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I am not one of Those Wacky Nazis; I'm a Buddhist (and a FMA fan; and a Zelda fan). That is a swastika of peace, not of hate.

OK... So I'm not really sure what to say... Hmm... I stumbled across this site one day and immediately fell in love with it (by that I mean "went on an Archive Binge"). I have an undying thirst for knowledge. If I'm not here, I'm usually on GaiaOnline, Myspace Facebook, or You Tube... Oh, and I love videogames, anime, music, and well, too much stuff to list here. Also—I'm a bit of a Basement-Dweller; somewhat justified in that I'm only 18 I'm 19 and it's my bedroom damn it (I still need to get out more). I want to will join the Marines one day. Semper Fi. I'm currently attending Central Ohio Technical College for game design.


Other Code Names: Mongoose, M, Bobo (don't ask about that one), Napoleon, Captain de Face (AKA Cap'd in da Face; my friends started calling me that after one of 'em shot me in the face with an airsoft Desert Eagle. So Yeah).

I'm also prone to conversations with myself! Woo... Also has Asperger's.

... oh, and I and I'm a Wii owner. I'm also a big fan of Call Of Duty. You can imagine how pissed off I was at Infinity Ward when Modern Warfare 2 was not released for Wii. At least I have the first one now... thanks to Treyarch, no less. And now I own Call of Duty: Black Ops. 'Tis awesome.

Pages I've Edited:

I never go into the forums, so place any comments/notes/messages to me here:

What? You're still here? The page is over, go home! Get going! Now!


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