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Warning: Potentially unmarked spoilers for Final Fantasy III.

Xande wasn't stripped of his immortality.
He was given the option of dying. The other two would live forever, no surcease, no comfort beyond knowledge of the arcane and possibly eventual godhood until Tellah could divine a spell to kill himself, or the power of Dream and a facade of every desire being fulfilled but death unless a method of "true" eternal rest was found, but Xande could live, grow in knowledge and power, even love another mortal as only a mortal can, then once his life was over, die. Instead he decided to freeze the world, denying himself that chance because he wanted to screw over the world instead of looking at the possible advantages of his gift.
  • This makes sense and it's much better than the in-game explanation, IMO.
  • What about the fact that the party is able to kill Doga and Unei?
  • Damn, that's tough. Umm...the power of the Crystals did it?
  • They have the Age Without Youth type of Immortality. They can still age to SUCH an extent, but they can still be mortally wounded.

The four main characters in the Famicom version are the Light Warriors from Final Fantasy I.
Essentially, III is a prequel to the original, detailing how the Light Warriors became so powerful, and how they got the four crystals they're found with in I. Sometime after the four return to Ur, they travel to Cornelia, where their crystals somehow had their lights extinguished.

Obviously, this theory only makes sense for the Famicom version, since the DS version gives the characters identities and ends with them going their separate ways.

  • So, the Surface World of FF3 = Overworld Map of FF1?
  • Doesn't explain why they forgot how to change class, how they forgot all their spells, and how the Thief forgot how to steal, for starters.
    • They each realized that the best path to power was to pick one class and be that only from then on. The spells starting at the Lv 1 slots for FF1 are Lv 9+ slots to the equivalent of FF3, following the logic of "yeah, they're just THAT powerful now".

Refia will grow Boobs of Steel.
  • She agreed to be the apprentice of Takka the Blacksmith in her DS ending.

Cloud of Darkness is both Neo Exdeath and Necron
  • Seems quite likely. Given all that we know is that Cloud of Darkness is the personification of non existence AKA the void, has influenced people to achieve her goals (Xande) and took on a different form 1,000 years ago, it seems quite likely that it's the exact same reality destroying entity fought at the end of the other games that are a multiple of three before XII came along. All their motives are the same along with the fact that they fully believe they will never truly be destroyed.
    • Jossed in Dissidia you see her alongside ExDeath. Hell she and ExDeath, Kuja and Kefka team up to try and destroy all existence.
      • Necron isn't jossed thanks to not appearing in Dissidia at all.

The Onion Knight in Dissidia Final Fantasy is Luneth and Refia's future child.
  • He looks incredibly similar to both Luneth and Refia, though more like Luneth but with Refia's colors. He also has a very similar personality to Luneth. Though he comes off as an homage character to the original Final Fantasy III, maybe the Onion Knight has a deeper connection to the heroic orphans?

Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy V take place in the same world.
  • The legend of Enuo in the latter game is a corrupted retelling of FFIII: Xande, an immortal wizard who turned evil because he became mortal, and the Cloud of Darkness, a being with control of the Void, became a single figure, "Enuo", who traded his immortality willingly for the power of the Void. (This may even be true From a Certain Point of View, depending on how much CoD was influencing Xande.) After the defeat of the Cloud of Darkness, the Light Warriors liberate the Dark Crystals and use their power to split the "Light" world in two, creating the two worlds seen in FFV; the original "Dark World" becomes the Interdimensional Rift. The "Enuo" fought in FFV's GBA Bonus Dungeon is one of Xande's Clones, mutated over a thousand years by the Void, who takes advantage of the corrupted legend to make himself seem scarier (or the party just identifies him as "Enuo" because they have no idea what he really is). And Neo Exdeath is the next incarnation of the Cloud of Darkness, either as a Legacy Character or perhaps the original CoD is one of the spirits sealed in Moore Forest.
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  • This is pretty much confirmed in Dissidia.

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