten Paces and Turn:
    • Dream and Tommy have a clearly Hamilton-inspired one of these over a bridge for L'Manburg's independence. The primary difference was that they used bows and arrows, not actual guns, since they don't exist in Minecraft.
    • How the problem of the bandits were dealt with in the Tales From the SMP episode "The Wild West", as all three were killed in "ten-step standoffs" at high noon. The only fight that didn't occur honorably was the one between Crops and Jack Kanoff, where the former shot at 6, not 10.
  • There Are No Therapists: Sadly enough, this is the case for the Dream SMP, where almost every member has experienced some form of trauma and has to cope with it through their own means, healthy or not. Even Puffy, the one person who has decided to take up the role of therapist, has her own problems that effectively take her out of the role for the time being. This is ultimately deconstructed and Played for Drama, considering that the characters who are currently classified under the Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds tab most likely would not have turned out this way if they actually received therapy for the trauma that they had experienced.
  • Theseus' Ship Paradox: As L'Manburg gets trashed time and time again and exchanges one president for another, more and more of it gets replaced until it's borderline unrecognizable. For the time being, it seemed to avert fully being replaced thanks to the L'Mantree, a remnant of L'Manburg from Wilbur's presidency that survived even when everything else was blown up or torn down. However, when the L'Mantree is burned down by Niki in the Doomsday War, the L'Manburgians realize that nothing is left of their original nation and that it's no longer worth salvaging its ruins.
  • Third Line, Some Waiting:
    • The Blood Vines first emerged during the Exile arc, but since the main narrative of Season 2 mainly focused on Tommy's Trauma Conga Line at Dream's hands, along with the second rise and fall of L'Manburg, it was heavily overshadowed until Season 3, where they come into prominence as one of the Big Bads and affect more and more characters' storylines.
    • Quackity's character arc goes as far back as Season 1, but most overlooked his experiences in favour of "major players" of the time like Wilbur and Tommy. This was until his trauma and mental health eventually boiled over and caused him to spiral into the Las Nevadas arc, dragging many others into the fold as well.
  • This Is My Name on Foreign: Upon initiation into El Rapids, characters are often called by their names translated into Spanish to signify their membership in the faction. Those with names that don't directly translate across (mainly because of the use of Screen Names) usually have the title "Señor" tacked in front of their names. Mexican Dream also tended to address characters with their names in Spanish, even if they weren't part of El Rapids.
  • Trash the Set: On multiple occasions.
    • The nation of L'Manburg has seen a lot of damage.
      • During the L'Manburg Revolution, Dream planted TNT under both the area in front of Tommy's base and L'Manburg itself, blowing both to smithereens. Both of those were eventually rebuilt, but the Camarvan stayed in ruins for a long time, and Tommy only patched up the crater by his house by putting a single layer of dirt over it. Tubbo's house was also burnt down as a show of force, but was not rebuilt until more than half a year later.
      • At the end of the Manburg-Pogtopia War, Wilbur pushed the button and blew L'Manburg to smithereens again, helped by Dream — who placed even more TNT — and Techno — who unleashed two Withers onto his former allies. The crater remained, and New L'Manburg was built on top of it, with the crater itself eventually being turned into a lake.
      • The Doomsday War was a massive event in which L'Manburg was destroyed again, this time by twenty Withers from Technoblade and Philza, and many TNT-droppers from Dream. By the end of it, L'Manburg and the surrounding area more closely resemble the surface of the moon than an active city. Its inhabitants solemnly agree that there is no rebuilding this, and the nation of L'Manburg is disbanded entirely.
    • During Tommy's exile, he and Ghostbur built an encampment which they named Logstedshire. When Dream found out Tommy had been hiding items from him, he blew Logstedshire up as punishment, prompting Tommy to run away and ally himself with Technoblade.
  • Trauma Conga Line: Most notably, Season 2 is one to Tommy, with the sheer amount of abuse (both physical and psychological) heaped onto him during his Exile and everything else that happened; but arguably, the events on the entire SMP overall puts most of the cast through the wringer in one way or another, which Ranboo lampshades in a moment of Black Comedy.
    <Ranboo>: lmao this is the dreamsmp
    <Ranboo>: there is no compensation for trauma
    <Ranboo>: just more trauma
  • Treasure Hunt Episode: The Tales From the SMP episode "The Beach Episode" is this, where several members of the server participate in "Captain Blockbeard's Treasure Hunt".
  • Troll: Unlike some other Minecraft servers with a little more etiquette (e.g. the Hermitcraft Server), people on the Dream SMP have no qualms stealing from, pranking, and annoying their server-mates in any way possible, making them anywhere from The Gadfly to this trope, with several people being more infamous for being trolls than others. For example, when Hannah (who was fairly new to the server at the time) decorated the area surrounding her house with cakes in preparation for her birthday, Foolish pointed out in the chat that it was practically an invitation for everyone else on the server to eat them, as Quackity had done multiple times already.
