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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

Battle Network 3

  • DesertMan's scenario. When Sunayama's finished explaining his Evil Plan to Chaud, just as Chaud is about to hand his PET over to the villains... Lan spins around a corner, shouts "MEGAMAN, ATTACK!", and tosses his PET case, MegaMan and all, right at Sunayama's head (as you can imagine, this doubles as a Funny Moment). In a series where almost all combat is virtual, this was very refreshing.
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  • The PlantMan scenario, where Lan and Mega Man are kicking viral ass to save Mamoru from dying, was so Manly Tears inspiring that the whole scenario is a gigantic CMOA for the series in general!
  • When Megaman gets ambushed and cornered by the rank 6, 5 and 4 Navis and they throw a boulder at him when he has no room to dodge, Gutsman appears and shows off the fruits of his training by punching the rock into pieces and then finishing all 3 Navis with a Gutshammer. Rank 3 is impressed enough that he takes on Gutsman's appearance to fight Megaman.
  • After Drillman's defeat, Bass swoops in and swipes Alpha. Megaman and Lan decide to unleash the Giga Freeze, only for Bass to catch it mid-air, revealing himself to be the other Chosen One that S alluded to. This builds on the hype for the eventual showdown at the end of the game, and later into the postgame.
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  • When the Cybertanks spread all over Electopia are taken over by Alphabugs, Lan dodges the tank's turrets to reach the jack-in port.
  • Cossak helps unlock the elevator for the cast to proceed through the WWW base, but encounters Bass on the way out. Despite just being a few steps from the exit, he instead turns to face Bass, and attempts to delete him with his own hands.
  • One of the modified tanks in the WWW base is firing bubbles at Lan that are preventing him from pressing forward. Lan can't reach the tank to jack in because of the constant bubbles being fired by the canon. Enter Dex, who throws a boulder on the tank that plugs the bubble cannon.
  • Mega Man does something selflessly heroic and suicidally stupid at the drop of a hat to the point where it stops being awesome sometime around game 2. That said, the ending of BN3 felt like they finally figured out how to do a proper Heroic Sacrifice with all the awesome due to such a moment. Even his resurrection after the credits is so well done as a CMOH that finally, FINALLY Mega has some Awesome in his pants. And then they hit us with BN4...
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  • The fight against Serenade.EXE has plenty of hype for it, as Serenade has been The Ghost and The Unfought up to this point, and the Bonus Dungeon area bosses before have drummed them up as an imposing figure. When you finally come face-to-face with Serenade, you realize that they don't look the part... and then the fight starts and Serenade shows you how they got there. Figuring out the strategy and prevailing takes more than just brute force, and getting MegaMan crowned King of the Undernet for winning is the cherry on top.

Battle Network 4

  • ShadeMan, who's completely immune to MegaMan's attacks, demands that he and Lan return the DarkChip they found. Out of options, MegaMan tosses him the chip... and then shoots it in mid-air, destroying it. ShadeMan is not pleased. (Fortunately, MegaMan gets a way to damage him in the ensuing battle.)
    • The awesomeness of said moment is somewhat lessened, however, by the fact that the cutscene shows that MegaMan could have destroyed the Dark Chip earlier at any time after Higsby warned him to get rid of it, but didn't because... because.
  • In the second tournament, Lan's opponent, Riki, is a member of the mafia has his Navi, Crusher, kidnapped by his boss when it becomes apparent he wants to drop out. On the way to rescuing Crusher, Lan and MegaMan find out about other members of the mafia planning to bump off the boss in order to take control for themselves. The boss has a change of heart about Riki and confronts the traitors when they attempt to kill him and Lan. When they go to attack her, the screen goes dark for half a second, followed by the sound effect for the Shun Goku Satsu. The screen then returns to normal, with both attackers on the ground. Not bad for an old lady.
  • After defeating Duo.EXE, and with only an hour before a computer-controlled asteroid collides with the Earth, MegaMan tries to move the wheel controlling it, but it would not even budge. However, after the whole world starts to cheer for him, Lan goes Full Synchro with MegaMan, and the wheel that wouldn't even budge now spins so hard that it's a surprise that it doesn't fly off its axis. With the music to go along with it, it was perfect. It's also a moment of Awesome for Dr. Regal, who bridges a broken power cable WITH HIS OWN BODY AND LIVES TO TELL THE TALE.
  • For those who say this game sucked, here's one moment of awesome no one can deny: Lan made some very questionable moral decisions throughout the game, and Regal's attempts at a What the Hell, Hero? speech at the end were destroyed by the simple fact Lan still gave a damn about humanity, and Regal didn't. The game's story was thin, but it was a barely disguised morality tale that proved that those who ultimately see the good in humanity and are willing to fight for it are the best hope our race has of survival... literally. Bonus points for being the impetus that gave Lan, Yuichirou, AND Wily the chance to ultimately prove that point by the end of MMBN5.

