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Tear Jerker / So Weird

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  • When Fiona is being haunted by the ghost of an 86-year-old boy he reveals during the climax of the episode of how he died. Originally thinking he died in the Chicago Fire, she discovers that the boy drowned when the boat he and his parents were on capsized. In one of the most gut-wrenching scenes in the whole series, Fi gets a flashback to the day the boy died: how he was desperately clinging to the railing and trying to reach his parents who were in turn doing everything in their power to save their (presumably) only son. But before his father could reach him the boy's grip on the railing slips and he slides down the boat while his parents look in horror, screaming out for him. Fi, all the while, watching this can't do anything and even when the boy slips past her she desperately tries to save by grabbing him...and instead grabs his shirt which has his name on it. In the end, Fi manages to unite the boy with his parents in death by having the historical society find his grave so he can buried next to his parents. When Fi is walking back to the bus the spirits of the boy and his parents stand together as a family once more, in a way almost like a thank-you to Fi.
  • The song Molly sings about her titular childhood friend at the end of the episode "Rebecca". Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • The episode itself too. Going to your best friend's house to deliver a surprise birthday cake and then entering an empty house only to find out she moved away without telling you has got to hurt. Especially because Molly never really found out why. Worse? This gets repeated as Fiona tries to bring Molly to see Rebecca again. And the house is completely empty. And to rub salt in the wound, when Molly sings her song of Rebecca, Rebecca actually goes to see her one last time.
    • Rebecca herself. She ages roughly at about a year every century, and she never gets to stay in any one place at any time for very long, because she and her family would be at risk of discovery if they did, which is why she left Molly's life so abruptly. At one point, she starts speaking the language of a friend she'd had as a young child, which was a thousand years ago, and screams at Fi that that girl's bones are now dust.
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  • "Sacrifice" reveals a soldier's friendship with a bigfoot and his diary states that he could've called out to the soldiers calling for him, but decides not to because the bigfoot's existence was more valuable than his own. His final request is that he asks for someone to tell his wife and child that he was an honorable man and great soldier.
  • In "James Garr", the titular character switches bodies with an old terminal cancer patient who dies that night, thus sacrificing his life to save the old man's life. Why? Because his life had no meaning. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • "Strange Geometry" has Fi giving up her opportunity to see her deceased father again in order to free all the spirits trapped in a building. After this Molly tells her that her father was a paranormal investigator just like her when she was alive, and she kept this a secret from her in order to protect her. The episode ends with Fi breaking down in tears.
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  • "Lost" involves Fiona accidentally getting emails from the mind of a coma patient named Camilla. Camilla fell into a coma as a small child, and her family is still there years later as they work to bring her out of it. Probably the most emotional moment is when her mother realizes a small part of her child is still alive and trying to communicate with her. It's exactly as tear-jerking as it sounds.
  • Molly's songs were written in reference to events in her life. That's made abundantly clear in "Love Is Broken," a song about lost love. It starts with effectively a plea for her husband not to go on the car ride that takes his life.
    It's dark outside and the baby is asleep
    You're going for a ride
    Why is it black?
    What is this tingle on the back of my neck?
    It's cold outside and the fire's burned out
    You're going for a ride
    Don't go
    • The chorus just brings it home all the harder. Basically, the entire song is just concentrated tearjerker
    Your breath is still on my lips
    Your touch is on my fingertips
    Your tears are still on my cheek
    Your voice still makes me weak
    Gifts I will never give you
    Lives I will never live with you
    Words that will never be spoken
    The moment I lose you
    • There's also her song written about her father, "The Rock," how as a young woman, he was a source of struggle as she tried to find her own way, yet now faces his mortality and impending death (which Fi is busy dealing with, bargaining with a banshee to delay because she's not ready to lose another family member), and how much she depends on him and the lessons he taught her.

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