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'The Dukes of Hazzard'' ran on CBS from 1979 to 1985, and remains a favorite among fans today.

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    Season 1 - Spring 1979 
  1. "One-Armed Bandits": The pilot episode, where cousins Bo and Luke Duke hijack a truckload of illegal slot machines and use the proceeds to keep the Hazzard County orphanage open and ensure the re-election of their sworn enemy, Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane.
  2. "Daisy's Song": Bo and Luke infiltrate Hazzard County Commissioner J.D. "Boss" Hogg's record piracy operation as they help their cousin Daisy recoup royalties she's due from a song that country music superstar Jessi Colter recorded.
  3. "Mary Kaye's Baby": In the only episode where the General Lee does not appear, the Duke boys help a very pregnant family friend Mary Kay Porter elude a crime boss and ensure the safety of the $100,000 she's trying to deposit for the baby's trust fund.
  4. "Repo Men": Bo and Luke might be in a no-win situation as they are duped into a job to recover a Rolls Royce that's owned by counterfeiters, and the counterfeiters are trying to sell the car to Boss.
  5. "High Octane": Uncle Jesse enters a contest to test a new fossil fuel – moonshine – as a way to deal with the then-ongoing energy crisis and cut down on pollution. But Boss is determined to alert the authorities.
  6. "Swamp Molly": Swamp Molly tricks Bo and Luke into shipping a cache of illegal firearms.
  7. "Luke's Love Story": Luke finds himself competing against his girlfriend, Amy, in the Hazzard County Obstacle Race, and trying to protect her life after her ex-boyfriend continues stalking her.
  8. "The Big Heist": Uncle Jesse helps family friend Neil Bishop in recovering an overdue payment from Boss over a moonshine transaction years earlier.
  9. "Limo One Is Missing": In his first major appearance, family friend and mechanic Cooter Davenport takes the presidential limousine he's repairing out for a joyride ... but then it breaks down at the Duke farm. The Dukes are forced to find a way to return the car before anyone notices.
  10. "Deputy Dukes": Boss deputizes the Duke boys to bring Public Enemy No. 1 Rocky Marlowe to Hazzard County to stand trial ... but Boss is determined to make things easier said than done, as he knows that if Bo and Luke fail, they'll be off to prison.
  11. "Money To Burn": Boss hatches a double-your-money scheme by claiming the Duke boys stole his shipment of $1 million to Hazzard Bank, burying the crate containing the cash, reporting the "loss" to the FDIC and then – after the Dukes have been sent to prison and Boss gets his check – planning to unearth the crate.
  12. "Route 7-11": Bo and Luke are tricked into driving a semitrailer truck whose cargo is an illegal casino.
  13. "Double Sting": Bo, Luke, Boss, Rosco and a motorist named Tom Colt are quarantined at the Hazzard County Courthouse after Colt falls ill. But is Colt playing sick ... and why are there plans being hatched to rob Hazzard Bank?

    Season 2 - 1979- 1980 
  1. "Days of Shine and Roses": Uncle Jesse and Boss challenge each other to one last moonshine race into neighboring Hatchapee County to settle who is the best moonshine runner once for all. But will Boss honor an agreement to use water in place of moonshine?
  2. "Gold Fever": A con man sells Boss gold bars for $25,000 and has them stored at Hazzard Bank, then arranges for their theft. Boss realizes what's happened and blames the Duke boys, but it might just be up to Bo and Luke to uncover the truth before Boss is defrauded out of millions.
  3. "The Rustlers": It's a case of a champion thoroughbred passing from one set of hands to another after the Dukes vow to help a family friend ensure that a racing horse will be available to compete in the Mrs. J.D. Hogg Stakes.
  4. "The Meeting": Bo and Luke stumble onto the fact that a retired mobster and his kingpin associates meet in the Hazzard County Jail, with plans to use Hazzard as the center of their crime syndicate. The Dukes – along with their friends, Cooter and then-sometimes deputy sheriff Cletus Hogg – hatch a plan to outsmart the mob until federal agents can arrive to take them into custody.
  5. "Road Pirates": Bo, Luke and Cletus get mixed up with a band of thieves who are selling stolen television sets on the black market.
  6. "The Ghost of the General Lee": Bo and Luke are presumed dead after the General Lee crashes into a lake after being chased by Rosco. After briefly mourning their presumed deaths, Boss takes advantage of the situation by claiming that, before the accident, the Duke boys stole his valuable pocket watch. Bo and Luke discover the truth and hatch a plan to scare the truth out of Boss and Rosco.
  7. "The Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough": Bo and Luke help NASCAR superstar Cale Yarborough and his assistant test a new supercharger, which he plans to unveil at the upcoming Illinois 500, and keep it out of the hands of Boss Hogg's latest associates, the dreaded Jethro brothers.