Battle Network 5

  • In Team Colonel, Baryl Bright Slaps Lan/Netto out of a Heroic BSoD and tells him to quit whining and kick ass. He does that, and you get to control COLONEL HIMSELF!
    • Team Protoman gave us Protoman's exclusive unbridled awesome, and Enzan/Chaud took a punch from Lan and turned it into a Rousing Speech that basically said "take that aggression, and do something positive with it".
  • At the end of the End Castle scenario, after a colossal misunderstanding caused by impostors, MegaMan teams up with the Brain Navi of his team to beat the living shit out of the impostors. Cool when SearchMan does it in ProtoMan, but more awesome in Colonel, considering the fact that your Brain here is NumberMan.
  • The final moments of Team Colonel bring in the unexpected Dr. Wily, who waltzes into an active volcano and puts Regal in his place by forcibly rebooting SoulNet to deliver a combination of a Reset Button and a Bright Slap to allow his own son a chance at redemption. The base is destroyed with the volcano's eruption, but BOTH of them survived!
    Wily: SoulNet, restart...
    Regal: SoulNet won't affect me! I have MagnoMetal!
    Wily: Just who do you think designed SoulServer... SoulServer, overload!

Battle Network 6

  • In the sixth game, MegaMan uses himself to contain a giant Internet monster, and you have to drag someone else's Navi (Heatman or Aquaman, depending on version) to find some Healing Waters to help him calm down. As that Navi begins administering the Water, the Beast begins to go berserk as it starts to take control of MegaMan. Lan and his dad are panicking, but your substitute Navi Bright Slaps Mega back into control. Win.
    • Several chapters later, MegaMan gets kidnapped, and the Cybeast within him forced to manifest. He gets driven off and is tracked to the Underground - the burial place for the Cybeasts. For the last time, you have to take someone else's Navi into the area to rescue him, but unlike the previous two times, you have to fight the berserk Beast MegaMan with the Navi of your choice. This moment becomes awesome for differing reasons, depending on the Navi of choice.
  • Joe Mach's awesome Spanner in the Works, courtesy of beating the piss out of his former World 3 allies because his conscience couldn't stand the thought of those assholes hurting a child.
  • Just before the end of the sixth game, an army of Punk Navis are released into the world, and show up accordingly in the overworld in Copybots or in the cyberworld. Various NPCs react a little differently to them. In particular, a Mr. Prog in Seaside Area 1 has somehow managed to curb-stomp three of them at once. Bear in mind that Mr. Progs are not explicitly designed for combat in any way.
  • MegaMan has been taken over by the Cybeast he's defeated, and Lan can't do anything to save him. The Megabeast then warps over to Iris and Colonel, weak from fighting the opposite Cybeast. The two unite to form the original Colonel with the emotion that became Iris. Colonel then rushes at the Megabeast, tears the Cybeast soul out of his body in a single strike and then performs a Heroic Sacrifice to destroy it once and for all.

Network Transmission

  • The games themselves usually highlight moments of awesome by setting them to a rendition of each game's main theme. Special credit, however, goes to the Gamecube spinoff Network Transmission: this game doesn't use its own main theme for heroic moments, they use Kaze wo Tsukinuketenote . It's awesome charging towards the Final Boss with the triumphant refrain of the anime theme carrying you forward.
  • Also, from Network Transmission, if you avert doing Not Quite the Right Thing, you get to take the Professor out with style. While the Professor taunts Lan and Mega about how defeating the Life Virus R didn't ultimately stop him, his mockery dies in his throat when he realizes the Officials are on his doorstep. Turns out, Zero owed them a favor for sealing the virus he was generating, and used the leftover viruses infecting the Professor's own computer to sniff him out.

Multiple Games

  • Program Advances. By selecting the right chips during battle, they combine into a stronger attack, and oftentimes, the result can be devastating!
    • Lifesword: The three different sword chips combine into a giant sword.
    • Master Cross: In Battle Network 6, by selecting FireHit3A, AquaNdle3A, ElecPuls3A, and RskyHny3A, this gives an advance that summons every cross form to appear and attack the enemy in a barrage
  • Just about anything Proto Man related, specifically when he deletes Magic Man, Quick Man, and Bubble Man each with one stab from his sword. Albeit Mega Man's the one who weakened them, but still.
  • Bass.EXE is a recurring boss throughout the series, and is without fail one of the most difficult fights the game has in store for you. Since you have to use everything at your disposal to win, each victory you score against him is satisfying, and some players will challenge him again for sport.
    • In the 3rd game, you come face-to-face with BassGS, now with an Aura that's twice as strong as his usual fare and sporting a set of spectacular and fearsome attacks due to fusing with the remnants of Gospel. Serenade is wary of his power for a reason.
    • In the 4th to 6th games, the good news is that Bass no longer has his ever-annoying Aura.note  The bad news is that Bass no longer needs his Aura. This makes way for a high-energy battle where you can put your all into unloading damage into him before he tears you apart with his own high-damage attacks.
  • The postgame content for both the third and fifth games are each minor story arcs unto themselves, each culminating with a Final Battle against a Bonus Boss with some of the heaviest Super Weight in the entire plot. As tough as it is to get there, the payoff is entirely worth it.
  • Dr. Wily has also done some awesome things. For starters, Wily survived being at the center of his base exploding, came back from being assimilated by Alpha AND his base exploding again to walk into an exploding volcano to scold his son and mindwipe him to start anew, walked out of that and survived his base exploding a 3rd time. Then there is his Manipulative Bastard credentials which reach their peak in 3, where he strings along Bass of all people with his silver tongue.


Thanks to DEATH BATTLE!, it's safe to say that this incarnation of Mega Man is the strongest of all five prominent Megamen. Tadashi Hikari, you sly fox.