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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In the remake versions, any time we're reminded that the Warriors of the Light are kids. Refia and Luneth bicker, Refia happily accepts Ingus' help from King Sasune because his sword is worth two of Luneth and Arc....
  • The whole entire kingdom of Sasune shipping Ingus/Sara. Sara's chambermaid even tells Ingus outright that Sara wouldn't mind him going into her room while she's not around!
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  • When the party wonders why Castle Argus is abandoned, Refia shrugs and says "Maybe they're out pillaging the countryside like good soldiers of doom?"
  • Every time Desch starts acting like a Swashbuckler and gets told off by Refia because excuse me Salina is waiting for him!
    "Now we can go to exotic ports, and meet more exotic women!"
  • Behold, the dwarven moonwalk!
  • The party has to get some swamp-proof shoes from a grouchy old lady named Delilah who's living in the sewers. After insulting their credentials, she agrees... and then throws exploding shoes at them.
  • All of the Painful Rhymes that the bards of Falgabard, Duster, and Replito compose.
  • When Unei woke up and did her morning exercises with her parrot on her shoulder. And then completely shut down Luneth because he was thinking of protesting a "frail" old woman joining the quest.
    Unei: What is it, young man? Embarrassed to be seen walking around with an old crone like me?
    Luneth: [stares at his feet] N-no ma'am...
    Unei: Then stop staring and get moving!
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  • "Let's sleep in the Princess's bed!"
  • The scene where we find out that everyone is an orphan.
    Refia: I am thankful to Father for taking care of an orphan like me for all these years, but...this is something I have to do.
    Luneth:'re an orphan, too?
    Refia: "Too"? You mean—
    Arc: I'm one, too!
    Ingus: Wait a minute...I, too, have no parents...


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