  8. "Hazzard Connection": Bo goes undercover as a race car driver to expose the operator of a traveling demolition derby, who has stolen race car engines and hidden them beneath the old cars.
  9. "Witness for the Persecution": Boss, a key witness in a trial for a murderous racketeer, is placed in protective custody after numerous threats on his life. His place of hiding? The Duke farm. Rosco temporarily takes over as county administrator and plays the role Up to Eleven.
  10. "Granny Annie": The Dukes' friend, Grannie Annie, is a small-time counterfeiter whose plates are seized after her arrest. Boss intends to sell the plates to a mobster who doesn't like to play games. Bo and Luke intend to clear Grannie Annie's name by stealing the plates back from the mobster, but their plans could have unintended consequences for Boss.
  11. "The People's Choice": The beautiful daughter of a past Hazzard County Administrator, who Boss defeated in a rigged election 15 years earlier, returns to Hazzard to avenge her father's defeat. The Dukes take her side in countering Boss' dirty tricks, but will it be enough to win the election?
  12. "Arrest Jesse Duke": The first (aired) episode featuring Boss' nephew, the handsome young – and even more corrupt – Hughie. Here, the sharper and even more clever Hogg frames Uncle Jesse for operating a car-stripping ring.
  13. "Duke of Duke": Do the Dukes have a cousin with blue blood, or is he a con man trying to defraud Uncle Jesse out of the Duke farm?
  14. "The Runaway": The Dukes are caught up in a feud between a millionaire and his daughter, who is engaged to a young Hazzard County farmer and friend of the Dukes. Can the Dukes get the millionaire to see the error of his ways before he seals a permanent estrangement between the two?
  15. "Follow That Still": The Dukes are frustrated in their efforts to reform old-time moonshiner named Hard Luck Jones, who is determined to continue stilling illegal whiskey. Things come to a boil when Hard Luck hijacks an armored car, and it could land everyone in prison.
  16. "Treasure of Hazzard": A history professor (naturally, a young, beautiful woman), Boss and a pair of fortune hunters are all after buried treasure in Hazzard County ... a Civil War payroll buried before the Battle of Hazzard. Naturally, Bo and Luke become involved.
  17. "Officer Daisy Duke": After getting fired at the Boar's Nest (for asking for a raise), Daisy applies for a job as a Hazzard County deputy. Daisy more than proves her worth to the department when she takes a call to stop a pair of hardened bank robbers with nothing to lose.
  18. "Find Loretta Lynn": A trio of bumbling criminals, wanting to get into the music business, kidnap country music superstar Loretta Lynn.
  19. "Jude Emery": Bo, Luke and Texas Ranger Jude Emery are captured by a notorious bank robber, forcing the others to come to their rescue.
  20. "Return of the Ridge Raiders": Uncle Jesse and surviving members of the Ridgeraiders declare war on Boss Hogg's old moonshine stills after learning that Boss misappropriated funds earmarked for seniors into his new nightclub.
  21. "Mason Dixon's Girls": When Bo and Luke are arrested for drug smuggling – a crate containing marijuana is somehow mixed up with a hot-water heater for the house – it is all they can do to avoid going to federal prison ... not to mention assassination by the drug kingpin who has learned who is in possession of his drug shipment.
  22. "R.I.P. Henry Flatt": The Duke boys come to the aid of Henry Flatt, who years earlier had swindled Boss out of $20,000; before Boss could have Flatt arrested, he faked his death and went into hiding. Boss now plans to build a public road over the veterans' cemetery where he thinks Flatt is buried, and the Duke boys do everything they can not only to save Flatt's hide but to respect the veterans who are lying at rest in the cemetery.
  23. "Southern Comfurts": The proceeds from the sale of the Comfurt farm – $250,000 in cold, hard cash – are locked in the trunk of a loaner car, which is promptly stolen. The Dukes, who of course Boss tries to pin the theft on, track the car as it changes hands several times: car thieves to a used car dealer to a bank robber before the money can be found.

    Season 3 - 1980- 1981 
  1. "Carnival of Thrills": Bo is hired as the new headlining stunt driver for the Carnival of Thrills car stunt show, which has a seriously notorious track record of headlining performers being injured in accidents during the shows. When Luke learns that these earlier incidents were no accident and reports the insurance agent's findings to a lovestruck Bo, it results in a huge family brawl that could destroy the Duke family.
  2. "Enos Strate to the Top": Enos is fired as a Hazzard County sheriff's deputy, but he is still the one to capture two bank robbers who were on the FBI's "10 Most Wanted" list.
