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"I am Greenman. An envoy of God. I'm here to protect the children."

Go! Greenman is a 1973 Toho tokusatsu tv series that lasted 52 episodes (broken up into 156 segments). It was a follow-up series to Go Godman (1972-1973), however, they had almost nothing to do with each other.

The plot revolves Satannote , who got sealed to Underworld by God, trying to get out by using the blood of children. In order to do this, his servant, Cretin, creates all different kinds of monsters and sends them to get blood from the kids. However, God creates a robot (Greenman) to fight against them. Yeah....


Greenman would later appear in the 2008 film, Go! Godman, in which he teams up with Godman to fight several monsters.

The series has became semi-famous due to Greenman fighting several kaiju from the Godzilla franchise including:

  • Gaira (Episode 4)
  • Gabara (Episode 14)
  • Sanda (Episode 31)
  • King Kong note  (Episode 38)
  • An evil version of Minya (Episode 46)


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