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  • Actor Allusion: Both Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers have had lines relating to their former TV series (Dallas and Three's Company, respectively) in various episodes. (No such luck with Staci Keenan, ex- of My Two Dads.)
    • When Don Knotts guest stars in a Christmas Episode, he plays a deputy sheriff.
    • Likewise, in the season 2 episode, "The Boss", in which Dana gets a job as an assistant manager at a diner while Karen and J.T. also get jobs there as waitstaff and Cody gets a job there as a disc jockey, the diner owner and manager, Joe Passarelli, is played by Al Molinaro, a.k.a., Al Delvecchio on Happy Days.
    • In one episode, Cody walks into a bar fight and proceeds to annihilate all comers, a reference to Sasha Mitchell's role in the Kickboxer sequels as well as the actor's martial arts abilities.
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    • This isn't the only time that Patrick Duffy (Frank) and Sasha Mitchell (Cody) portrayed uncle and nephew; the first time was on Dallas.
  • Channel Hop: Along with Family Matters, the show moved from ABC to CBS in 1997, to anchor a new TGIF-type programming block called "CBS Block Party." Both sitcoms lasted only a year on their new network.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Patrick Duffy directed 49 episodes.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Up until 2018, the only DVD release of the series was a six-episode set in 2006. The last time it aired in America was years ago on The Hub (now Discovery Family), though Hulu acquired streaming rights for the show. In June 2018, the Warner Archive Collection released season One on DVD, and is expected to release the remaining six in the future.
  • The Other Marty: Mark Foster was played by Jarrett Lennon (rather than Christopher Castile) in the unaired pilot, full episode here.
    • Funnily enough, history repeated itself (though in reverse) half a decade later when Lennon replaced Castile as the voice of Eugene halfway through the first season of Hey Arnold!.
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  • Out of Order: The season 6 premiere was aired as the last episode of that season, leading to inadvertent Chuck Cunningham Syndrome and Remember the New Guy? situations, as Cody's absence and Jean-Luc's presence went unexplained for the entire year.

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