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Sandbox / Shout Outs Co LC

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A list of Shout Outs that appear in the RP City of Lost Characters.

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    Day 1 

    Day 2 
  • When Rick and Morty first see the jungle they spot a Drone.
  • Plague Knight has a staring contest with Blossomon. Alice is also chased by a Snimon while making her way back to the library.
  • A Nui-Rama surprises Ben by erupting from below the floor of the library.
  • A Zinger chases Stinkfly through the jungle.
  • Most of the bugs that attack Ashe and Rex in the crevice are Warrior Arachnids.

    Day 3 

    Day 4 
  • Rick's robot is turned into Pinocchio and he dismantles him. He also squishes Jiminy Cricket in the process.
  • Geppetto took in Sadness and Mary in for the night. He wondered where Pinnochio could be.
  • Chicken Little was slapped aside by Morty, and then he got roasted by the dragon.
  • Rumpelstiltskin and Shrek showed up at Plague Knight's doorstop and he turned them both away.
  • Rex accidentally crushes Olaf to death after falling several meters from the sky while fighting Vendral.

    Day 5 

  • The beginning of the signup has the mysterious entity trying to write a book. He copies the beginning of Discworld, Fallout, and Star Trek but each time he says that it's been done before.

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