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The Duke Boys

Played by: John Schnieder (Bo) and Tom Wopat (Luke) in the orginal series, Seann William Scott (Bo) Johnny Knoxville (Luke) in the 2005 movie, Jonathan Bennett (Bo) and Randy Wayne in the 2007 movie

  • The Casanova: Bo, frequently.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Not exactly a pervert perse, but Bo is an incurable skirt chaser. Despite this, he is always very gentlemanly to the girls he pursues.
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  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Downplayed with Bo. He can be a hot head at times, but he's not usually an angry person overall.
  • The McCoy: Bo is most often swayed by his feelings, and tends to be impulsive and hot headed.
  • Nice Guy: Both of them care deeply about their loved ones and can be quite friendly and gentlemanly.
  • The Smart Guy: Luke. He is usually the one to come up with a plan to get himself and Bo out of trouble.
  • The Spock: Luke usually plays the Spock to Bo's McCoy, as he is the more mature and intelligent one. Either Daisy or Uncle Jesse will usually take the role of The Kirk to them.


Daisy Duke

Played by: Catherine Bach in the original series, Jessica Simpson in the 2005 movie, and April Scott in the 2007 movie


Uncle Jesse

Played by: Denver Pyle in the original series, and Willie Nelson in the 2005 and 2007 movies
  • As the Good Book Says...: A devout Christian and has been known to quote from the Bible every now and then.
  • Berserk Button: Threatening his family, especially Daisy.
  • Catchphrase: "J.D., I ain't ever asked you for anything before, but..." (oddly he says this many, many times in the series)
  • Cool Old Guy: He's very wise, fatherly, caring, and has a good sense of humor.
  • Drugs Are Bad: Firmly believes this. He chews the boys out when they get caught with marijuana.
  • Hillbilly Moonshiner: Unless the drug in question is illicitly-distilled homemade hooch.
  • Nice Guy: Uncle Jesse is a loving, caring, and selfless badass Cool Old Guy.
  • Southern Gentleman: One of the most gentlemanly men on the show.

Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane

Played by: James Best in the original series, M. C. Gainey in the 2005 movie, and Harland Williams in the 2007 movie
  • Adorkable: A goofy, innocent, loveable Manchild
  • Anti-Villain: Type IV, often bordering on Hero Antagonist.
  • Adaptational Villainy: In the original series, he is a childlike Harmless Villain who is completely devoid of any actual evil or malice. In the movies, he is an outright evil man who genuinely hates the Duke Boys.
  • Affectionate Nickname: "Velvet Ears", for his loyal dog Flash.
  • And a Diet Coke: Happens in "Ghost of General Lee":
    Enos: A double order of catfish, hush puppies, pickles and onions, large order of fries, and extra thick chocolate milk and two slices of pecan pie. Is that right?
    Enos: You want that pie a la mode?
    Rosco: No, Enos, I don't want it a la mode. I gotta watch my calories!
  • Berserk Button: Rosco may be a bumbling goofball, but woe be to anyone who is out to hurt Flash. Goes double if you impersonate him or another lawman.
  • Catchphrase: Several.
    • "I'm in hot pursuit!"
    • "Good news, good news!" (Or, "Bad news, bad news!")
    • "Aw, tiddly tuddly!"
    • "Oohh, you see, that there's a naughty-naughty!" (indicating grounds to charge)
    • On the police radio: "This is Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane."
    • "Freeeeeeeeze!!!"
    • And his giggling "Oh Goo-goo-good! I love it! I love it!"
    • "Hush!"
    • "What a horrendoes crash!"
    • "Say hello from Rosco!" (whenever Boss is on the phone, regardless of who he's talking to)
  • Characterization Marches On: In the early episodes, it was mentioned that Rosco spent the first 30 years of his career as a mostly honest lawman, but after the county voted away his pension Rosco joined Hogg in an effort to fund his retirement in his last couple of years as sheriff. Early episodes also portrayed him as a fairly hard-nosed, somewhat darker policeman character, who even shot a criminal during the first season. As the series progressed and producers recognized how popular it had become with children, James Best altered his portrayal into a more bumbling, comical character. By the end of the first season, his origin had been virtually forgotten (and his job as sheriff appeared to become open ended).
  • The Ditz: He tends to get confused easily.
  • Drunk on Milk: In the episode "Robot P Coltrane", he temporarily loses his job as Sherriff, so he goes to the Boar's Nest to drown his buttermilk.
  • Giggling Anti-Villain: With his trademark laugh, "Kew kew kew!"
  • Harmless Villain: The only reason he's even considered a villain is because he works for Boss Hogg. He's really just a goofy, innocent Manchild who wouldn't hurt a fly.
  • Hot-Blooded: Gets excitedly easily, says whatever comes to his mind, and tends to have larger than life reactions to things.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: He has light blue eyes and is a goofy naive Manchild.
  • Large Ham: Often expresses himself in over-the-top ways.
  • Manchild: Goofy, innocent, giggly, hyperactive, gullible, believes in fairy tales, simple-minded, and overall an overgrown 7 year old. However, he pulls no punches in regards to enforcing the law.

