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  • One critter notices that a cornered human has a gun. The other remarks "So what?'' and is promptly blown to bits. Followed by a (subtitled) Precision F-Strike as the first critter runs away.
    • Notable in that Siskel and Ebert apparently found it hilarious.
  • In the fourth movie, the surviving protagonists have to escape the ship before it explodes. The AI, which thus far has not demonstrated itself as being terribly competent, provides a helpful countdown, only to interrupt the countdown by replying to something said to it. When the computer resumes where it left off on the countdown, the ship promptly explodes with seconds left on the clock. Turns out, Talking is not a free action.
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  • At the climax of the first movie, the critters escaping the planet in their ship finally notice the firecracker about to explode and all they have to say is "Uh-Oh..."
  • In the second film when Ugg and Lee massacre the crites in the restaurant, one of Lee's shots burns off one of the crite's fur on top of it's head, it screams in horror then looks at it's reflection and admires it's bald head and says "bitching!" in subtitles.

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