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  • At the end of "YoYo's Wedding", Carol throws the bouquet and his sister tries to grab it but another woman grabs it. She cries into her mother's arms.
  • In "One Truck, al Dente", Frank and Carol are in a baby care class, trying to learn how to take care of a baby since they're expecting. Frank had his baby doll underwater for too long, and he gets the water out of it by squeezing it. The water squirts at Carol and the instructor.
    Frank: That was wrong, wasn't it?
    Carol: Frank, you're supposed to save the baby, not juice it!
    Instructor: Don't be too hard on him. A lot of men are nervous about their first baby.
    Frank: Actually, it's not my first baby, it's my fourth.
    Instructor: Oh, any survivors?
    • Later he tries to learn to do the baby heimlich. He "firmly" tab between the doll's shoulders, which causes the head to pop off and flung to another couple's baby tub.
    • Frank accidentally left the doll on top of the car as they're driving home.
    Frank: I want you to know that when you leave the baby with me, it's 100% safe.
    • "You know, they want you to buy American, and they sell you a pile of junk." *throws the rag on the floor* "Unbelievable!"
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    • "I have already killed three kids today, two more will make no difference."
      • The look on JT's face when Frank said that.
  • Cody.
  • In "Your Cheatin' Heart", the b-plot is Frank and Carol getting frustrated (especially Frank, obviously) at not having any alone time together thanks to numerous interruptions by the kids. By the time they do get a chance, they both get sick and are hilariously unable to follow through and end up passing out.

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