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Old enough to remember dial telephones, room-sized computers, first run episodes of Star Trek, the horror that was disco, and that mythic age when MTV actually showed music videos; young enough at heart that he knows what an "Epic Fail" is and enjoys a good Rick Roll as much as his teenage sons. The name "Baby M" was pinned on him by a law school classmate.

Created the entries for Alarm Fur Cobra 11, 9.April, C&Rsenal, Katusha: Girl Soldier of the Great Patriotic War, Rosewood, and The Wind And The Lion, and the bio entry for Sherwood Schwartz, because someone had to. Made the first pathetic attempt at the Meganekko entry; another more talented than he replaced it with something good. Regularly contributes to the entries on his current favorite TV shows (Code Black, Timeless, Blindspot), a few old favorites (Person Of Interest, Hill Street Blues, St Elsewhere, The Chicago Code, Northern Exposure, Burn Notice, Deadliest Catch) and the odd Short Runner, and whatever else strikes his fancy. Continually amazed by the talents and humor of the tropers here.


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