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Danganmon is an Insta-ronpa (Instagram-based Danganronpa fan series) created by Lumi (also known as Bing). It revolves around 18 Ultimates (all of who draw similarities to certain Pokémon) being trapped in an unknown school and forced to play a killing game by the school's headmaster, Monoloin. Unlike other Insta-ronpas, it frequently involves its readers in the story through Instagram polls that provide story branches, the consequences of which vary in severity. The series can be followed on its Instagram page, which can be found here.


Danganmon contains examples of:

  • Anyone Can Die: As expected from a Danganronpa fan series.

  • Art Evolution: Everyone in the main cast (as well as Monoloin) received improved sprites midway through Chapter 3, though two characters (Cyrus and Cyrillo) were redesigned earlier. As reference, compare Juno's old sprite with his new sprite.

  • Audience Participation:
    • Readers could vote as to who Kami spends her free time with throughout the story.
    • Bing makes the readers choose through Instagram polls choices which directly affect the story, though the audience themselves don't know the details of what they chose as she labels them with vague names such as "Option 1" and "Option 2."
    • She also occasionally puts out "askboxes," which lets readers ask either the characters, the creator, or both at the same time.

  • Breaking Old Trends:

    • Danganmon has 18 participants compared to the 16 of the main Danganronpa games.

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    • There will be 7 cases in the series compared to the usual 6 in order to accommodate the increase in cast number: 1 case surrounding the mastermind, and 6 normal cases.

    • The protagonist is not the only one with an ahoge. There are 6 people, including the protagonist, that have an ahoge that can be seen from just their default sprites: Maya, Cyrillo, Roxanne, Juno, and Sapphire. Faust has an ahoge, but it could only be seen in sprites where he doesn't have this helmet on, such as this one.

    • The cast does not have someone with a Non-Standard Character Design.

  • Blue with Shock: Present in the sprites of several characters.

  • Driving Question:
    • "Why are we here?"
    • To a lesser extent, "Who are we?"

  • Gender-Equal Ensemble: 9 boys and 9 girls.

  • Identity Amnesia: The series begins with the participants only remembering their names and their Ultimates.

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  • Mysterious Past: Everyone has one because of their Identity Amnesia.

  • Only One Name: They introduce themselves with their first names only. Averted when Zoro, Kami, and Roxanne discover a paper that contains a list of everyone's names, including surnames.

  • Public Execution: It's a staple of the Danganronpa series, and so it's included here as well.

  • Recurring Element: There are several archetypes seen from the main games. that can be applied here as well:

  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: A majority of the cast have hair with vibrant colors.

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