  3. "The Hazzardville Horror": In the second Halloween-themed episode, Duke family friend Mary Lou Pringle is trying to sell off the Pringle mansion, but there are rumors it's been haunted. Haunted by a father-son criminal duo who have hidden silver stolen from the Boar's Nest, and have staged supernatural events to scare off prospective buyers and the authorities. Bo and Luke come to Mary Lou's aid, and upon learning Boss has named them the main suspects in the theft, stage their own series of ghosts and goblins to scare off Boss and Rosco and ferret out the real suspects.
  4. "And in This Corner, Luke Duke": The fate of the Duke farm rests on Luke's ability to fight Catfish Lee, a professional fighter, in a boxing match.
  5. "The Late J.D. Hogg": Boss' victory over the Dukes when he forecloses on the long-coveted property is short-lived, after he gets news from his physician that he has just two weeks to live.
  6. "Uncle Boss": In what was intended to be the "first" episode involving Hughie Hogg, Boss' nephew comes up with a dastardly plan to frame the Duke boys once and for all: Have two guys pose as Bo and Luke, rob Hazzard Bank and capture everything on video.
  7. "Baa, Baa White Sheep": Sorrell Booke in a dual role as both the corrupt Boss and his honest brother, Abraham Lincoln Hogg, in a tale over land inheritance and sharing.
  8. "Mrs. Roscoe P. Coltrane": Rosco gets married, but the wedding could be the cover for the bride's criminal associates, who are plotting to rob Hazzard Bank.
  9. "The Great Santa Claus Chase": In the only Christmas-themed episode, Boss tries to have the Dukes' Christmas tree shipment hijacked, but the Dukes and Cooter – each disguised as Santa Claus – have some fun of their own throwing Boss, Rosco and Cletus off their trail while recovering the trees.
  10. "Good Neighbors, Duke": The Dukes help new neighbors Adam and Esther Veneable evade a pair of crooked bounty hunters, who are convinced that $2 million in cash is hidden on the property.
  11. "State of the County": Cooter's new employee is actually an associate for one of Boss' sworn rivals, who is looking to take over Hazzard County and destroy key landmarks in the county – Cooter's Garage, the Boar's Nest and the Duke farm among them – if their demands aren't met.
  12. "The Legacy": An old girlfriend of Uncle Jesse's wants to settle an old score with Boss.
  13. "Duke vs. Duke": Luke agrees to take the wheel of Cooter's car after he is injured prior to the annual Hazzard Derby, one that has plenty of twists and corruptive turns, including Boss filling Rosco's car with a brand of nitrate gasoline to supercharge his car and consorting with a big-time gambler on the outcome of the race.
  14. "My Son, Bo Hogg": Boss has an amnesiac Bo convinced he is Boss' long-lost son, Bo Hogg. He then has his "son" make a delivery into Chickasaw County, before calling Sheriff Edward "Big Ed" Little to alert him that Bo Duke is making a moonshine delivery in the county.
  15. "To Catch a Duke": A pair of jewel thieves causes a big ruckus in Hazzard County after they steal the General Lee. Rosco's basset hound, Flash, also gets in on matters when the dog retrieves the stolen jewel stash and hides them in his master's car. The only episode in which Daisy doesn't appear (Catherine Bach was taking part in Crcus Of The Stars at the time).
  16. "Along Came a Duke": Cousin Jeb Duke assists the family in retrieving a priceless sword once owned by Gen. Stonewall Jackson.
  17. "By-Line, Daisy Duke": Daisy gets a job at the Hazzard Gazzette and is trying to cover a story about a recent ring of tractor thefts in the county, in which Bo and Luke have – no thanks to Boss – been named the primary suspects.
  18. "The Return of Hughie Hogg": Hughie Hogg's latest scheme is to get Bo and Luke to join the Hazzard County Fire Department, not telling them that the supplies they are storing on the Duke farm is moonshine. But Hughie at the same time is plotting to have a phony IRS agent audit his uncle out of everything he owns.
  19. "Bye, Bye, Boss": Bo and Luke are once again forced to rescue Boss from a particularly dangerous ex-associate, this time the nefearious Digger Jackson, who has threatened to kill Boss unless he pays him a $1 million ransom.
  20. "The Great Hazzard Hijack": After news travels through the county that Bo and Luke have found a bag containing $1 million from a robbery years earlier and that there is more to be found, a threesome, including one of Luke's old Marine buddies, come to Hazzard to help in the search for the rest of the loot.
  21. "The Hack of Hazzard": Bo and Luke temporarily take over Miz Tisdale's taxi company, and have as their first clients a pair of thieves who hide a briefcase containing a gold certificate inside. Boss of course tries to turn the situation to his advantage.
