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  • Late Export for You: It took 16 years(!) for Square Enix to release the game in the U.S, while the rest of the original six were ported to the PlayStation.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • A Wonderswan Color port of the game was in development, but got scrapped. Considering that the Wonderswan Color ports of I and II influenced their later releases, one has to wonder how things would have been had the III port not been cancelled.
    • The Ultimania has some changes noted in the design files:
      • The layout of the Alter Cave was different, though kept the same elements.
      • There was meant to be a queen of Saronia, who would go to war with the king rather than the king pitting his armies against each other.
      • There were more jobs and various design changes (the sprite for the "Knight" job was originally for the "Paladin" job, for example). The unused jobs and designs would be reused in future games.
      • Guardian, one of the Eureka bosses was meant to be a summon at one point, complete with Amano art. This never came to pass, though the design was used for the manga's portrayal of Xande.
      • A list of slated music tracks during development reveals that Xande was meant to have his own unique battle theme. This did not pan out, however, and he merely reuses the usual boss theme during his battle.
      • Speaking of Xande, early plans described him as a "cold and beautiful woman".
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    • Plenty of text strings for conversations among the party members and companions exists in the remake's coding that are untranslated and go unused. Among other things, the text seems to suggest that the Castle Hein dungeon and Saronia would've played out entirely differently.
      • Luneth would have been separated from the party and would have had a character arc revolving around his pride.
      • The text makes reference to a character known as Falb from Tokkul who would have accompanied Luneth through Castle Hein.
      • The Evoker class would have been granted from a crystal piece found in the dungeon, suggesting that some jobs would be obtained through different means. In the final game, the Onion Knight Class is the only one gotten like this. On a similar note, the Bard class was supposed to be received after a sideplot in Duster involving Refia and a bard, potentially making it optional.
      • Dialogue pertaining to Saronia suggests that Arc and Alus would have left the party temporarily due to Arc getting upset at Ingus and Refia for treating him like a child.
      • Dialogue for Falgabard has Ingus show familiarity with the village, leading the party to theorize that he was born there.
      • Some of the scenes touch on character tics that are downplayed in the final game such as Luneth getting seasick/airsick (?) on airships, Arc's Height Angst, etc.
      • An interview with the developers reveals that a fifth party slot for guest characters was under consideration. It was ultimately dropped due to requiring too much power for an occasional feature, leading to the current system of the guests occasionally assisting.
      • The E3 2006 trailer shows that Luneth was blonde at one point in development. Additionally, Ingus' name changed during development as, outside of one instance, his name is shown to be "Freyrg"/"Freyg". Given the other names' romanizations, his name was likely "Freyr"note .
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Final Fantasy Wiki.

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