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This is the page for the timeline of the Mega Man X series.



  • The events of the Mega Man (Classic) series occur.
  • Dr. Light creates X, and seals him in a capsule to test his diagnostics for approximately 30 years.
  • Dr. Wily creates Zero but doesn't finish him in time, forcing him to seal him in a capsule full of Maverick Virus.
  • Both Dr. Light and Dr. Wily pass away.
  • Dr. Cain is born.


  • April 10: Dr. Cain conducts an archeological expedition, wherein he finds Dr. Light's laboratory and uncovers X's capsule. He awakens X and uses Light's tech to make the first of the Reploids. The Reploids are quickly accepted by the humans, and they enter mass production.
  • February 16: Irregular and dangerous Reploid behavior begins occurring, resulting in such Reploids being labeled Maverick. To counter this, Dr. Cain forms the Maverick Hunters, a Reploid organization devoted to detaining Mavericks. He designates Sigma, his most advanced Reploid created at the time, as the force's commander.
  • Zero is discovered and classified as a Maverick due to his violent behavior. Maverick Hunters are deployed, but he kills many of them. Sigma himself fights Zero in Dr. Wily's laboratory and just barely manages to defeat him - however, Sigma is infected by the Maverick Virus in the process.
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  • Zero is repaired by Dr. Cain and reforms as a Maverick Hunter, working in the 17th Elite Unit under the command of Sigma. Meanwhile, Sigma develops Maverick thoughts due to the virus, but hides it. He begins secretly approaching his strongest Hunters, enlisting them to aid in an upcoming Reploid rebellion against the humans.
  • June 4: Sigma goes Maverick and openly declares his anti-human rebellion, beginning the Maverick Wars. Zero is made the de facto leader of the Maverick Hunters in Sigma's absence, and X decides to join the Hunters in order to help stop the conflict.




  • Zero allows himself to be sealed away in a capsule to allow an in-depth analysis of his body's true power. Analyzing Zero's body yields Cyber-Elf technology. A super-powerful Cyber-Elf called the Mother Elf is created, which X uses to destroy the Sigma Virus completely and end the Maverick Wars. Neo Arcadia is built as a place where humans and Reploids can live together in peace, and X rules it in justice.
  • After his Project Elpizo is rejected by X, the scientist Dr. Weil steals the Mother Elf and turns it into the Dark Elf to instigate the Elf Wars. This four-year period kills 90% of the planet's Reploids and 60% of the planet's humans. During this time, Zero's comatose body is stolen by Weil to construct Omega.
  • Zero is given a new body using his original mind. Together, Zero and X fight against Weil's forces and go up against the powerful Omega, defeating him. Dr. Weil is banished from Neo Arcadia, punished with a regenerative armor so that he will suffer forever in the inhabitable land outside Neo Arcadia. Omega is banished to space.
  • With the Elf Wars over, Zero seals himself away again. Meanwhile, X seals the Dark Elf in the tower Yggdrasil using his own body. X's body is replicated by Ciel, creating Copy X and the Four Guardians. Copy X takes lead of Neo Arcadia. However, he turns out to be a tyrant, and a Resistance forms to fight his rule.
  • The events of the Mega Man Zero series occur.


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