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Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (referred to simply as Saturday Night Takeaway or SNT) is a British television variety show, created and presented by Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly (colloquially known as Ant and Dec), and broadcast on ITV since its premiere on 8 June 2002, enduring a three-year hiatus between 2010–2012, while its presenters worked on other projects. The show's format, heavily influenced by previous Saturday night light entertainment shows such as Noel's House Party, Opportunity Knocks and Don't Forget Your Toothbrush, focuses on a mixture of live and pre-recorded entertainment and quiz segments, including an audience-based quiz involving the television adverts during a week's episode of one of ITV's programmes, and a competition in each series between the two presenters.


The programme proved an immense success for the broadcaster since its launch, earning several awards including Best Presenters at the 18th National Television Awards and the BAFTA for Entertainment Programme in 2013, as well as earning awards for the presenters. It success led to several international versions being created, though most have been short-lived, as well as a special mini-series of episodes involving an adventure of Ant & Dec, that were later broadcast as a special episode during the Christmas TV season. An official Saturday Night Takeaway iOS app for iPod, iPhone and iPad was released on 15 February 2013. Since the thirteenth series, the programme airs its series finales in location outside of the UK, with the exception of the sixteenth series due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, and celebrated its 100th episode on 3 March 2018.


Up until 2018, episodes were broadcast live from Studio 1 at The London Studios. Following the permanent closure of the site after the fifteenth series, the programme moved to Studio TC 1 at the Television Centre in West London in 2020. The sixteenth series is the only series in the programme's history to feature pre-recorded episodes, due to events in 2020 (such as the outbreak of COVID-19).

Starting from the thirteenth series, the programme began airing a mini-serial with each series focused on light-hearted comedy dramas starring Ant & Dec, and are primarily parodies of noted fiction genres from film and television, films and television programmes. The first serial, a parody of "whodunnit" crime mystery stories titled "Who Shot Simon Cowell?", focused on the presenter investigating the mysterious sudden shooting of Cowell at his birthday party. The popularity of the format for the programme led to additional serials being created: "The Missing Crown Jewels" for the fourteenth series, and "Saturday Knight Takeaway" for the fifteenth series (which was aired again on 2nd January 2021), both parodies of the spy espionage genre of films, in which the presenters operated for the fictional organisation "Honoured" to investigate important cases; "Men in Brown" for the sixteenth series, a parody of the Men in Black film series, in which the presenters join a special organisation involved in dealing with extraterrestrial species on Earth.


After the mini-serial is aired with each series, all episodes are later condensed into a special feature-length episode under the title of Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway Presents..., and broadcast in late December of that year.

This show contains examples of:

  • All or Nothing: Contestants for Win the Ads are offered the choice of taking the unknown prizes they had won (out of a potential 16, most don't make half in the time alloted) or answering one more question with all the prizes at stake.
  • Audience Participation: In spades. For a start, the Win the Ads contests are chosen from the audience.
  • Butt-Monkey: Stephen Mulhern
  • Christmas Special: The only one in the show's history was broadcast on Christmas Eve 2005.
  • Clip Show: Due to COVID-19, Ant & Dec were forced to record the last two episodes of Series 16 from home, presenting various scenes from previous years.
  • Consolation Prize: Win the Ads players who gamble and lose on All or Nothing typically receive an SNT-branded roll of toilet paper.
  • Confetti Drop: The show likes this trope a lot.
  • Game Show Host: Ant & Dec serve in this role for Win the Ads.
  • Product Placement: All the prizes for Win the Ads. The prizes themselves are selected from a random ad break during an ITV show that aired during the week.
  • Speed Round: Contestants on Win the Ads have 90 seconds to answer a maximum of 16 questions which each have a prize. As noted above, most are lucky to win 8.