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Nightmare Fuel / Creepshow

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What's the matter, Mr. Pratt? Bugs gotcha tongue?

  • The end of Father's Day provides one of the best examples of Fridge Horror in the entire film in that, the more you think about what happens after Nathan got his cake, the worse it really gets.note 
  • The end of They're Creeping Up on You! is absolutely horrifying with cockroaches pouring out of an old man's mouth, then out of every orifice, and finally exploding him from the inside out. Also an example of Nausea Fuel and Paranoia Fuel.
    • The DAMN COCKROACHES. The worst part? No special effects. They're all REAL!note 
    • Tom Savini (who has a massive bug phobia) mentioned in a book on effects that when one of the cockroaches touched him, he teleported across the room. Not really a joke - he has no memory of physically crossing the room.
    • This scene is on Bravo's top 100 scariest movie moments of all time.
  • Also, Richard's revenge. Being immobilized in sand while the tide gets closer and closer to you and ultimately covers you.
    • Harry threatening Richard is more scary in that sense too. Especially when he manages go through with it after his death.
      • Who'd knew Leslie Nielsen could play such a terrifying character?
      • Granted, Leslie did play as DRACULA, but even that was in a satire. This is probably Leslie's creepiest role.
  • That thing in the crate. Some reptilian ape that's immortal and has a mouth full of huge fangs.
    • Not to mention the fact that it escapes from its crate at the end. And it's angry, and it's still hungry.
  • The ending of The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill is as unsettling as it is sad. Poor Jordy has been completely consumed by the alien vegetation, to the point where he can barely move. He has nothing left to do then put himself out of his misery with a double barrel shotgun. The worst part is that the vegetation is still growing, and heading for larger civilization.


  • Richie’s slow, Body Horror-filled transformation into a Blob Monster in "Gray Matter", not to mention his horrific final form, which has two heads and is only barely humanoid. Even worse, he can now multiply, and the ending implies he will destroy the world.


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