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  • The last scene of the show's run is a montage of all the main characters going about their lives, apparently content, set to a jaunty little tune. There's no dialogue in it at all, but it delivers a massive dose of warm fuzzy straight to the heart, and occasionally eyeballs.
  • The "Skip to the End" documentary. Just skip to the end.
  • Everyone decorating the tank to apologize to Marsha after she learns they've been lying to her.
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  • Despite their volatile relationship, there's a moment where we see Amber gently remove a still lit cigarette from a sleeping Marsha. She then covers her up with a blanket before heading out.
  • Tim and Daisy dancing together in the pub, after having spent most of the episode at odds with one another.
  • Brian and Twist's first 'date' is at an art exhibit that consists entirely of blank, white paintings. Twist seems to genuinely be enjoying herself, and is touched when Brian gets her a postcard of one of the paintings. She even claims that it's of her favourite exhibit, despite having suggested earlier that all of the paintings looked the same.
    • It's also sweet that Twist dons a pair of Daisy's slightly tacky and brightly coloured trainers to go there with Brian in the first place, as she couldn't walk in the heels she was originally wearing. For someone as fashion conscious as Twist, it's quite the sacrifice on her part.
  • When Tim is determined to get Colin back after he's dognapped, despite having been afraid of him earlier. He basically does it because Colin is important to Daisy, but he can't hide his delight on finally getting Colin back. He also rescues a cage of kittens because he can't leave them behind.
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  • The whole clubbing scene. Everyone makes up with each other and even Brian manages to have a good time.
  • The guys must do "something bloody spectacular" to get Marsha to come back. They drive a TANK up to where she's staying, create out a big "We love you" sign and boom box "Back for Good" while holding it up outside her window. It works.

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