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Go! Godman is a 1972 Toku series produced by Toho, better known for producing the Godzilla film series. Although a popular misconception would say otherwise, Godman is not Toho's first Tokusatsu series; That honour goes to Warrior of Love Rainbowman, which was aired a few years prior. Go! Godman was followed up by Go Greenman, although the two shows do not share continuity.

Each episode in the series was divided into 3 to 6 parts, which would then be aired throughout each respective week.

Godman later got another appearance alongside Greenman and some of the show's more popular monsters in 2008, when a 28-minute long special was released on DVD, along with numerous episodes of both shows.

Konata Izumi sang the show's theme song in the Lucky Star Music Compilation CD.

The series became semi-famous because Godman fought several kaiju from the Godzilla franchise, including:


Go! Godman provides examples of:

  • Expy: Of Ultraman
  • Intercontinuity Crossover: With Greenman in the movie, as well as several other Toho kaiju in the show
  • Kaiju: All of Godman's enemies
  • Monster of the Week: Given that each episode is divided into a set of parts that were all televised on different days of the week, each monster really did appear over the course of a week.
  • Super Strength: He was strong enough to tear Gorosaurus' jaws with his bare hands, much like how King Kong did in King Kong Escapes.
  • Super Power Lottery: Although, he generally relies on brute strength to defeat his foes, he has several other abilities ranging from being able to summon the God Crush flail, the God Circle Discus, hand beams, eye beams, jets of fire and jets of water.

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