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Trivia / Stephanie McMahon

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  • Creator Couple: Stephanie is currently an on-air talent, used to be the creative director for WWE and is now Chief Brand Officer. Hunter is more active in front of the camera as well as with the showrunning aspect of WWE NXT).
  • Executive Meddling: Apparently didn't want to do that match with Vince in 2003. So much so that when he made her go through with it, he was uninvited from her wedding.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Nipple H.
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    • Was worse during the Attitude Era: The box The Game cums in.
    • Also, Mom/Mother/some variant thereof, particularly for her Authority role due to how she and Hunter talk down to everyone else and effectively treat whoever their chosen top guy is as their son to coddle and protect.
    • Thanks to "King" Ross Tweedell and his WTF moments, "Lady Boss"/"Lady Balls".
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: By 2005, everyone and their brother knew she was married to Triple H. This lead to various angles - most notably DX making rampant and gleeful speculation on who the father of her baby was - and references to their marriage and family.
    Triple H: (dressed as Vince) When I pass, I'm gonna hand my company to my beautiful daughter, Stephanie...and to whoever that guy is that knocked her up!
  • Romance on the Set: How her relationship with Hunter started.
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  • What Could Have Been: According to Triple H's book, the original plan for Armageddon 1999 was for Vince to defeat Triple H, which would have led to his kayfabe marriage to Stephanie being anulled. At the house shows leading up it, fans were booing the hell out of Stephanie instead of sympathizing with her, so they decided to roll with it and did her Face–Heel Turn.
  • WrestleCrap: Two inductions, one of which being the InVasion/Alliance storyline from 2001. As for the other one, it's a doozy when you consider the Hollywood Pudgy item on the YMMV page. In April 2000, Caryn Mower was introduced as Stephanie's evil personal trainer "Muffy," who was basically a knockoff of Sunny's original gimmick. It's also notable because Mower never got another chance after this, as they couldn't come up with another gimmick/character for her. As RD Reynolds put it:
    "Muffy: Nipple H's personal trainer, who was shown the door after someone figured out that if Nips needed a personal trainer, that meant at some point she was, you know, FAT. You can't write comedy like that."

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