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My nerds. Geeks, dorks, otaku. Whatever you prefer, whatever name you are called - we all stand united. We are all one people - many interests, but one calling.

There are many of us - many who fall under the same categorization we do. There are some who can quote general relativity and particle physics like it was nothing. There are those of us who remember Toonami, and all the amazingness it had before it was unrighteously struck down before its time. There are otaku, who watch anime religiously and bow down at the altar of all that is Japanese animation (and cosplay). There are gamers, such as I, who are seen as socially awkward introverts and yet wipe the floor with Sephiroth using a 14 year old boy with a giant key for a weapon (or a certain spiky-haired former SOLDIER with sixteen hits with a BFS).


There are those whose minds and hearts reside in Middle Earth with the such greats as Boromir and Gandalf. Others attend Hogwarts and still mourn the tragic fate of Severus Snape and Dumbledore, and those of the Order of the Phoenix. There are also those who fight The Empire in the name of restoring the Old Republic with hearts of Jedi and devotion more powerful than the lightsabers they hold - as well as there are Sith, hearts dark and intentions evil.

But we are inaccurately named. They call us socially awkward - they call us weird and strange. They call us eccentric. Most of this is true. However, they leave out one specific word; one word that spells out what we truly are in this world -


Come forth, my bretheren. Come forth, graduates of Starfleet Academy! Come forth, masters of Magic cards! Come forth Pokemon masters and aficianados of comic books! Come forth, and claim your place! For regardless of what you might hear, regardless of what our detractors might claim! WE! ARE! AWESOME!


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