    <FoolishG>: These cakes will have soooooo many bites taken into them by the end of the week
  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: Schlatt becomes this after winning the election.
  • Urban Ruins: A variant. All that remains of L'Manburg are a few scattered walls of houses and chunks of pathways, floating above a series of craters that run down to bedrock, with the obsidian grid used to drop TNT on it hovering over it. It's still clear that it was a city once, but it's been broken beyond repair.
  • Unreliable Expositor: Played for Drama and deconstructed with Wilbur's letters to his dad, Philza. Wilbur lied to Phil in the letters he sent him about the Pogtopia situation because he didn't want to admit that he was suffering to his father, and didn't want him to worry. Instead of telling his father the truth, Wilbur said he won the election but gave the position of president to a trusted friend and left to make a new nation. Phil then believed, as a result of the misinformation from the letters, that Tubbo was the one committing atrocities as the head of government (rather than Schlatt) and thus devoted himself to destroying L'Manburg as an anarchist in the Doomsday War, thinking that government has corrupted good people like Tubbo.note 
  • Unreliable Narrator:
    • Ranboo has really bad short-term memory, so he tries to write down what he does in his memory books, but he also has moments where he "blacks out" or possibly sleepwalks and does not remember what he does during those moments at all. If it isn't written down in his memory books, there is a good chance he will legitimately forget about it later on. This leads to things like Ranboo logging onto the server and suddenly having several unexplained stacks on netherrack and a nearly broken flint and steel in his chest the same day that Tommy finds out his house got griefed with a bunch of netherrack, (which he presumes to be Dream's fault.) After Dream was put into prison, Ranboo can also be sometimes seen in the background of other people's streams, wandering around the server while presumably sleepwalking because he has no recollection of the interactions he has with people later on.
    • It's less obvious to the audience, but to a lesser extent, everyone else on the server can qualify because as characters, they may not always have all of the possible information available to them that the audience does or have their perception of how certain events went down be clouded by their personal bias.
  • Vague Age: This applies to just about every character on the server. The ambiguous timeline makes it hard to judge when and how characters are aging, and the multiple contradictory statements by the content creators don't help. Generally, it's assumed everyone is about the same age as the streamer who plays them, except for characters like Phil and Foolish, who are Really 700 Years Old, and Wilbur, who's been confirmed to be somewhere between 32 and 45 years old over the course of the SMP.
  • Video-Game Lives: Clarified at the start of Season 2 (but retroactively applied to Season 1), everyone on the SMP has three lives and once all are gone, you die for good. However, only important plot-related deaths actually count as losing a life (like the deaths during the Final Control Room Massacre in L'Manburg's War for Independence) — any other deaths outside of the plot (fall damage, lava, accidental explosion damage, etc.) fall under Death Is Cheap. The only exceptions to this are Philza (who only ever had one life to begin with), BadBoyHalo (who has an infinite amount of canon lives as long as Skeppy remains alive), Jack Manifold (who lost all three of his canon lives before dragging himself out of Hell and regaining his lives), and Tommy and Wilbur (who were successfully revived by Dream after losing all three of their lives).
  • Villain Has a Point:
    • Techno really did want to live in peace after the L'Manburg Revolution as he claimed, and he's not at all wrong when he points out that it was L'Manburg who sought out conflict with him rather than the other way around. His final attack on L'Manburg certainly wasn't unprovoked, that's for sure.
    • From the Doomsday War, Techno's accusation that Tommy only saw him as a tool for war also isn't unfounded. It doesn't help that the entire reason he was enlisted to join the SMP in the first place was because Wilbur and Tommy wanted his fighting skill to gain an edge against Jschlatt, not because Wilbur and Tommy wanted to have a genuine friend join the server. Tommy isn't able to provide a single piece of evidence to the contrary.
    • As cruel as Dream's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Tubbo is, he's not far off when he says that Tubbo had no agency as L'Manburg's president, allowing everyone (from his own citizens to Dream himself) to dictate his every action (not to mention that the one act Tubbo did on his own, exiling Tommy, was perhaps the most disastrous move he could have done).
  • Vitriolic Best Buds:
    • Tommy and Tubbo. While they rib on each other a lot, they consider themselves best friends.
    • Tommy also qualifies to have this relationship with Eryn. The two banter a lot but are still very close.
    • Sapnap and George similarly argue and hunt each other a lot, but at the end of the day, they care about each other — after all, they aren't considered members of the "Dream Team" for nothing, even if Dream turned out to be an Evil Former Friend to them on the server.