  22. "The Canterbury Crock": At Old Widow Partridge's yard sale, Bo and Luke purchase an antique vase for $25 ... but there's more to it than meets the eye.

    Season 4 - 1981- 1982 
  1. "Mrs. Daisy Hogg": Is Daisy's new boyfriend, Jamie Lee (and also another of Boss' nephews), an honorable Hogg, or is he hiding corrupt secrets such as those of a counterfeiter?
  2. "Double Dukes": Boss' favorite scheme — hiring actors to portray the Duke boys and have them rob Hazzard Bank, all while capturing the footage on security cameras — nearly works this time, as the entire county is convinced that Bo and Luke are guilty.
  3. "Diamonds in the Rough": Bo and Luke find that "honesty is the best policy" is a hard proposition to keep after everyone comes after the valuable jewels they had found.
  4. "Coltrane vs. Duke": Rosco pretends that he's seriously injured after crashing his car while chasing the Duke boys, but this time the Dukes have to convince a tough-as-nails judge that Rosco is faking.
  5. "The Fugitive": Pretty Mindy Lou Hale overhears Boss' scheme to steal motorcycles for resale in the Tri-County Motocross, which Boss himself plans to rig into his favor. The Dukes, who have entered the competition, are out to foil this latest scheme.
  6. "The Great Bank Robbery": Boss, wanting to save taxpayer's (i.e., his own wallet) money, fires longtime county employee Clarence Stovall one day short of being eligible for his pension. In revenge, Clarence robs Hazzard Bank of the balance he is owed, forcing Bo and Luke to try to set their friend straight and return the money.
  7. "Sadie Hogg Day": On Sadie Hogg Day, Boss — who has been embezzling funds from the county treasury — decides to make sure that interim county treasurer Daisy is held responsible for the discrepancy with the county's books when a state auditor comes to visit.
  8. "The $10 Million Sheriff": Rosco thinks he's inherited $10 million from his late Uncle Hosiah Coltrane, and uses some of his non-existent funds to hire a vicious bounty hunter to bring Bo and Luke to justice once and for all.
  9. "Trouble at Cooter's": Cooter is brought into the latest confrontation between Boss and one of his ex-associates after they hold him responsible for shortchanging them on a cut in the proceeds from the sale of stolen fur coats.
  10. "Goodbye General Lee": One of Boss' cronies, a hynotist, tricks Luke into thinking the General Lee is no longer competitive and should be permanently retired.
  11. "Cletus Falls in Love": To get her cousins out of a traffic ticket, Daisy uses her charms to sweet-talk the easily lovestruck Cletus into dropping the charges. Cletus later proves instrumental in helping the Dukes escape theft charges when Boss tries to forge a check bearing Bo's signature.
  12. "Hughie Hogg Strikes Again": Hughie Hogg returns to convince Boss to condemn Cooter's Garage via eminent domain so he can build condominiums ... but Hughie plans to cut corners on the construction and sell them to unwary buyers at an inflated price.
  13. "Dukescam Scam": Boss is accused of robbing his own bank, prompting Uncle Jesse to put up the farm's mortgage to bail Boss out. However, is Boss really accused of armed robbery, or is he looking for an easy way to finally get the deed to the farm?
  14. "The Sound of Music - Hazzard Style": Mickey Gilley guest stars when he is slated to perform a major concert at the Hazzard Town Square. Boss uses the opportunity to confer with record pirates to record the concert and sell records on the black market, then accuse the Dukes of the dirty deed.
  15. "Shine on Hazzard Moon": Boss is determined to get Uncle Jesse's moonshine recipe by hook or by crook, and finally backs his nemesis into a corner when he has Bo and Luke arrested for stealing from the county orphanage fund.
  16. "Pin the Tail on the Dukes": Boss has his hands full, accusing the Duke boys of destroying county property (a hair dryer Rosco had disguised as a radar gun) while trying to evade a former associate who wants revenge for illegally seizure of his land.
  17. "Miz Tisdale on the Lam": Miz Tisdale is accused of mail fraud in connection with a scheme to sell non-existant property, all of course to divert blame from the real culprit (Boss). Tisdale temporarily lives with the Dukes, leading to some interesting situations.
  18. "Nothin' But the Truth": Boss sits on a syringe containing truth serum, causing him to blurt out the truth about who is operating an illegal casino in Hazzard County. Boss' co-horts, needless to say, don't like what Boss is saying.
  19. "Dear Diary": Bo and Luke once again are forced to bail Boss out of a hairy situation after two ex-associates of Boss' steals Rosco's diary, detailing all the all the illegal schemes Boss has carried out through the years. The crooks demand a hefty price from Boss' own pocketbook, or else they approach the FBI to have Boss sent to prison for good.
