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Fridge Logic

  • How did an Arctic expedition team manage to capture the ape monster and secure it in the crate?
    • No matter how dangerous the monster is it probably was no match for man made weapons. I think the bigger question was why did they kept it alive and how did it managed to survive as long as it did?
      • They probably wanted to study it, and thus fed it in its crate, but some kind of shipping mistake lead to the events of the film.
    • This troper always assumed that the expedition members subdued it somehow—shot it, beat it with clubs, whatever—and only thought it was dead (which explains why it was in a crate and not a stoutly built cage). Then once it got to Horlicks, the crate with Fluffy's "dead body" inside was stuck under the stairs and just forgotten (similar things have happened with amazing finds).

Fridge Horror

  • Bedelia Grantham's relationship with her father is implied to be rather... disturbing.
    • He arranged to have Bedelia's fiance murdered, out of jealousy.
    • Not to mention this puts a very, very uncomfortable context to Nathan asking for his "cake."
  • Nathan Grantham talks with a zombie's decaying rasp, until he announces he got his "cake" to Cassie and Richard. Then he speaks with the voice he did in life... perhaps to illustrate that the revenge being served was from before his death.
  • The ending to Father's Day leaves us with more questions than answers. How did Nathan come back? What happens to Cass and Richard? And, worst of all, what happens when all those missing people inevitably creates a crime scene full of unrelated law enforcement personnel that will come face to face with a psychic zombie?
    • The only answer we're ever given to any of these is in the Creepshow comic tie-in where the Creep cryptically says that what happened next was even worse when Nathan "blew out the candles" on Richard and Cass.
  • Jordy Verrill's fate becomes a lot more horrifying when you realize that plants have roots and that the alien plants are likely also growing inside him.
  • After Jordy offs himself there is a weather report stating that rain will fall. Now this weed that has been eating Jordy and everything around him, feeds off any water.
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  • After Harry dies, Richard takes the VHS out of the camera filming his death and puts it in a collection of similar VHS. How many people do you think Richard killed and videotaped?
  • As Richard Vickers is buried in the sand, awaiting the incoming tide, we see two set of footprints heading into the ocean. Harry and Becky have completed their mission of revenge and have returned to their watery graves.
  • Were the roaches somehow sent by Norman Castonmeyer's vengeful spirit?
  • That crate was the only thing that kept the creature within the crate from wrecking havok.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Nathan's killing of other family members and the cook seems over-the-top, considering he'd already done away with the person who'd actually murdered him. But given that one of those victims (Mrs. Danvers) actually overheard the murder from the next room and doesn't seem to have reported it to the police, and the rest of the Granthams are perfectly aware that Bedelia killed her father yet haven't done a thing to punish her, his outrage seems more plausible. (Hypocritical, considering his own killing of Bedelia's boyfriend is an equally-open family secret, but plausible.) Even Hank may have made himself a viable target, by taking the story of both murders so casually.
    • Actually, in her little monologue at Nathan's grave, Bedelia clearly indicated that Sylvia covered her tracks for her so that she never got convicted, which of course made Sylvia an accessory after the fact. Also, in the little exchange between Sylvia and Mrs. Danvers, we get the hint that the cook was indeed involved in said cover-up; thereby making Nathan's actions in offing the both of them more plausible. Hank may have been killed simply to keep him from alerting the rest of the family of Nathan's little surprise visit.
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  • Before Billy's voodoo attack on his father, Billy's mother is ironing his (the father's) yellow shirt. In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, you will notice a section of the shirt has been cut out. The missing patch of shirt is then seen adorning the voodoo doll: legend has it that a voodoo doll only works if it is dressed in cloth that has touched the victim's skin.

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