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  • Awesome Music: The entire soundtrack. That remix of The A-Team theme tune that Mike dances to on stage when the gang go clubbing is absolutely classic.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Tim's caricature as a caustic critic of the Star Wars Prequels and Jar Jar Binks and a Fan Hater becomes this after Jake Lloyd, who played Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace, admitted to being bullied for his performance in the years afterward, but even more so after 2018, where not only has toxicity in nerd culture become a hot topic in the wake of the online harassment of Kelly Marie Tran over her role as Rose in The Last Jedi, it was revealed that Jar Jar's actor, Ahmed Best, contemplated suicide over similar harassment. It got to the point that Simon Pegg not only chewed out the people responsible for the harassment, but even though he admits to only criticizing Jar Jar the character, he also felt shame for possibly having a hand in influencing Best's harassment.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The solid nerd wisdom of " sure as eggs is eggs and every odd number Star Trek movie is shite." Pegg later joked about fate putting him in the eleventh, Star Trek (2009), then going on to co-write the thirteenth, Star Trek Beyond. (Though ironically, those are considered the better ones, with Star Trek Into Darkness generally considered the "shit" one.)
    • Simon Pegg wears a Dawn of the Dead (1978) T-shirt in season 2, episode 2.
    • Not to mention, the hallucination scene at the beginning of Episode 3. Though, this was the inspiration for Shaun of the Dead to begin with.
    • The flat has several Judge Dredd posters on the walls. Simon Pegg would later co-star with Karl Urban (who would later go on to play Dredd in Dredd) in Star Trek (2009).
    • A real-life example, but with regards to the use of Star Wars during 'Chaos', the team actually wanted to use the series' proper soundtrack for the background, and had petitioned Lucasfilm to use it in the show. Lucasfilm, being protective of the license, told them 'no', only to begin to change their minds once they understood that the characters were not using the series as a source of mockery. They then agreed to allow the team to use elements from the series - there was just one problem; By the time Lucasfilm had agreed, the much contested prequel Episode I had been released. Rather than use the material Lucasfilm would now allow, the team instead stuck a three good Star Wars films later jab into "Chaos" at the last minute, and proceeded to make the dissatisfaction with The Phantom Menace an element of Tim's character in Series 2.
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    • Tim works for a man named Bilbo. Martin Freeman was one of the actors to have a role in all three of the Cornetto movies, and is a close friend of Simon and Nick.
    • In one of the episodes, there was a brief scene where Brain Topp accidentally gets covered in paint when he moves a ladder. This scene becomes funnier when you realise that his actor (Mark Heap) played a character in Friday Night Dinner who goes through a similar issue.
    • The scene where Bilbo [Bill Bailey] and Tim [Simon Pegg] to a celebratory dance was a well circulated GIF when Bill Bailey won Strictly Come Dancing in 2020
  • Hollywood Pudgy: In the first episode of series 2, Marsha tells Daisy that she looks well stating that a lot of people lose weight when travelling. In spite of this, Daisy looks visibly trimmer than she did in series 1 due to the fact that Jessica Hynes had been pregnant while filming.
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  • Signature Scene: The scene where Tim angrily reams out a kid for wanting to buy a Jar-Jar Binks toy and shooing him out of the store he works at.
  • Values Dissonance: Tim casually calls the gender-fluid Vulva a "tranny", which is now considered a highly offensive slur against trans people. Though, to the show's credit, Vulva is more a target of comedy for her bizarre, incomprehensible performance art and the fact that she's mean to Brian than the fact she's genderfluid.


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