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  • The two slow motion finger gun fights, among other things.
  • "It's not a bedsit. It's a flat!" in Episode 4 (Battles), before shooting Duane in the bollocks with a paintball
  • Just as "Vulva" destroys Brian's ego, Tim, monged out on speed, Twiglets and Resident Evil 2, sees her as a zombie and punches her out.
  • The end of the Robot Wars-esque fight between Tim & Mike's Private Iron and Dexter & Cromwell's War Bastard.
    Dexter & Cromwell: That's not fair!
    Tim & Mike: [In high pitched, whiny voices] That's not fair, that's not fair!
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  • The entire Tekken argument sequence. Masterfully edited, written and acted. Not a wasted word is spoken, and it truly showcases the talent and collaborative abilities of Jessica Stevenson, Simon Pegg, and Edgar Wright.
  • The clubbing sequence, which culminates in a remix of The A-Team theme.
  • Daisy beating the shit out the agents in the pub.
  • Brian saves Colin from being hit by the head of Darkstar Comix' BMW after remembering the tragic death of his own dog. It does, however, result in Daisy being run over instead.
    Brian: Not. Again.

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