  20. "New Deputy in Town": Boss and Rosco are soooooooooooooooo turned on by that hottie Linda Mae Barnes and her police skills (when she arrests Bo and Luke) that they fail to notice that she's actually a cohort of the bank robber who is scheduled to spend the night at Hazzard County Jail, en route to Atlanta to stand trial for bank robbery and murder.
  21. "Birds Gotta Fly": Daisy takes a job on the NASCAR circuit, but there's more to the job than she's bargained for.
  22. "Bad Day in Hazzard": A criminal gang stages an elaborate scheme by holding everyone hostage at the Boar's Nest, posing as FEMA and HAZMAT officials and ordering the evacuation of Hazzard due to a chemical spill ... and then robbing an armored car expected to arrive at Hazzard Bank.
  23. "Miss Tri-Counties": Daisy has entered the Miss Tri-Counties Pageant, but because Boss has accepted a payment from a rival county administrator to ensure his representative's victory, he makes it as difficult as possible for Daisy to win.
  24. "Share and Share Alike": The ongoing Equal Rights Amendment debate is the inspiration for this story, as Lulu and Daisy form the Hazzard County Equal Rights Society to protest unfair treatment by men.
  25. "The Law and Jesse Duke": Rosco and Cletus go on strike to demand a raise and increased benefits, forcing Boss to appoint Uncle Jesse as sheriff. Jesse immediately exonerates his nephews, who have been initially accused in connection with masterminding a television theft ring, and sends them after the real culprits.
  26. "Dukes in Danger": When a prison bus crashes in Hazzard County, two of the criminals escape and hide out at the Duke farm, holding the Dukes, Boss and Rosco hostage and demand a ride to the state line.

    Season 5 - 1982- 1983 
  1. "The New Dukes": When Bo and Luke go away (to join the NASCAR circuit), Coy and Vance come to stay. But their first days in Hazzard are quite memorable after an all-too close encounter with Boss' latest cronies and their Mean, Green Machine. Enos also returns from Los Angeles to rejoin the Hazzard County Sheriff's Department.
  2. "The Dukes Strike it Rich": The Dukes learn that Boss has swindled a family friend into buying supposedly prime property that is actually worth far less than the selling price. So they throw it right back at him by claiming gold was discovered on the property.
  3. "Lawman of the Year": Rosco, up for Georgia's state "Lawman of the Year" award, refuses to engage in Boss' latest scheme to rob a jewelry store and pin the blame on Coy and Vance. As it turns out, two unlikely heroes get the reward.
  4. "Coy Meets Girl": "God, this tomboy is awesomely beautiful." That's the first thing on Coy's mind after he finds a Bobby Lee Jordan, a totally, totally, awesomely white-hot 17-year-old girl on the back of his truck that he was driving to haul antiques. Only problem is – Coy (along with Vance) were robbed of the antiques, and unknown to the crooks, she witnessed the whole thing. So not only does Coy have his hands full consummating a relationship with Bobby Lee, but making sure she doesn't become the hottest chick ever to lie at rest in the Hazzard Cemetery once the crooks find out she's a witness and hunt her down.
  5. "The Hazzardgate Tape": Boss once again takes refuge at the Duke farm after he betrays the trust of several neighboring county commissioners. Vance agrees to secretly tape-record the other bosses' next meeting to take to the authorities, but it's a race against time.
  6. "Big Daddy": Boss hurriedly puts aside his criminal activities when he learns his father, the supposedly honest Big Daddy Hogg, is en route to Hazzard for a visit. But Big Daddy knows more than he's telling when he claims he was robbed.
  7. "Vance's Lady": Another week, another beautiful girl being chased by high-level, nothing-to-lose, bloodthirsty criminals. This time, it's Vance who takes the spotlight, Jenny in the role of the babelicious babe being tracked by the criminals, and bad guy Sen. Maynard (who has been embezzling funds from the state treasury) learning that Jenny had witnessed an illegal transaction and becoming determined to make Jenny the latest "most beautiful girl ever to be buried at Hazzard Cemetery" before she approaches the authorities.
  8. "Hazzard Hustle": The Dukes are caught up in Boss' latest criminal activity – opening a horse-betting parlor in neighboring Rapahoe County – after federal investigators ask why phone calls to the parlor are being routed to their farm. Additionally, Rapahoe County Boss "Big" Billie Tucker wants a cut of Boss' profits, which further complicates Boss' scheme.
  9. "Enos in Trouble": Enos' old foot locker arrives in Hazzard, but unknown to him it contains valuable jewels being held for a still-open jewelry store investigation. The robbers responsible for their theft soon track their old booty to Hazzard and are determined to get it back.
