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  • Billing Displacement: As with ET, Dee Wallace-Stone (the mom) gets top-billing in the first film. Veteran character actor M. Emmet Walsh also takes second billing, with young Scott Grimes in the lead role way down the list.
  • California Doubling: The first film was shot in Kansas, where the story takes place. However, while Critters 2 also takes place in the same area, it was shot near Los Angeles.
  • Dawson Casting: April, who's supposed to be in high school in the first movie, was played by a then 23-year old Nadine Van der Velde.
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  • Dueling Movies: Not to Gremlins, but to Munchies.
  • Making Use of the Twin: Christopher and Joseph Cousins alternate as Johnny McFadden.
  • Old Shame: Leonardo DiCaprio debuts in Critters 3. Bet he leaves that one off his résumé.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • M. Emmet Walsh is replaced as Harv by Barry Corbin in Critters 2.
    • Meta-examples: Warden Zanti was played by an actor in heavy makeup in the first film, but appears briefly in the second as a stop-motion figure voiced by a female actor. The default "nothing face" forms of the bounty hunters are also portrayed by different actors in the first and second films.
    • Corey Burton voiced the Krites in the first film, with the second, third and fourth films not crediting who did the Krite voices. In the fifth film Critters Attack!, the Krite voices are now done by Steve Blum.
  • Sequel Gap: The fifth film Critters Attack! was released in 2019, 27 years after the previous film Critters 4.
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  • Sleeper Hit: When the first film was initially released, the results were a bit disappointing, only opening at sixth and dropping heavily week two. However, word of mouth caught up, and during its run it kept maintaining around that spot, and even after dropping out of the top 20 in one week, it bounced back to top ten in the following. The legs it held on were so surprising that the studio bought more theaters than they planned near the end of its run, and it ended up making four times its budget back.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Critters Wiki.

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