  • Walls of Tyranny:
    • Zig-zagged in the case of L'Manburg's original walls. The nation had blackstone walls meant for protection, but Schlatt interpreted them to be a symbol of restraint, and one of his first presidential decrees is to have them be torn down, expressing his expansionist views. Quackity also held distaste for the walls, but for different reasons — they represented the country excluding citizenship for non-Europeans like himself, but he didn't hate them enough to want them to be torn down like Schlatt did.
    • Played straight during the Exile Conflict in Season 2, Dream started to construct obsidian walls around L'Manburg and threatened to complete the walls if Tommy didn't receive a severe enough punishment for griefing George's house. However, when Tommy attempts to use the remains of Spirit against Dream, he takes down the obsidian walls and rebuilds them at an even greater height than before, threatening to wall in L'Manburg and cut them off from the rest of the world if the country didn't comply to his wish to have Tommy exiled.
  • War for Fun and Profit: The Badlands' role in the second Dream SMP war is shaping up to be this. As they don't support either side, their current plan is to pick whichever side is inciting the most chaos at the moment, and then rush in and seize the power after both sides have been weakened.
  • Wasteful Wishing: After Techno and Dream accidentally summon DreamXD while trapped in prison, DreamXD agrees to grant them one wish. While Dream is still parsing the fact that he can finally get out of prison by wishing for an exit, Techno uses up the wish by wishing for a bell.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist:
    • Techno genuinely believes that nothing good will come with authority and any form of government, and sees L'Manburg as nothing but a tyrant-run state (which he's not completely wrong about) that will only tear people apart, seeing how fighting for control over it drives Wilbur insane. Thus, he devotes himself to the ideology of freedom from government entirely. Phil later adopts this same mindset after the death of his son, Wilbur, and Techno's failed execution, though this is led on by Wilbur's misinformation about the situation on the server before he died.
    • Even with his Sanity Slippage, Wilbur's primary goal was still to remove Jschlatt from power in Manburg. That said, his method of doing so revolves around blowing up the nation itself simply to keep Jschlatt from having it. He also speaks of this trope when advising Quackity during the elections, in that one must be willing and able to use violence of any means, including extreme ones, to gain power to help others and truly do good on the server. Quackity also eventually gives in and embraces Wilbur's mentality after his months-long Trauma Conga Line, but swears to not make the same mistakes Wilbur did.
  • Wham Episode: So many have occurred throughout the series that they have their own page.
  • Wham Line: Similarly to Wham Episode above, there are many shocking lines throughout the story arcs that they require their own page.
  • Wham Shot:
    • During the L'Manburg War for Independence, Wilbur defies Dream's ultimatum and declares that he'd rather die than betray his own cause, being unfazed by a block of TNT that Dream has threatened to explode. As Dream detonates the block of TNT, the L'Manburgians then see hundreds of blocks of TNT under the cracked surface of L'Manburg, a few of them primed from the initial blast, realizing too late that Dream wasn't just detonating one block as explosions erupt from the ground.
    • Wilbur finally presses the button with a bright grin on his face... which immediately drops once nothing happens.
    • From the Manburg-Pogtopia War:
      • Wilbur turning around in the button room to see Phil standing in the doorway.
      • Wilbur pressing the button, followed soon after by an enormous explosion that completely decimates L'Manburg.
      • Techno standing across a crevice left by Wilbur's TNT, with several half-built Withers behind him.
      • Notably, the absence of something major serves as one. When Jschlatt dies of a heart attack and Wilbur has Philza kill him after L'Manburg's destruction, the one common thread is this: they don't come back. For even more wham, Wilbur ends his stream soon after he dies.
    • With the reveal that Tommy has the remains of Dream's first horse (a prized item of Dream's), it seems like L'Manburg has suddenly received leverage over Dream. Dream even begins taking down the obsidian box surrounding L'Manburg... and then he proceeds to not only rebuild the walls, but increase their height.
    • Technoblade is being confronted by Quackity as the latter is shouting how he'll put a pickaxe through his teeth. During Quackity's rant, from Technoblade's point of view, the screen suddenly glitches before he finds himself back at the Syndicate HQ, with Philza coming up to him and asking if he's okay.
  • Who's on First?:
    • When Tommy asks Ninja if he knows who Schlatt (then President of Manburg) is, Ninja assumes that it's some sort of slang.
    • Ranboo doesn't quite understand how pronouns in English work, so when Phil mentioned a "her" after finding an enchanted forest in the tundra, Ranboo assumed he was talking about someone named "Her".
  • Wild Card:
    • Technoblade makes it immediately clear that he's this. He only joined the SMP because he thought Wilbur and Tommy were outmatched against Jschlatt—however, with Niki and Eret; Tubbo and Fundy; a conflicted Quackity, and even Dream supporting them, he now sees that it's Jschlatt that's outnumbered—and has outright considered supporting him simply to make things interesting. He ultimately ends up supporting nobody, helping to kill Jschlatt but immediately turning on Pogtopia when he's gone.
