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Tear Jerker / Creepshow

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  • Jordy's last lines when being Driven to Suicide - though with a title like "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill", what did you expect?
    Jordy: "Please, God, let my luck be in! Just this once. Please, God, just this-" (BLAM!)
    • Not to mention his brief imaginary (or is it?) conversation with his father's spirit. As the plants continue to grow over him they start making him itch terribly, so Jordy attempts to get in a bathtub full of water to ease it. His dad warns him not to do it, since water makes the plants grow faster and getting in a tub with that much would cause him to be covered entirely. But Jordy grimly realizes that not getting in would just delay the inevitable. The way he voices this helps add to the depressing ending of an otherwise darkly comic story.
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  • Aunt Bedelia's touching diatribe at her father's grave and anguishing over the death of her lover. She's also wracked with guilt for killing her father in the first place.
    Aunt Bedelia: (quietly) Happy Father's Day. (sits down) I didn't know l had it in me! I'm your daughter, right? You bootlegger! Killer! Murderer! Ungrateful Bastard. You shouldn't have killed Yarbro! He was a man, a real man! Everything I wanted, he wanted for me! You stupid bastard! You screwed it all up. You screwed up my mother, you screwed me up. You got me so mad, you drove me crazy. "I want my cake, Bedelia, you bitch!" (near sobbing) You called me a bitch! (calm) Sylvia fixed it all. Ashtray back in place. Chair overturned. A fall, Daddy, a bad fall. Nobody could catch us! Nobody! You taught me, you taught Sylvia! You taught us all!
  • Though Harry and Becky clearly deserve some kind of punishment (to those that sympathize with Richard), it's hard not to cry over the terrible thing they go through. Buried up to your necks in sand, watching each other suffer and die a slow and painful death from the tide, struggling to stay alive in the process....
    • Thankfully (?) for them, Death Is Not Permanent.
    • Not to mention the music forces the sympathy of them down our throats.
  • Lenora Castonmeyer's tearful breakdown over the phone. Made much worse by how Upson shamelessly mocks her grief.



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