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  • The two slow motion finger gun fights, among other things.
  • "It's not a bedsit. It's a flat!" in Episode 4 (Battles), before shooting Duane in the bollocks with a paintball
  • Just as "Vulva" destroys Brian's ego, Tim, monged out on speed, Twiglets and Resident Evil 2, sees her as a zombie and punches her out.
  • The end of the Robot Wars-esque fight between Tim & Mike's Private Iron and Dexter & Cromwell's War Bastard.
    Dexter & Cromwell: That's not fair!
    Tim & Mike: [In high pitched, whiny voices] That's not fair, that's not fair!
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  • The entire Tekken argument sequence. Masterfully edited, written and acted. Not a wasted word is spoken, and it truly showcases the talent and collaborative abilities of Jessica Stevenson, Simon Pegg, and Edgar Wright.
  • The clubbing sequence, which culminates in a remix of The A-Team theme.
  • Daisy beating the shit out the agents in the pub.
  • Brian saves Colin from being hit by the head of Darkstar Comix' BMW after remembering the tragic death of his own dog. It does, however, result in Daisy being run over instead.
    Brian: Not. Again.
  • Marsha ends up saving the day when Daisy's about to be dragged away by secret agents for unknowingly smuggling illegal goods into the country. While watching Daisy's holiday footage, Marsha noticed that her bag was switched while at the airport; something that Tim, Mike and Daisy herself missed while watching the same video. Marsha's immediate response is to let Daisy know, which just happens to be when the secret agents are there. They initially refuse to even look at the evidence but Marsha throws the videotape to Brian, who then falls backwards in his chair in order to put it in the video player. For his part, Tim is pretty quick to press play.
  • The epic rescue mission to save Colin, headed by Tim who feels incredibly guilty for having him letting get dognapped in the first place. Tim, Daisy, Brian, Mike and Twist team up to rescue Colin from a nearby animal testing laboratory. Tim ends up rescuing a cage full of kittens along with Colin, and Twist is the one who comes up with the idea to get the friendly security guard out of trouble; she uses her make up to make him look as if they'd beat him up.
    • The security guard is the one who told Daisy where Colin was being held. He had no idea that the company he was working for was testing on animals, and he felt awful the moment he knew. He says he would report them, but he knows they'd clear away all and any evidence by the time they were investigated. He's more than willing to take the blame for letting them escape until Twist comes up with the above idea.

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