  10. "The Great Insurance Fraud": A pair of con artists stage a phony fatal car accident to cash in on Boss' latest insurance scam. It's Coy who suffers the most when he is led to believe that he was responsible for the accident.
  11. "A Little Game of Pool": Uncle Jesse puts the General Lee on the line in a pool contest against Boss, who – determined to get the car off the road once and for all – fakes and injury and sends billiards pro Chickasaw Thins in his place.
  12. "The Treasure of Soggy Marsh": Boss, wanting to cash in on the $5 million in stolen bonds from several years ago, knows the Dukes will stop his search of Soggy Marsh ... so he sends Coy, Vance and Daisy to Chickasaw County on a wild goose chase, only for them to be quickly arrested by Sheriff Little.
  13. "The Revenge of Hughie Hogg": Hughie Hogg returns to Hazzard, this time campaigning for sheriff and running against incumbent sheriff Rosco. The catch is, Boss is forced to support Hughie or else he'll lose everything.
  14. "The Return of the Mean Green Machine": The General Lee is in for a rematch with the Mean, Green Machine after one of the original owners puts it back in commission to rob the Hazzard Emporium. When it breaks down in short order, the crooks hold Cooter at gunpoint and make him fix it, or else.
  15. "Ding, Dong, the Boss Is Dead": Another former associate of Boss' is out of prison, this time moon-shining rival Floyd Calloway, who was sent to prison on Boss' testimony. Calloway wants Boss dead ... so the Dukes help stage a phony funeral by claiming that Boss had died a natural death. But will that be enough to fool Calloway.
  16. "Coy vs. Vance": Coy becomes smitten by a motorcycle stuntwoman, whose sideshow is a front for an armed robbery ring. Vance learns the truth and tries to show Coy the evidence, but when Coy believes it's all lies, there's trouble at the Duke farm.
  17. "Comrade Duke": The Dukes help a pretty girl named Natasha, a member of a Russian gymnastics team that is in Hazzard on a goodwill tour.
  18. "Witness: Jesse Duke": Uncle Jesse suffers a concussion that (temporarily) blinds him while trying to thwart bank robbers. For Jesse's safety, they have him stay temporarily at Boss' mansion (at Lulu's insistence) when Coy and Vance learn the robbers are still on the run and coming to Hazzard to kill Jesse and eliminate him as a witness.
  19. "Welcome Back, Bo 'n' Luke": Bo and Luke return to Hazzard and – after a quick scene with Coy and Vance – the "fake Dukes" ride off into the sunset, never to be seen or heard from again. The real Dukes arrive just in time to learn about Boss' imminent foreclosure of Cooter's Garage to make way for a shopping mall.
  20. "Big Brothers, Duke": A nod to Big Brothers Big Sisters as the Duke boys take in a troubled youth and shield him from a syndicate crime boss, who also has had his eye on the lad and wants to manipulate him into doing his bidding.
  21. "Farewell, Hazzard": Boss' latest partner-in-crime helps him carry out a scheme to condemn prime farmland in Hazzard County, purportedly for real estate development. But this crook has hidden his true intentions: strip mining the land.
  22. "Daisy's Shotgun Wedding": Fed up with Bo and Luke's overprotectiveness and running off the latest in a series of cute guys, Daisy moves from the Duke farm into town, only to be kidnapped by the nefarious Beaudry clan (Boss' latest rivals), whose patriarch wants a bride for his son, Milo – and Daisy is just the right girl for the job.

    Season 6 - 1983- 1984 
  1. "Lulu's Gone Away": The relationship between Boss and his beloved wife Lulu gets a turn in the spotlight when the two get into a huge argument over Boss (naturally) taking his "sugar dumplin'" for granted and Lulu making good on a threat to move out. Boss fears he's lost his beloved wife forever ... and then almost does when three crooks kidnap Lulu and hold her for $1 million ransom.
  2. "A Baby for the Dukes": The Dukes come to the aid of the widow of a young farmer, whose father-in-law — mean old Emerson Craig, a rich, abrasive cotton tycoon — is demanding custody of her son. Complicating matters is that Craig has a court order in hand awarding him custody and finds a powerful ally in Boss, until Craig opens his mouth one too many times.
  3. "Too Many Roscos": Rosco is feared dead, but has been kidnapped by his exact double, the mastermind of a vicious bank robbery organization who is determined to take advantage of the easily fooled Boss and a shaken Enos to get at an armored car shipment.
  4. "Brotherly Love": Luke's long-lost brother, ex-boxer Jud Duke, takes refuge in Hazzard County as he tries to evade a ruthless gambler who is out to kill him for causing him to lose millions on fights that were supposed to be fixed.
