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FOX's take on Name That Tune for The New '10s (not that this stopped them from reviving Tune anyway), hosted by Jamie Foxx and cross-promoted with a popular music-identification application. Three couples are played a song, and are asked to guess the song's title among four options. Whoever answers correctly the fastest gets the money for that song; the game is divided into five rounds of five songs each, with each round having a different category and increasing dollar amounts for each correct answer (plus, the last song in each category is always worth double, and one round has a celebrity guest that the category will inevitably relate to).

The lowest-scoring team is eliminated after round 3, while the second-place team after round 5 gets to keep half of their score. Meanwhile, the winning team goes to a bonus round offering up to $1 million.


The series premiered on FOX's summer lineup in 2017, paired up with their reboot of Love Connection; both programs were renewed for a second season. Season 2 mixed things up by changing Round 1 to have no categories ("Shazam Shuffle"), while the second round now has the teams vote for which of two categories to play, and the third round focuses on songs from one particular group or artist. The third season added another new element, in which in the round before the bonus round, the teams must try to guess songs based on instrumental recordings.


This series provides examples of

  • Bonus Round: In which you must actually beat Shazam. Identify six more songs; each song has a different category, but this time it's not multiple-choice, you must buzz in within 4 to 5 seconds, and you must provide the exact title. The first five songs award $25,000 each to the team's bank, and the sixth can double it. However, if the first five are all answered correctly, the final song increases the team's bank to $1,000,000 instead. In any case, only one member of the team is allowed to guess on the last song, and the team is shown the category and given a chance to bail out with their winnings, as getting it wrong reduces the bank by half.
  • Companion Cube: Shazam, the service, is treated as one (especially in the bonus round, even though it's not technically used for it in real-time)
  • Crowd Song: The DJ often lets a song play out after an answer is revealed, typically resulting in crowd sing-alongs and relevant dances.
  • Double The Dollars: The final song on each round is designated as the "Fast Track", and worth double. In the bonus round, the final song can also double the winnings, if the contestants choose to try for it. If, however, they had already answered all five songs correctly in the bonus round, then this final song instead gives them the chance increase their winnings to one million dollars.
  • Early Installment Weirdness:
    • The first season finale (September 14, 2017) was treated as either a pilot or an early series taping, as it contained a change to the Fast Track songs to make them be played on the buzzer with no multiple-choice options given, rather than simply just being a song played for double points. The change was retconned in post-production by having Foxx make a big deal about it being "Fast Track Challenge" night.
    • The show was initially opaque about the amount of time given to guess in the bonus round, implicating the team would need to buzz in within the average time it would take for the app to recognize the song. That part was originally buried in the credits, though visibly came into play if they did actually get beaten. Later on, however, a visible clock was added, and Foxx's spiel for the round now has him mention that Shazam can recognize many songs within 5 seconds — which appears to be the time limit generally used for the round.
  • Home Game: The actual Shazam app can interact with the show.
  • Let's Just See What WOULD Have Happened: On the final song of the bonus round, the contestants can choose to try to guess it to double their winnings (or go for a million if they answered all five of the previous questions correctly), but risk losing half. If they walk away, they keep what they have, but the song will be played anyway and they'll be made to do this.
  • Lovely Assistant: October Gonzalez, the DJ, replaced in the second season by Jamie's daughter, Corinne Foxx.
  • Refrain from Assuming: Deliberately invoked in the multiple-choice options in the main game. It is fairly common for the multiple choice answers for any particular song to feature as one of the choices a repeated lyric or word in the chorus that is not actually the title as a sucker answer; for example, "Sister Christian" had "Motorin'" as a choice. As the series has continued, host Jamie Foxx has taken to lampshading that the correct answer is often not the first lyrics heard of the song.
  • Spiritual Successor: Can you name that tune faster than an app? Oddly enough, FOX would introduce a revival of Tune in January 2021.
  • Title Theme Tune: Beginning in the fourth season, the series stopped using "Let's Groove" by Earth, Wind and Fire. It now uses a brief original tune with a group of singers singing "Let's see if you can beat Shazam!"