    • Dream has confessed that he's only out for himself. Though he sided with Pogtopia upon realizing the threat Jschlatt posed to Dream's own power, he soon defected to join Wilbur in the plot to destroy Manburg rather than reclaim it. And once Wilbur comes to his senses and relents, Dream decides to join Jschlatt instead, having been offered a deal favorable to his own rulenote . Except he then leaves Jschlatt for the wolves, siding with Pogtopia again. Except he's not on their side either, he's actually helped lead to Manburg's direct destruction and is only siding with Pogtopia to avoid being on the losing side when the war ends. In short, trying to track which side Dream is on is pretty much futile.
    • Sapnap also counted in Season 1. Officially he's aligned with the Dream SMP, having followed Dream during the L'Manburg War of Independence. However, he's also bloodthirsty and power-hungry enough to strike out on his own when he wants to. Notably, he and his former boss clash during the Battle of the Lake, during which he makes a failed attempt at forming another faction to rival the Greater Dream SMP, Manburg, and Pogtopia. He eventually calms down a lot more at the end of the season, preferring to be more peaceful and diplomatic in solving problems.
    • Wilbur also becomes this after he is brought Back from the Dead, as he has given little to no indication of just what he plans to do after being revived.
  • The Wild West: The Tales From the SMP episode "The Wild West" takes place in this setting.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: After winning the L'Manburg election, Schlatt goes absolutely mad with power. During his inauguration speech he declares himself Emperor, revokes the citizenship of Tommy and Wilbur and has them chased off, renames L'Manburg to Manburg, and orders the walls to be torn down so they can expand their borders.
  • With Us or Against Us: The Eggpire's entire principle. While they do try and convince people who don't like the Egg to like it, they especially detest people who are neutral towards it, as it implies that the Egg cannot influence them.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds:
    • Wilbur Soot, especially during the Pogtopia arc, where he undergoes some major Sanity Slippage and plans to blow Manburg sky-high during the Manburg Festival, destroying everything and killing everyone inside, and eventually succeeds at destroying the country he created during the Manburg-Pogtopia War. At the same time, he also had his idealistic worldview shattered by Eret's betrayal during the War for Independence, causing him to abandon his mostly-pacifist beliefs, and L'Manburg ends up becoming a casualty in his donning of Jade-Colored Glasses as he believes that the values and beliefs he built the country on no longer exists.
    • By the Las Nevadas arc, Quackity has become a ruthless Manipulative Bastard, but is also known to be a former Wide-Eyed Idealist who was driven off the deep end after a long Trauma Conga Line of being constantly made to feel unworthy and excluded, to the point that he reached his Despair Event Horizon and unofficially decided that if he was going down, so was everyone else. It's really telling in that this is how he chooses to follow in Wilbur's footsteps as well as being a Well-Intentioned Extremist.
  • Xanatos Gambit: Dream's final ploy during the L'Manburg Civil War ends up as this, even if it wasn't intended to be. If Manburg manages to defeat Pogtopia? Dream is victorious and he doesn't even need to personally assassinate Jschlatt (who would die of a heart attack soon regardless of which side wins), eliminating two major threats to his rule. If Pogtopia wins instead? No worries, Dream can just feign surrender to avoid punishment, sit back as Jschlatt dies anyways, and wait for a mentally-unstable Wilbur into pressing the button to destroy Manburg, accomplishing exactly what he wants anyways. The latter result is what ends up happening, and it works like a charm—the only thing that Dream doesn't account for is Techno's betrayal of Pogtopia, which arguably works out for Dream anyways (as it preoccupies L'Manburg with another enemy and ensures Dream goes untouched through the war's conclusion). As a result, Dream is just about the only major player of the war to end it in a better position than he started, with L'Manburg destroyed, two major political threats in Jschlatt and Wilbur Killed Off for Real, and Pogtopia preoccupied with rebuilding L'Manburg.
  • You Monster!:
    • Tommy calls out on Eret after he reveals his defection to the Dream Team.
      Tommy: You BASTARD, Eret! You- we trusted you!
    • Eret does one himself when Fundy burns down the flag of L'Manburg during the Schlatt administration, and another during the Red Banquet when the Eggpire betrays the attendees' trust by luring them into a trap to kill them.
    • Tommy also calls Tubbo a monster after finding out about Technoblade's execution at Tubbo's hand (as while Quackity pulled the lever to the anvil, Tubbo ordered him to do so).
  • Zerg Rush: Technoblade's Hound Army functions in this fashion. While not very powerful individually, the hounds can overwhelm any opponent when working as a unit.

I've heard there was a special place
Where men could go and emancipate
The brutality and the tyranny of their rulers

Well, this place is real, you needn't fret
With Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, fuck Eret
It's a very big and not blown up L'Manburg

My L'Manburg
My L'Manburg
My L'Manburg
My L'Man... burg

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