  5. "The Boar's Nest Bears": The Duke boys' probation is on the line, and it all depends on whether Bo and Luke can coach a rag-tag little league basketball team to victory. Several issues — Boss' side-betting on the game's outcome, the eligibility of a star player and Sheriff Little — all complicate matters.
  6. "Boss Behind Bars": The dreaded Beaudry clan returns to Hazzard to even the score with Boss, making sure that he's held responsible for causing Uncle Jesse to crash his car in a road race. The Beaudrys' main objective is to find Boss' old still.
  7. "A Boy's Best Friend": It's a dog-gone case of mistaken identity as Flash (who's been dog-napped by crooks) is confused with Maxine, the valuable showdog the crooks had been after. Intertwined in this doggie tale are a despondent Rosco and a despondent orphan boy named Terry Lee.
  8. "Targets: Daisy and Lulu": After arriving home from a trip, Daisy and Lulu accidentally take the wrong luggage ... and it so happens that one of the suitcases contains a stolen diamond necklace. The thieves realize who has the booty and travel to Hazzard to get it. Boss and Rosco have a very "clever" way of thwarting the crooks.
  9. "Twin Trouble": Bo and Luke nearly come to blows when they argue over whether Bo's girlfriend is a jewelry store robber. A pair of voluptuous identical twins who are guaranteed their continued freedom through a very clever ploy, as Bo and Luke struggle to explain to each other whether someone can be in two places at once.
  10. "Enos' Last Chance": Scanlon, an experienced Los Angeles con man who was sent to prison for murder, robbery, extortion, embezzlement ... you name it ... escapes prison and travels to Hazzard County to hunt down the man that put him away — Enos.
  11. "High Flyin' Dukes": Daisy helps an injured family friend take over his crop-dusting duties, prompting Boss to hide some lye in the pesticides.
  12. "Cooter's Girl": Cooter's reunion with his estranged daughter — a relationship that is already on thin ice — hangs in the balance as he's preoccupied with a land swindler who wants to condemn the property Cooter's Garage sits on so they can build (unknown to everyone) a toxic waste dump.
  13. "Heiress Daisy Duke": Wealthy industrialist Carter Stewart's search for his long-estranged daughter, Vivian, comes to Hazzard. Boss realizes that Vivian looks exactly like Daisy and, with the help of Dr. Crandall the hynotist, tricks Daisy into thinking she's Vivian ... all so Boss can cash in on the $200,000 reward. But Boss isn't counting on Stewart's fortune-seeking niece and nephew, who have learned that they will inherit Stewart's fortune if Vivian is confirmed dead.
  14. "Dead and Alive": Boss has Duke family friend Artie Bender, a water-color painter, declared dead so he can seize his paintings and cash in. Artie's "death" works against the Duke boys, as he's the only one that can exonerate Bo and Luke of armed car robbery and prove their innocence to Sheriff Little.
  15. "Play It Again, Luke": Luke's former girlfriend, a budding country singer named Candy Dix, is trying to escape the clutches of her abusive manager, Eddie Lee, who himself is preoccupied trying to repay a hefty gambling debt and trying to evade the bookie who is after him. To get rid of the bounty hunter, Eddie Lee plots to kill Candy and cash in on her life insurance policy.
  16. "Undercover Dukes": A federal agent convinces Bo and Luke to go undercover on the NASCAR racing circuit to infiltrate an operation that has involved murder, robbery, gambling and extortion.
  17. "How to Succeed in Hazzard": Boss Hogg's nephew, Dewey, claims to be suffering from a fatal illness and as his "last wish" hopes to raise funds for a new children's hospital. It's a scam, and Dewey has a way to pin the blame on Uncle Jesse.
  18. "Close Call for Daisy": Daisy's notebook with notes for the Hazzard County Church play gets mixed up with mobster "Nervous" Norman Willis, whose notebook contains the names and descriptions of every illegal racket he's been involved with. Willis soon finds out and is determined to get to Daisy before she turns over the notebook to the authorities.
  19. "The Ransom of Hazzard County": After Boss Hogg effectively fires Enos for his continued honesty, he hires a tough-as-nails deputy who is really in cahoots with a pair of extortionists who have threatened to destroy Hazzard County by blowing up Hazzard County Dam unless Boss pays a $150,000 ransom.
  20. "Cooter's Confession": Cooter helps old friend John Harris, an ex-convict who made a mistake, get his life back on track with a job for an auto supplier. However, one of the vendors is the front for a theft ring, and John becomes mixed up in the whole thing. Luke eventually takes a job with the crooks to infiltrate the operation and gather evidence to bring them down ... but will Boss and Rosco ruin the whole thing.
