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  • Breakup Breakout: Although it cannot be said that Jessica Hynes' career has floundered since the show, she has definitely been overshadowed by Pegg, who has gone on to star in several blockbuster franchises, and Wright, who successfully transitioned to film directing.
  • Hide Your Pregnancy: Jessica Hynes in Series 1. Daisy's tomboyish outfits helped to conceal her pregnancy, along with cruel comments from Daisy's "friend" Twist. Series 2 explains her suddenly slighter frame and fondness for less clothing in general with the elegant solution of having her spending a few months between series backpacking around Asia.
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  • Star-Making Role: For Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The series is very definitely set in in late Nineties/Turn of the Millennium Britain:
    • The use of VCRs and VHS (especially noticeable for their use for porn), the knowledge of the existence of the internet but the lack of it in Tim and Daisy's flat (not yet easily affordable or worth paying for) - also, the old trope of kids getting their first porn from magazines abandoned by others.
      • One instance where the absence of the internet is particularly noticeable: the entire plot of Series 2, Episode 4 revolves around Tim sending his art portfolio to a comics editor ASAP by bike courier.
    • The presence of mobile phones, but only as a symbol of wealth/importance/success (Duane and Damian Knox have mobiles, Tim and Daisy only use the landline in their flat or payphones, Brian only uses one whilst pretending to be a lawyer).
    • The original PlayStation with games like Tomb Raider III and Resident Evil 2, the Gameboy Color belonging to the paperboy.
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    • The Phantom Menace came out between seasons, specifically "eighteen months ago": early on Duane, played by the same actor that voiced Darth Maul, echoes one of his few lines from the trailer; later, mention of the film is a Berserk Button for Tim.
    • The use of Polaroid cameras; little background things like Pokémon merchandise in the comic book store, with an "Ancient Mew" card clearly visible under the counter and advertisements for bands such as Coldplay and Muse playing smaller venues than they would today.
      • Sometimes the old-fashioned-ness is intentional, for instance when Daisy hefts a massive, outdated camcorder and smugly says, 'Welcome to the 21st Century'. Daisy and (less so) Tim are skint and out of touch with ACTUAL youth enough to be using technologies and listening to music that Amber and her friends would disdain.
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    • Daisy uses a typewriter and not a laptop.
      • Though even the typewriter she's using is an antique by the standards of the day. It's meant to show that she's really not putting much effort into being a writer. If she was she'd have a more modern electric typewriter or a word processor
      • And also that she's a proto-hipster. She wears glassless glasses when using the typewriter after all.
    • Characters seen smoking in indoor locations (smoking in pretty much anywhere but private residences and the street was banned in the UK in 2007, certainly in pubs).
    • All the references, parodies, shout-outs and homages are from no later than 1999 (even the trailers, such as one that says "You cannot know what Spaced must see it for yourself".)
    • Daisy and Tim pay £90 per week to rent a flat in North London; even by the time they were they pre-screening it for test audiences, that had become a pipe dream. In the DVD Commentary, Pegg says it got the first laugh of the series.
  • What Could Have Been: The role of Brian was originally written for Julian Barratt, though due to the similarities between his deadpan style and Mark Heap's the result would likely have been much the same.
  • Word of Gay: Mike was confirmed to be gay in the DVD Commentary. Considering the Ho Yay-laden advances he makes toward best friend Tim, everyone seems to be perfectly fine with it.
  • Word of God: According to Simon Pegg, what the future held for the characters was always left ambiguous at the end of the show. But that hasn't stopped him imagining where they wound up. Tim and Daisy ended up together and have a daughter. Pegg said it was always the plan to get them together, even if it never occurred throughout the show. Brian has a long and happy life with Twist, and after his death, his work becomes incredibly popular and sells for millions. Twist winds up in suspended animation, and awakens in the future, where she finds, to her disgust, everyone wearing silver. Mike ends up with Dexter, and moves to South London. Pegg added if there had been a third season, it would end in a Blake's 7 style shoot-out. But, he and Jessica Stevenson knew the season two finale would be the very last episode while they were writing it.


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