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  • Name's the Same: Patrick Hockstetter.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Andy makes a cab driver think a one dollar bill is actually $500. Bills larger than $100 were discontinued in 1969 but were never actually stricken as legal tender, and in 1980 there were still enough $500 bills floating around to make this plausible.
  • What Could Have Been: Had Drew Barrymore turned down the lead, Jennifer Connelly would have been the second actress offered the role. Ironically, Barrymore and Connelly would appear together in He's Just Not That Into You 25 years later.
    • John Carpenter was originally attached to direct, with drafts of the script from Bill Lancaster and Bill Phillips, writers of the The Thing (1982) and Christine (1983), respectively. After the former flopped at the box office, Universal balked at Carpenter's proposed budget and bumped him off the project. Notable details included:
      • Richard Dreyfuss was the first choice to play Andy McGee. This would have led to a bit of Hilarious in Hindsight for the novel, where Andy watches Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) on television at one point.
      • The story was told chronologically, ditching King's flashback structure.
      • John Rainbird and Dr. Wanless were composited into a single character, the female Dr. Rahv, who presided over the Lot Six experiment and later posed as a maid to gain Charlie's trust.
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    • Bill Lancaster's father Burt was approached to appear in the film, but turned it down due to his ailments after a long and very physical career. He would only appear in one more film, Field of Dreams, before retiring.

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