Enos Strate

Played by Sonny Shroyer in the original series, Michael Weston in the 2005 movie, and Adam Shulman in the 2007 movie
  • Anti-Villain: Type IV.
    • Enos is never really portrayed as corrupt or evil, and despite his Designated Villain role (by default by being on the same side as Boss Hogg) he becomes quite sympathetic and likable over the course of the show.
      • Enos is plagued by a strong sense of duty. He's a deputy, and sworn to uphold the law. Unfortunately for him, Boss Hogg controls the law. At times, one has to wonder if his goofing up isn't at least somewhat intentional as a way of helping the Dukes. Especially considering that he was able to become the head of the Los Angeles SWAT team.
      • What's more, Enos is never viewed by the Dukes themselves as being one of Boss Hogg's cronies. They realize that he's just doing his job and is simply too honest to be a part of anything crooked that Boss has come up with. Even when he's chasing them, they hold no malice towards him. In fact, they consider him to be probably the most honest man in the County and -they say it out loud more than once- the only real law in Hazzard. Whenever they need actual help from the law, it's Enos that they turn to. The fact that Enos grew up with Bo and Luke and has a huge crush on Daisy also means that he's very reluctant to harm the Dukes, and makes it hard for them to view him as an enemy.
  • Apologizes a Lot: Almost every time he has to arrest the Duke boys, he will say something like "I'm real sorry 'bout this."
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness
  • The Ingenue: A male version. He's very naive, trusting, innocent, polite, shy, and is known as "Hazzard County's Oldest Virgin".
  • Meaningful Name: Enos Strate is the only straight cop in Hazzard county.
  • Nice Guy: Extremely nice, and very gentlemanly.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: Towards Daisy.

Jefferson Davis "JD" Hogg

Played by Sorrell Booke in the original series, Burt Reynolds in the 2005 movie, and Christopher McDonald in the 2007 movie
  • Anti-Villain: Type I. He's not evil so much as greedy and dishonest.
  • Big Eater: If he's not duking it out with the boys, he's probably pigging out.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: He keeps his mother's ashes and is very protective of them, and lauds his mother for being "a good Baptist woman".
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He never actually physically hurts anyone. In one episode, he refuses to get involved in selling drugs, despite his history as a moonshiner. And he will in fact often sacrifice tremendous profits, and even betray his partners in crime, when he sees that the scheme is endangering someone's life.
    • When a rich asshole from Savannah with a stick the size of Texas up his ass tries to wrest custody of his grandson from the child's mother simply because she happened to grow up in backwater Hazzard, Boss is as pissed off as the Dukes.
    • One episode spells it out plainly, where the Balladeer intones that while Boss is totally crooked he will NOT tolerate violence and will not get involved in any scheme where someone could get hurt. Boss is greedy for money, but will not have anyone physically hurt to get it.
  • Giggling Villain: In the series, he would become positively giddy thinking about ways to enrich himself or screw with Jesse Duke.
  • Greed: His primary vice.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Inspite of his vices, he does have standards, and does not wish to actually harm anyone.
  • Large Ham: In the series, complete with a trademark Evil Laugh.

Cletus Hogg

Played by Rick Hurst in the original series, Jack Polick the 2005 movie

Cooter Davenport

Played by Ben Jones in the original series, David Koechner in the 2005 movie, and Joel David Moore in the 2007 movie

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