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Ah, yes, Mega Man Battle Network. This series had more than a few examples of crap flung through the radar field (especially the infamous second game).

Mega Man Battle Network 1

  • Lan can have an Accidental Pervert moment by walking in on Mayl changing clothes (which doubles as a Mythology Gag for Mega Man Legends). Dex also has a Porn Stash.
  • Dex comments on Higsby being their new teacher ending with "That blows!"
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  • Talk to Miss Yuri at a specific point in the game and she'll tell you her twin sister's measurements. This information is actually useful for a quiz later.

Mega Man Battle Network 2

  • Battle Network 2 has the — the — Crowning Moment of Radarfail for the series: "You want summa DIS whiskey?"
    • Near the end of the game, Lan is flying home from abroad and gets involved in an attempt to collect a runaway spider (which is incredibly venomous and about the size of the average human head). The insectologist aboard the plane has Lan collect the materials for a trap, which include whiskey. There is, of course, whiskey available in the first class section of the plane; however, on attempting to get his hands on it, Lan is responsibly warned off by the bottle's owner, who informs Lan that the whiskey is too potent for a young child like him and that he should instead "go suck [his] mama's milk."
    • When Lan persists, the man agrees to provide it on the grounds that Lan rise to his challenge: prove his skills by matching him in a rap-off, which is a litany of barely subtextual sexual imagery (e.g. "Chicky-chicky baby, make me go kaboom!"). MegaMan Battle Network 2: Rated E for Everyone.
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  • Ms. Millions. Almost everything she says is a mixture of Combat Sadomasochist and the Interplay of Sex and Violence... all of which occurs in the context of her conversations with the grade school protagonist. That her Navi is SnakeMan doesn't help.
  • In Netopia, there's an old lady in the jewelry shop and says she can't afford the jewelry, so why is she in there? Because of all the girls.
  • The second game is comparatively filled with swearing (Gauss famously shouts "Damn it to Hell!" after being foiled). There's also the infamous scene in which Yai goes about accusing (and then teasing) Lan for almost seeing her naked. The ESRB rating warned only of Comic Mischief.
  • This game's villains Gospel is easily the darkest, they are ready to kill anyone just to pass a message.
    • Airman.EXE operator, Arashi, almost kills Yai and later when MegaMan says "I can't forgive you!" he just says "Say what you want! Keep sucking gas and DIE!" If that wasn't dark enough, after he fails Gospel decides to explode him using his own briefcase!
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    • Quickman.EXE operator, Speedy Dave, is a terrorist ready to blow a dam and kill many innocent people, (and considering how close he is, even himself would die!) and despite that keeps shouting about how it's going to be "awesome".
    • Shadowman.EXE manages to kill the entire Yumland net. Sure, they are only navis and programs but it's still genocide, and it's one of the series' saddest parts. SOMEHOW, Megaman (and all the internet) forgets that and they become friends in the fifth game.
    • Princess Pride and Knightman.EXE that take control of the castle and trap everyone. The whole dungeon looks like a horror movie, people screaming in locked rooms, (supposedly) dying one by one, and becoming more insane as time passes.

Mega Man Battle Network 3: White and Blue

  • Would it count as a literal example to mention the zoo incident? There are sprites of animal feces Lan can encounter after the animals go berserk. The word poop also shows up visually when the player examines the elephant, and the end credits depict another sprite of feces.
  • In 3, when Sunayama introduces the N1 Grand Prix contestants, he describes Jennifer as "the sexiest Netbattler on Earth".

Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun and Blue Moon

  • Red Sun has even more alcohol involvement. Though unintentional, a minor drinks and gets drunk off of rice wine twice.

Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel and Team ProtoMan

  • CloudMan.EXE announces that he'll "fog ya up!" before using his field attack, which consists of enveloping your characters in a purple fog that paralyzes and causes damage. He's an early game boss, so this can really fog you up the Bass.
  • Also, after the fight with CloudMan, MegaMan will be kidnapped and TORTURED on screen until they manage to install the dark chip to make him evil. Lan's dad is also tortured but you only see a black screen.

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar and Cybeast Falzar

  • In 6, a plumber's navi loses his tool program (which looks like a plunger). Lan and Mega Man offer to find the tool program for the navi. Guess where the navi lost his program? In Lan's toilet. That's right, Lan has to jack Mega Man into the toilet's computer network to retrieve the tool program. Also, the tool program is stuck to a Mettaur's head.

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