  21. "The Fortune Tellers": To throw Lulu and the authorities off his trail for illegally cashing in his own wife's bonds, Boss hires a trio of fortune tellers to steal the daily receipts from the Boar's Nest and then pin the blame on Daisy.

    Season 7 - 1984- 1985 
  1. "Happy Birthday, General Lee": The Duke family and Cooter reminisce about the origins of the General Lee.
  2. "Welcome, Waylon Jennings": After this episode, Waylon can no longer complain about how they "keep showing my hands and not my face on TV," as his traveling museum is stolen by Boss' cronies during a detour through Hazzard.
  3. "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke": Luke accidentally drinks tainted water that changes his personality into that of a criminal mastermind. Bo, Daisy and Uncle Jesse have their hands full trying to stop Luke from consorting with a pair of bank robbers and trying to get answers from the company whose chemicals polluted the lake.
  4. "Robot P. Coltrane": A robot – A ROBOT, of all things – replaces Rosco as the sheriff of Hazzard County. But the robot is some very hot property, having been stolen by a computer technician embittered after being let go from his previous job.
  5. "No More Mr. Nice Guy": Boss' latest scheme is to award "hot" merchandise to the 1 millionth customer of the Capitol City Department Store ... with (of course) the winner being Daisy. But when Boss bumps his head and suffers from amnesia, he realizes what he's doing and plans to report it to the state DCI, which his associates are determined to stop.
  6. "The Dukes in Hollywood": The Dukes get jobs as stunt drivers at a Hollywood movie studio and help bring down a man who is determined to kill the family's new actor friend. Meanwhile, Boss and Rosco – who naturally also go to Hollywood – try to break out in pictures.
  7. "Cool Hands, Luke and Bo": The ultimate homage to Cool Hand Luke, with Bo, Luke, Boss and Rosco this time illegally detained on a road gang run by one of Boss' enemies, who is determined to blackmail Boss out of everything he owns, and knows the easiest way to do that is through Boss' stomach.
  8. "Go West, Young Dukes": The family trees of the Duke and Hogg families are explored as Uncle Jesse gets to the truth about whether Jeremiah Duke signed over the farm to Thaddeus Hogg, as Boss claims.
  9. "Cale Yarborough Comes to Hazzard": The famous NASCAR race car driver returns to Hazzard to come to the aid of a sick orphan, but Cale and the Dukes get mixed up in the latest robbery of Capitol City Bank.
  10. "Danger on the Hazzard Express": Boss plans to steal the General Lee and, after placing a remote control on its engine, use it to ram a train hauling millions in gold. But Boss' conspirators have a better idea: Why not put Bo and Luke in the car, restrain them and have them go along for the ride when carrying out the scheme (all to eliminate them as witnesses)?
  11. "Sittin' Dukes": Lee Benson, who had served under Luke's command in the Marine Corps and had since turned to crime, escapes from prison. He and his associate, Hixx, travel to the Duke farm, where at gunpoint they demand Bo and Luke drive them (in the General Lee) out of state ... even if that means not tipping off Enos – or driving through a potentially dangerous forest fire. Not helping matters is Sheriff Little, who sees the situation as black and white – the Dukes helping criminals escape to freedom.
  12. "Sky Bandits over Hazzard": In a rare case of Boss realizing the Duke boys are innocent of armed car robbery, a gang of robbers use elaborate means to steal armored cars: by literally making them disappear into thin air (by pulling them up with chinooks).
  13. "The Haunting of J.D. Hogg": When Boss refuses to honor the terms of his late Uncle Silas Hogg's will by donating the money to the designated charities, the Duke family turns to a family friend, a ventriloquist, to scare Boss into thinking Silas is exacting revenge.
  14. "When You Wish Upon a Hogg": Hughie and his shockingly beautiful girlfriend, Trixie, exploit the gullibility of Boss and Rosco by making them believe an antique lamp actually will grant them untold riches and a way to put Bo and Luke away for good.
  15. "Strange Visitor to Hazzard": The homage to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial has the Dukes trying to shield "The Visitor" from Boss and Rosco's games, and a dastardly duo who are also determined to exploit the ailen for profit.
  16. "Enos and Daisy's Wedding": When Enos is forced at gunpoint to participate in the robbery of Hazzard Bank, Daisy is a witness. The longtime budding relationship between Enos and Daisy nearly leads to the altar, and more than just out of necessity.
  17. "Opening Night at the Boar's Nest": Boss clearly does not want to participate in Rosco's magic show during a talent show at the Boar's Nest, but after Lulu talks to him agrees to do so to use it as a way to get to an appointment. But Boss really does disappear – a pair of thugs, whom Boss had put away on his testimony years earlier, are out to exact murderous revenge. It's up to Bo and Luke to save the day one last time.

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