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Timeline / Mega Man Battle Network

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A timeline of events of the Battle Network series (contains some events related to Mega Man Star Force).Unmarked Spoilers!



  • The Atlampian Civilization of Sink Island is at war with another nation.
    • Dr. Troy creates the Trojan Horse Cyber Weapon.
    • A young female Atlampian named Sherrice is put into cold sleep along with an older male Atlampian.
  • The Trojan Horse is used and devastated both sides of the conflict; The Atlampian Civilization collapse.
  • Through a hole in time and space originating from the era of 20XX, Nobody arrives sometime after the fall of the Atlampian Civilization.
    • Nobody prepares time released E-mails for Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE to help stop the himself in the era of 20XX and to finally destroy the Trojan Horse.
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    • Nobody finds Sherrice's mother's heirloom and has it kept away to be found in the era of 20XX for the Sherrice in that era.
  • Nobody lives out the rest of his life with the survivors of the Atlampian Civilization in this era.



  • Tadashi Hikari and Dr. Wily develop Soul Net, but leave it incomplete for the next generation to finish.
  • Tasashi Hikari's internet technology is developed in favour over Dr. Wily's robotics research.
  • Bass.EXE and Alpha are developed.
  • The Alpha Revolt occurs. Bass.EXE is severely damaged, and Alpha is contained after it swallows the net.
  • Dr. Wily adopts Baryl and develops Colonel.EXE.
  • Baryl's father dies; Colonel.EXE's emotions are split apart and formed into Iris.EXE.
  • Initial clash of the Cybeasts, leading to both being sealed in the Underground.
  • Lan and Hub Hikari are born; Hub dies from HBD but is turned into a NetNavi, MegaMan.EXE by his father.

200X A.D.

Unknown time in this era

  • Sherrice and the male Atlampian awakens sometime in this era.
    • The male Atlampian discards his original name and renames himself as Nobody.
    • Sherrice takes a liking for period pieces and creates her own NetNavi, RideMan.EXE.

Start of series

  • Events of Battle Network 1 and Operate Shooting Star.
  • 1 month after the end of BN1; Events of Network Transmission.
  • Events of Battle Network 2.
    • MegaMan.EXE gets the Style Change ability.
    • Net Mafia Gospel is dissolved.
  • Events of Battle Network 3.
    • Alpha is destroyed.
    • MegaMan.EXE dies and is revived.
    • Bass.EXE fuses with the remains of the Gospel Multibug Organism to survive.
  • Events of Battle Chip Challenge.
  • Events of Battle Network 4.
    • MegaMan.EXE gets the Double Soul ability.
  • Events of Phantom of Network.


20XX A.D.

  • Events of Battle Network 5.
    • Nebula is dissolved.
  • Events of Legend of Network.
    • MegaMan.EXE gets the Trans Arm ability.
    • The Trojan Horse is defeated.
      • Nobody is sent 3000 years into the past.
  • Events of Battle Network 6.
    • MegaMan.EXE gets the Cross System and Beast Out abilities.
    • Cybeasts Gregar and Falzar are defeated.

20 years after Battle Network 6

  • Lan and Mayl are married and have a son named Patch who has the NetNavi named MegaMan Junior, his "cousin" who is the "son" of MegaMan.EXE and Roll.EXE.
  • Dex is mayor of ACDC.
  • Yai takes over her family's company.
  • Mick becomes a teacher in Central Town of Cyber City.
  • Chaud becomes the leader of the Official Net Battles and/or runs his family's company.

Unknown time

  • Lan creates the Brother Band and made the way for the EM technology of the Star Force series.

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