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Trivia / Tekken 7

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  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Gigass" for Gigas. A Punny Name that is either affectionate or derogatory depending on the player, mostly because he's red... and has a very pronounced rear.
    • "Sumireko" for Julia (particularly her redesign for this game), due to both characters sporting plaided purple and glasses.
    • Leroy has earned the nickname "Old Man Woolie", owing to his dreadlocks.
    • Fahkumram was instantly christened "Fuckyourmom" by the fans due to being unable to properly pronounce his name and his intimidating appearance. He is also called "Fahk" for short, along with several related puns based on this shortened version of his name.
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    • "Cutiemitsu" for Kunimitsu II, due to fans finding her voice, appearance, and more open personality compared to her mother cute.
      • Some fans have also noted that Kunimitsu II bears a striking resemblance to Speed-o-Sound Sonic (and to a lesser extent, Wraith). Funnily enough, Kunimitsu also shares a voice actress with Fubuki, of all people!
  • Jossed: When he was first shown off, new character Gigas was heavily speculated to be Craig Marduk after having been heavily augmented and experimented on by the G Corporation, especially when it was revealed that Marduk would not be in the game's base roster. However, Marduk was eventually added to the game as a DLC character (while looking no different than he did in the previous installments aside from the addition of a Badass Beard), disproving this theory.
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  • Missing Trailer Scene: Negan's trailer has him encounter the entire cast of Tekken that is reminiscent of a scene from the hit series. It was never shown in the game.
  • Role Reprise: Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprises his iconic role as Negan in this game.
  • Two Voices, One Character: Geese Howard keeps his Gratuitous English battle lines voiced by Kong Kuwata, but Richard Epcar also voices some additional lines in proper English. This accomplishes two things: maintaining Geese's time-honored Engrish, and making him adhere to Tekken's current rule of having the majority of their roster voiced by a native speaker of their country's language.

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