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Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is a Wuxia tabletop role-playing game by Bedrock Games, released as a Pay-What-You-Want PDF in 2016. It is a spinoff of a previous game, Sertorius, set in a fantasy world strongly resembling Imperial China (specifically, the Southern Song Dynasty) called Qi Xien. It is particularly notable for having a very long list (over 180 separate entries) of Kung Fu Techniques that has been released into the public domain.


This tabletop RPG provides examples of:

  • Battle Couple: Bao and Sunan (pictured on the cover), lovers from ancient history and the creators of Kung Fu.
  • Big Bad: Emperor Zhan, the Glorious Emperor, can be seen as this.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Often the case with the Yao, martial heroes who've had their hearts ripped out and replaced with a stone.
  • Cycle of Revenge: Quite literally a game mechanic in the "Grudge" subsystem.
  • The Empire: The Zhan Dao Empire. Somewhat of a subversion in that throughout its long history it had many less militaristic rulers, though the current regime is as despotic as they come.
  • Evil Chancellor: A textbook double-subversion in Cai Yuanyu, the Emperor's "right-hand man."
  • Evil Overlord: Two examples. The first is Yao-Feng, an ancient sorcerer and once-ruler of Yao Gong Palace (also known as Ogre Gate). The other is the Glorious Emperor, who promotes worship of Yao-Feng as "the Bold King" throughout the Zhan Dao Empire.
  • Five Races: The corebook presents optional races that exist in distant corners of Qi Xien.
    • Mundane: Humans, natch.
    • Stout: The Juren. Four-armed giants from northern Qi Xien.
    • Fairy: The Kithiri. Bronze-skinned humanoids from the south who have six individual personalities.
    • High Men: The Ouyan. Tall, three-eyed humanoids from western Qi Xien. Using their third eye, they can sense emotions.
    • Cute: The Hechi. Goat-people from an eastern desert island. They can use their horn to discern truth or falsehood.


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