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Tear Jerker / Spaced

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  • When Daisy confesses to Marsha that she and Tim aren't really a couple - and that ''everyone else knows - the look on Marsha's face is heartbreaking.
    • Particularly when she reveals that the 'couple' requirement on the ad was the result of a miscommunication between her and the man writing the advert, and she'd have been perfectly happy to have them both there anyway.
  • When Marsha tells Daisy about how she almost became a sprinter in the Olympics. She was knocked down by her (now ex) husband-to-be in his car, and her subsequent injuries meant that she fell behind with her training. Her husband-to-be also gave Marsha her first taste of alcohol, telling her that it would 'help with the pain'. Marsha notes that 'he was not wrong'.
    • Marsha then comments that she often wonders what her life would have been like had she not been hit by that car. We then briefly get to see what could have been, a well groomed and alcohol free Marsha is shown presenting a sports show, presumably after a long and successful sporting career.
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  • Colin's POV of Daisy leaving for her trip to Asia is oddly heartbreaking; he runs up to her yipping softly and panting to get her attention and she instead just shouts goodbye to Tim before slamming the door and leaving.

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